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How can you get a free coach or mentor?


How can you get a free coach or mentor?

When I was an inexperienced and stupid student, I decided to learn entrepreneurship. But it was extremely hard. I didn’t have a person who would show me the way, would give me a good kick in the ass when I step back from the essence. So I needed a coacher or mentor. Those days I was really poor. I could pay only for a few bottles of beer. But to pay for coaching was really expensive for me. Anyway, it didn’t stop me. I opened Google. My fingers taped, “How to find a coach for free?”

“Bam!” articles poured out. More rubbish than benefits. But… One of the articles said that I could get a coacher for free if I offered him something in return. It was about a barter. You know how it is in the village, “I have apples, and you will give me pears?”

After reading the full article (I tried to find it after many years, but the website disappeared), so I decided, “What if I will find a coach and will offer him something? Of course, I don’t have apples, but… What if I offer to create a website or logo for free? For this, I will get a month or even more coaching services!”

It worked. I managed to find even a few mentors; I created web design for one of the mentors, and I made a logo for others. So if I did manage to do it, anyone can!

And you, dear reader, are you going to find a coach or mentor, or…..?

“Alex, It was easier for you! You knew how to create designs and logos, so you had more opportunities!” someone can say. NO!!! I didn’t know how to do it back then; it was my first time! After doing so, I decided to create a marketing agency!

By the way, there was one particular mentor for whose lessons I was eager. So I devised a plan: Become his employee and settle down at his office in order to see his life inside out! I did everything to make him my mentor! I exchanged my free time for being with him! And how about you? Have you ever really tried to achieve a better future? Maybe you had more important things to do? As you probably know, there are a lot of guys who have seen all of the Simpsons series! The Simpsons have broadcast 706 episodes. It would take approximately 282 hours to view them! Not to mention Grays Anatomy and other series that are killing even more of our time. Calculate, per this time; you can find a mentor and reach a few quite essential goals!!! Crazy, how we waste our time… 

But wait. Why am I talking about this? After all, not many people care! Do you know—only 2 % percent of people reading this article are concerned about changing their lives. Other ones are just observers. They are holding this book in their hands for one reason: They want to get more information about its author. Subtle facts about my life are more important to them than their own life. How do I know that? These people sometimes ask me, “Alex, how old are you?” or “Where do you live?” Are these questions important? They are about me, not the people I care about! These people will search the Internet for secrets and rumors about me. I’m glad you’re not like them—you’re not a damn Internet troll whose aim is to leave a negative comment on the Internet (I’m talking about trolls who feel better after defecating on a Facebook wall), and…  

“Alex Monaco, how can you talk to your readers like this???” a couple of sensitive souls will interrupt in unison. Here’s an answer: I apologize for being sugarless-honest and straightforward. But I believe it’s not fair to caress the hair of people who treat their lives like a bitch! 

Do you understand the essence? 

I really don’t want to offend people. Therefore, if I offended someone, I apologize… Those who wish to change their lives should learn to accept criticism. Or do you think I didn’t receive any criticism? Nooooo, I received tons of criticism. And honestly, I regret that I didn’t receive more because the more criticism you receive, the more motivated you are.

Therefore, don’t expect honey smeared sentences in this article. 

Oh yes, get ready for the truth!  

THE TRUTH: At this moment, time is running from you. If you leave everything as it is, then you will achieve nothing! So I have a suggestion. Find a mentor! Put in it not 15 hours a day—but 3-5 hours! Every day until you reach your goal! When you fail, your mentor or coach will look at your actions from aside. They will tell you what you need to change. And you will feel a chain reaction! If you don’t do it, soon you will look in the mirror and say, “Another ten years have passed, and I somehow still haven’t found happiness.” So are you ready to take some time to change? Still, wondering how to behave? Understand me well, the moment during which I was talking about your lost moment is already gone! One more moment just died—another one second passed away. And one more turned to dust. And another. Another. Another. AAAAAND YET ANOTHER MOMENT IS GONE FOREVER! Result: The account of “moments” has lower numbers, and the meter of happiness is still below 40%. All of us lose moments, seconds, years! ALL of us!!! However, there are people who lose fewer of these moments. These people are taking my advice! 

“But how, I don’t have any money?” a reader who has not delved into the text will say. In the end, I said at the beginning of the article that I had no money either 😉 I told you what I was doing! If you have nothing to offer in return, ask your friends for help. Some of them know how to program—tell a mentor, “My friend and I will program a website for you; it will increase your sales!” 

So let me explain what I want to say. I suggest you note that there are three ways to find a free mentor!

Three ways to find a free mentor or coach? 

1. Find a job in a mentor’s company. And if you want to find a coach, offer a job at his seminars. Coaches are very active; they need helpers. By working with these people you will gain experience, you will meet the same people as you.

2. Suggest that you will do something so that they teach you. Just don’t offer love, sex, and your body—everything else you can offer. You may suggest creating a website for them. Don’t you have friends who know how to build websites? 

3. If you can’t find a mentor, ask your friends for help. Maybe one of them has an experienced friend to become a temporary teacher. Maybe that teacher will take you to another teacher you haven’t heard of. 

Choose one (or all) ways and meet that person. Say to them: “I need help. I want you to teach me how to behave smarter.” 

Or make up your own personal goal! 

Come on, how will you behave? 

Will you be looking for a mentor? 

If it doesn’t work out, write to me! 

“But why should one write to you, Alex, if you don’t answer?” you will write me off… But how do you know? After all, I check my email every day… 

So, write me a letter. What will you lose? Maybe I can find people to help you. I did it myself! Repeat my actions!

Let’s descuss!

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