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2 Ways To Grow Your Business WITHOUT PAYING For Ads


Fact: the entire country knows that I NEVER PAY for ads. Why I should?

Grow your fan base WITHOUT PAYING for ads

However, despite not paying anyone, thouuuuuuusands of people read me.

How do I manage that?

And MOST IMPORTANTLY: Can You Reach Large Audiences Without Paid Advertising?

Of course, you can. That’s a naked fact.

But you have to read this most generous article in the word’s history. It’s about the secrets of organic marketing (free marketing).

It’s more than an article.

It’s the key…

Prepare some tea…



To reach thousands of potential customers every day WITHOUT PAYING FOR ADS, you need to do two things:

1. Cultivate the habit of sharing your projects in a way that EVERYONE knows the exact day you will present the project.

Once, I started telling everyone that I would release a free book titled “How to Kill the Inner Critic.” I announced that it would be free, and I would send it as soon as I finished it. I also declared the date when I would release it.

Since everyone knew it would be a free book, people started leaving me their email addresses.

I worked on this book for a long time, but during the entire period, more than 20,000 people signed up.

Because every time someone asked what I was doing, I would say, “I’m writing a free book, so leave your email address, and on such-and-such day, you’ll receive it by leaving your email here:

Because many dislike their inner critic and want to deal with it, many became interested.

However, NOTE: I wrote the book not to make money.

I simply had a lot of information about research related to inner critics and decided to give more value to humanity.

And a miracle happened.

As soon as I finish one project, I start talking about a new one to increase the fan base again.

My projects never end because that’s my lifestyle.

But I’m not alone in this.

Athletes also announce their plans, such as participating in the Olympics. After all, preparing for the Olympics is also a project, isn’t it? Basketball teams also have projects, and many people follow them.

However, you have to understand the essence that creating a project sets a precedent for people to be interested in your activities.

And if you daily announce your position, what remains to be done, and the challenges you face, then you will become a hero, battling against dragons.

In other words, showing the journey towards a goal is necessary to become a hero.

When you consistently broadcast your journey towards a goal, you essentially document life, making advertising natural – organic.

Especially good is when your project is related to a specific societal issue, which will attract the media’s attention, and you can send them to hell because you already have followers. Dealing with the media takes time, and by giving interviews, you increase the traffic not on your but on other people’s portals. Therefore, it’s best to advertise only through your website and social media portals.

And let everyone go to hell—you cultivate your advertising channels by documenting your life.

Do you understand what I mean?

For example, you can announce that a webinar will be happening soon.

You don’t have to appear there, but invite Alex Monaco to participate!

The webinar can be hosted by John, Peter, or… any person. You can organize and that’s it, while others can do the talking!

Only during the webinar, let everyone talk about who organized it (you).

But you’ll collect emails!!!

Or, you can talk about a clothing collection. That you will present it after… 364 days.

But if you don’t do that and if you’ll be sitting on your backside and hiding like a hedgehog, then when you finish your work, you won’t have anyone to advertise your creations to… Then you’ll have to buy PAID ADVERTISING because people didn’t know you were working on projects. That’s how it goes—cowards pay for ads, while champions like Alex Monaco don’t, as they spend most of their time not on advertising but on narrating how they create projects.

Do you understand?

Of course, you understand…

But that’s not all.

When you create some projects together with fans, your works then adapt to the consumers. However, if you create projects in a room with several introverted partners, it’s naive to expect that it will be what your true fans want. Therefore, you will have to pay for ads again.

I hope you get the point?

So, if you’ve come up with creating a www website, first tell the world about it, and only then proceed. If your followers create your website, they will feel at home while visiting it.


If you don’t know what business you are going to start, then publicly announce that you are looking for partners and ideas!

So, people will know you as someone preparing to become an entrepreneur. This means they will identify you with a future businessman. However, you will not lie as if you are already successful, which will give you authenticity that you CAN’T buy by paying for f*cking ads.

2. Become a public figure who doesn’t give a damn.

As you’ve already noticed, there are respected individuals in the world who receive a lot of attention, even though they don’t pay for ads.

They climbed to the top not because they wanted to be famous but because they had a mission and cared about societal issues.

For example: Jordan Peterson.

Jordan Peterson has a missssion.

And I have a mission.

I want people to stop paying Zuckerberg for ads.

So, I give people secret tools—weapons that allow them to increase sales without creating and without paying for banners!

This is my battle against marketers who claim that you must pay for ads to those billionaires… But that’s a LIE!!! So, I declare war against them!


And you feel how hard I try…

The hardest.

After all, who else writes such loooooong articles in the WHOLE UNIVERSE????

Who else sacrifices their time like I do?

You see that I am the most generous in the universe, don’t you?

Oh yes, because my goals are different, I create not posts but statements.

I create not advertising solutions but closed clubs for people who give a damn.

Do you feel the difference?

I repeat, I create not ads but bridges to freedom and independence. I liberate people from beliefs, from standard mindset patterns.

Yum yum.

My actions are so sincere that you can’t bypass them—they evoke desire to touch/EXPERIENCE. (That’s how O.A. (ORGANIC ADVERTISING) works!)

My desire to fight and my revolutionary spirit give me charisma, so there are people who are interested in me because they want emotions/entertainment.

No one can attract as much attention as I do, even if they paid a million to marketers from Monte Carlo or Vilnius. Because only I am fighting for your pains, dear reader.

Oh yes, here’s what’s most important: Since I do everything for the sake of a mission, my advertising is born organically/naturally, without much effort.

And how does your advertising come to life?

Oh yes, think about your values and mission.

If you start a war with something, then you will gain a new value.

But you need an extraordinary war, not the kind played by politicians.

Identify a real problem.

How? Talk to people. Damn it, become a public figure because otherwise, nothing will happen.

Because you need to fight only against the problems that an ordinary person has, understand?

Because that’s how organic marketing works, through your values.

To help you understand, I’ll give an example!

The Dalai Lama didn’t want ads, but his ambitious mission generated certain actions, so the media gathered around him. For free. Because…

And if you don’t have a mission, you’ll have to buy paid advertising. But the problem is that those who buy ads are not ready to talk about their mission because they do everything for commercial purposes. However, those who make a revolution earn the most.

Long live the revolution of consciousness!

Not the end

Oh yes, use the two points I talked about above.

To make it clearer for you, I’ll provide a summary:

A) Create meaningful projects and present them to the public. Do this every year.
B) Constantly fight against injustice and talk about a mission that matters to many people.

Oh yes, precisely these (A) and (B) points compel people to leave their email addresses, phone numbers, and search for YOUR products, for which they willingly pay.

Still, enough of boasting. I have work to do. I’m preparing for training about organic marketing! It will be the best training in the world.

The revolution is already here!

Let’s descuss!

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