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How can I know if I am successful or unsuccessful?


How can I know if I am successful or unsuccessful?

I used to think I was unsuccessful. I believed in it with all my heart. I was wrong. And if you think the same, know—it’s not true!

If one day you think you are unsuccessful, remember how many failures Elon Musk has had. In a moment, I will mention some of Elon’s failures:

1995 — Applied to Netscape for a job and got rejected

1996 — Was forced out of his CEO position from his own company Zip2

1998 — Struggled to make PayPal succeed

1999 — Almost died when he crashed his $1M Mclaren F1

2000 — Was kicked out of Paypal while on his honeymoon

2000 — Got sick with malaria

2001 — Russia refused to sell him a rocket

2006 — First SpaceX rocket launched failed

2007 — Second SpaceX rocket failed

2008 — Third SpaceX rocket failed with NASA satellites onboard

2009 — Tesla almost went bankrupt

2013 — First rocket landing failed

2014 — Several Tesla Model S caught on fire

2015 — Four rocket landings failed

2016 — Model X deliveries were delayed for over a year

2016 — 300M Facebook satellite rocket launch exploded

2018 — Broke the internet when he took a puff of cannabis on a live show

2018 — The SEC filed a lawsuit against Musk

2022 — Twitter vows legal fight after Musk pulls out of $44 billion deal

So when you ask yourself, “Am I successful?”, pull out a book about entrepreneurs who have experienced thousands of failures. Or read this article and it will remind you that others have far more problems than you do. But they are not giving up! And you don’t dare to give up! Remember, you can do more than you think!!!

In other words, stop asking yourself, “Am I successful?” Better say to yourself, “Success doesn’t matter; the main thing is to be stubborn!”

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