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14 hater quotes & sayings: how to manage negative comments


Bullies are quite interesting people; they have always fascinated me. I enjoyed studying them. I used to share my ideas online while learning about these interesting characters, their pain, and their motivation. Some of my thoughts received great support and many thousands of shares. Today, I will share the thoughts that my readers liked the most!
facts about criticism

14 hater quotes

1. The best weapon against haters is a natural smile + sarcasm. Use these weapons!

2. It is veeeeery easy to distinguish a troll from a wise critic. A troll will provoke you and then move on to trolling others. A wise critic will tear you into pieces and then will advise how to solve the issue or will offer their help.

3. One day, you will be attacked by a critic who sees your creations or thoughts online. But after you become successful, the same critic will brag to their friends: “Oh, I know this person.” It will be hard for the critic to ADMIT that they once laughed at you.

4. It is foolish to react to bad words addressed to you if they are uttered by someone who doesn’t know etiquette.

5. Don’t respond to humiliation if you received it from a person you don’t respect! I know that this advice is trivial, but many surrender to insults. So, I want to remind you: DO NOT LISTEN to the insults—screw them! After all, the value of an insult is zero if its author is a heartless person. Listen to criticism only if it’s expressed by a sober, conscious, + wise person.

6. If your VALUE were very small, you’d get significantly less attention from bullies because critics only harass those who have great value.

7. If you don’t want to get any criticism, then don’t CREATE anything, don’t say anything, and freeze up like a pole. Damn that criticism! Turn on some music! Turn up happiness! Oh yes, abundance is waiting for you!

8. Have you noticed how many people like “barking”? They moan about everything: this one is bad, that one is stupid. Woof, woof… yap, yap… But only small dogs bark. Although small dogs bark a lot, they are afraid to get closer; this is precisely how people who humiliate you behave: they bark, but they avoid having a sincere conversation with you. It’s easier to bark… Hence, they bark, bark, bark. So, let them be afraid, let them bark and waste their time, and you focus your time on more important things. Strive for the goal, aim for meaningful things, and be a HAPPY person! ✌

9. I once attended a movie premiere. At the end of the film, viewers were able to ask a question. The most famous film critic asked the director whether he had stolen the idea for the film because he had seen it elsewhere. The director replied, “And what should I do now?” The audience began to applaud the director, and the critic sat down. The moral of the story is: what can you do when critics bark? The answer is simple: continue creating!

10. The worst critics and humiliators are not those you meet on the street, at work, or school. The worst ones are critics living in your head. I’m talking about inner voices, as they repeat the same things over and over again a thousand times.

11. The most intelligent way to avenge enemies (or critics) is to inspire them to become better people than you are.

12. Bullies are arrogant. I bet you’ve met people who have said: “Oh those are stupid, but we…” Paradoxically, those who self-assign themselves as belonging to the “better” group of people automatically find themselves in the ARROGANT group. Why on earth would a wise person want to try to glorify himself?

13. You should not criticize a critic, as by seeking faults in a person (whose name you utter aloud), you become another critic.

14. The more you criticize others, the less internal peace you will have.

Thank you for reading this hater quotes!


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  1. Ronny Dinkel says:

    This is a topic that’s close to my heart… Best wishes! Where are your contact details though?

  2. Claudio Keib says:

    You are so awesome! I don’t believe I’ve read something like that before. So wonderful to discover somebody with original thoughts on this topic. Really.. thank you for starting this up. This website is something that is required on the internet, someone with a little originality!

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