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How to Be Happy: 10 Habits to Add to Your Routine


Today I will tell you how to be happy and ways to keep positive emotions as long as possible. After all, happiness is not easy to maintainit can run away!

How to Be Happy
Stop, Alex, better tell me how to be happy right now! one of the readers will interrupt me. Okay, we can also talk about quick ways of achieving success! Oh yeah, let this article become a multi-purpose tool so we can entitle it Happiness Guide or Happiness Manifesto. In other words, you dont even need Googleyou will find everything herein this article, in which we will explore with you the issue of happiness in 3D: you will gain the opinion of others, not only mine! This means that a mix of different opinions awaits you from which you will be able to choose the best strategies and techniques for achieving happiness. Im so glad you are here and I suggest you start without waiting.

What does the world offer?

There are many ideas on the internet about how to achieve happiness. For example, brewers sites offer relaxation by drinking their products. But such superficial happiness has side effects (a headache). Therefore, I propose to show the middle finger to alcohol dealers as well as to those who currently sell drugs in Mallorca while the song Walking on the snow by the Doors plays. In fact, white snow can set you free quite quickly, but there are much faster ways to experience much better happiness. I know what I am talking about, I tried all-natural ways by finding out how to be happy with myself! Oh yeah, I used to be an unfortunate villain, but I managed to get out of the shit. So I have a lot of knowledge that I would like to shareabsolutely free!

You will immediately find out what to do if you feel unwell TODAY; and how to get into the habit of being happyreally happy!

1. Get in the habit of listening to positive music.

This advice will work for those who ask themselves, How to be happy right now? and for those who want to create long-term happiness! You do not believe? Then go to a concert by your favourite band! Youll feel good, wont you? I tried it!

So, when a shit storm is stepping on your heelsturn on some positive music as quickly as possible! Try Marshmello ft. Bastille—“Happier (Official Lyric Video).  This song will give you energy and you will eventually feel more happiness! Oh yes, make the positivity louder, as Gary Vaynerchuk likes to say! Or play another favourite song that gives you energyand you will experience the unplayable and natural positivity with your whole body that cannot be obtained by drinking beer or taking drugs!

Attention: Were talking about the habit of turning on positivity in the morning. This is what ensures long-term happiness!

And if you cant turn your music on, create a melody in your mind! As children can! Or how you knew how when you were little!

I know its hard. The problem is, you seem to believe in the influence of music, but not entirely. Youre not 100 percent sure. But lets do some research! Turn on a funeral march and try to listen to it 24/7 all month long! Do you understand what Im saying? Music changes our state of happiness. This is a fact. Scientifically proven + personally! After all, it sometimes happens that I feel sadness while being in the office. But after looking around, I shout, Who quieter the music?

Its true when I want to do more, I turn on the Frisky radio. It’s a free but well-kept taste spreading radio. Because Im in the habit of listening to this radio station it charges me it helps me to be productive!

2. Make love with happiness more often learn the secrets of happiness!

Im sure you werent taught how to make love with happiness in school and university. It sounds dirty after all… Thats why it is so hard to kiss with happiness. Okay, maybe you dont want to make love with happiness and other good emotions. But can you hug happiness gently like a friend? How to do it? When you are inexperienced, you have to use hacks. For example, you can take a bath or shower! Close your eyes and feel the happiness flowing through your body! Immerse yourself in it! Can you do it? Turn on your favourite music and repeat the steps I suggest! Oh yeah, you have to dedicate your time to happiness! I remember the first time I slept with happiness… It was something unreal! And then an interesting thing happenedI created a habit to dedicate more time to happiness! It changed EVERYTHING!

Oh yeah, I feel so good that you understood my metaphors. And for those who did not understand, I will provide a translation: Im not talking about superficial sex with humans at this point. By proposing to strip happiness and explore its reliefs, I am talking about acquaintance with emotions of happiness. Because thats the only way to curb happiness to understand what its being eaten with! Oh yeah, imagine you know the secret of joy because youve read a lot of articles, reviewed a lot of research. You know how to ensure long-term happiness, you know why people are unhappy, you know what prevents you from achieving the highest happiness in the peak state! Wouldnt that help you? On the other hand, were not just talking about you! We are talking about your children, friends. After all, what will you tell your friend when he asks, Maybe you know how to be happy in life?  

So we are talking about the habit of delving into secrets of happiness daily. Without this habit, it will be difficult for you to control your emotions. You do not believe? So tell me what does it take to learn to drive a car? First of all, you need to learn it, right? Similarly with happiness. To manage happiness, you should start learning theories and clear practices! Theres no other way!

I get it, but where should I learn the secrets of happiness? a reader will ask. I have an answer. Follow this page! And check out this mini-post today: How To Be Happy With Yourself Every Day. Important: Dont stay on YouTube too long, dedicate a video about happiness just 15 minutes a day. Why? Here is a reason. You see, if you only spend your time studying, you wont have time for experiencing happiness.

3. Use an emotional extinguisher suitable for anyone asking how to be happier with yourself when you feel bad! Get in the habit of using notes that trigger positivity!

When was the last time comments about you made your mood worse? How did you feel? Maybe you started to criticize yourself and felt like shit for it? How are you going to deal with such a situation next time? I have an answeruse an emotion extinguisher!

I came up with an emotion extinguisher while writing the book How to Kill the Inner Critic. Extinguishing your emotions is a wonderfully simple thing to help you get back into a good mood in minutes. Use this extinguisher today and get used to carrying it with you, on your cell phone, laptop!

In fact, an emotional extinguisher should be your mantra. Because if you knew the questions I put there, you would become unbreakable!

Studies prove that it is good to challenge your negative emotions. It can even reduce depression.

4. Leave the memos of happiness in a visible placecreate a happiness design!

As you have found out a million times, we are interesting creatures that have a hard time controlling our liveswe constantly forget about our dreams, goals, and meaningful values. This is because we are influenced by an environment where little reminds us of what is most important. For example, on the streets, you don’t see reminders like this Hey _______ (your name), dont forget today to spend time with bliss and natural nirvana! There you only see street ads, the faces of worried people, and so on. On the other hand, nobody owes you, so you need to create an environment that motivates you to be in a good mood.

In my book Happy Bastards, I wrote about the reminders that I have installed in my office + about the ring that I wear on my finger.

When I wake up in the morning and look at it, I remember my mission, which gives me a pleasant bouquet of positive thoughts/emotions; the ring reminds me of basic self-awareness + clear meaning of life! After all, its important. Interestingly, it is not enough for methats why I keep thinking about how to improve the environment. Because I have the greatest habit of creating an environment that motivates me.

And you can have this habit! You can implement this habit into your subconscious, just like me. Oh yeah, take some time to your happiness design! Love working with happiness design and one day you will feel like you have a habit of caring for your environment! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention what happiness design is. The happiness design means decorating everyday life with things, reminders. There are a thousand ways. For instance, you can repaint the room with a different colour that will give positivity. Lets look at the psychology of colour!

How to Be Happy
Or you can stick the best quotes on the wall of your room. Oh yes, although I understood happiness long ago, I have a Dale Carnegie quote in front of my nose every day: “It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.”

This quote is amazing. But to remember everything Carnegie said, you need to make sure the inscription is in front of your eyes EVERY DAY. Otherwise, you will forget his quote! 

Write this quote on your toilet doorin a bedroom above the bedon the mirror! Understand, if you stick it in your head, you will get 10 times closer to happiness!  Oh yes, happiness doesnt depend on what you have, where you are, but how you feel about happiness. So your job is not to achieve what others expect from you and finally realize how to be happy with who you are right now, right where you are. (Understand me correctlyI will not deprive you of other desires! This offer is just complementary to your life. I suggest you pursue what you want right now plus add my proposed goal)

5. Share your happiness with others!

As you already know and as science has proven, our beliefs are closely related to our habits. Lets say there are people who have a habit of asking themselves every day how to catch happiness by the ears and handcuff it so that it does not run away. These are people who want eternal happiness for themselves! This desirethe habit of thinking about personal happinesshas become so firmly entrenched in the subconscious body that it seems to be the most important thing. However, there are people who have other habits. When they get up in the morning, they shout, Thank you, world. Today I will share my happiness with you again! Oh yes, these people dont expect anything from the environment. They managed to get rid of the habit of waiting for happiness from the outside! Because they grew out of selfish hedonism and became wise hedonists.

Oh man, I used to be unfortunate too. So I kept asking myself, How to be happy with my life? I was fucking selfish. But I realized it on time. And I was able to reformat my habits. And now I love the world more than it loves me! I give the world and people more love and happiness than I hope to receive in return. Im excited about this way of thinking.

6. Learn to hear and understand questions that you ask yourself or receive from others. Get in the habit of changing questions!

There is a huge bank of questions in your head. You received these questions from the environmentmedia, internet, TV. However, not all questions are wise or helpful. Some questions are misleading, others are destructive. Consequently, it would be healthy to audit the issues at least once a day. Its bloody hard to do a qualitative questions audit, but those who doachieve the most! While many understand this, few take time to understand the words behind questions. And you, do you like to delve into words? Lets check it. Answer me this question, How to be happier in life?

What is your answer? Really, how do you feel happy?

Do you know why this question is so hard to answer? Because its a difficult question!

Its easier to answer this question, how to arouse positive emotions right now?

Do you see differences between these two questions?

I will explain. If you ask yourself, How to be happier? then there are many options. But if you ask yourself, How to increase positive emotions?” Suddenly you understand that you need to focus only on your emotions and not on the things that are outside! In this case, we are not focusing on long-term life goals, relationships. Its not about money, a six-pack neighbour would like to have, but he doesnt, so he is not satisfied with his life. Its just about the ways to feel happy, dear friend! Only thisnothing more!

Oh yes, it is in this phrase about emotions the divine secret of happiness lies. For example, lets examine the ninth word in the previous sentence, emotions. After all, its about feelings, emotions that can wake up here and now! Emotions are subordinate to you! You can control the sadness like DiCaprio! If you ask yourself, How to become happy after making a million? it becomes clear that you are addicted to a million, but if you ask yourself, How can I feel happy?” it clarifies that you are talking about emotions.

When I ask myself a question like, How to increase positive emotions? or „How to be happy where I am?” I turn on music, or with my arms raised like a bird I shout Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeethats allI feel an influx of emotions! Because I asked myself the right question! Though Ive been asking myself silly questions, I got into the habit of changing them to smart ones. You also need this habitturn useless questions into useful ones!

7. Dedicate time to your child and laugh with him/her! Let them take the lead and observe what happens!

This point does not require much text. And you know why. There is no need to do any research to prove that children can teach you the art of happiness! Do you have no children? Ask your relatives to watch over their children! At least an hour! Dont be a snob! Children are a miracle! If there’s no way for you to be around children, okay. I will give you another suggestion on how to be happy with life. In one of the books, I read that it would be good to adopt a puppy 🙂

8. Get involved in charity or join a non-profit organization.

If you help others, I guaranteeyou will feel better while getting up in the morning.
Offering you a charity commitment, Im not saying you have to pay money for it. You can take part in the processjoin a group of people and help with work, not money. It will definitely give you value. Its a perfect way on how to be excited with life and awaken happiness. The more you value yourself and the more significant you feel, the more happiness you experienceits a fact! How do I feel happy? Its good to wake up in the morning when you feel NEEDED.

And if you are feeling unwell now, find something you can do useful and start right away. You wont even notice how time passes. And after a day, youll realize it was meaningful. Knowing that your day was precious, you will smile 😉

9. Foster forgiveness!

Have you read The Psychology of Gratitude? I recommend it. This book has been written by serious psychologists, Michael McCullough and Robert Emmons. They claim that forgiveness reduces the power of bad events. It is true. The more often and sincerely you forgive someone else, the better youll feel. When you learn to forgive, you find fabulous peace + freedom. One should not forget the gratitude which Michael and Robert cherish. I agree with them. Gratitude is the greatest thing. After all, if you are an ungrateful donkey then you will not appreciate that you have a liver and working lungs. I understand it all seems insignificant, but Im immeeeeeeeeensely grateful for the lungs, body, and life! When you feel grateful for life, you automatically feel happier. Unfortunately, people are not grateful. Some people do not like their nosebecause God gave it too big, and others want thicker lips! The mood of these people depends on the outside, which is silly. I also thought my nose was big. But lets talk about the size of a nose with Gérard Depardieu. And for the lips, complain to famous actresses, Emma Watson, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Diane Kruger. They screw thick lips horizontally and vertically. Because true happiness lies elsewhere! In other words, puffed lips do not guarantee happinesshappiness can only be guaranteed by time invested in the emotions hygienethe art of happiness! The more you know how to manage your emotions, the easier it is to manage them!

10. Give up the habit of seeking happiness through things, drinks!

If the questionHow can I feel happy?is not leaving you alone. There is a lot of information on the internet about happiness. For example, the website Bestlifeonline suggests using red lipstick… This is said to help arouse emotions… Sure, its about short-term happiness, but well try… Wait a minute…


It is true, I forgot that I do not have lipstick.

Or maybe you have? 

Admittedly, on the same page, it is suggested to drink coffee. Because it will bring happiness. I doubt the coffee habit is good. Again, many of the recommendations in the Bestlifeonline section apply to reduced external tools. I may be wrong, but I think its best to pursue happiness with your brain, not lipstick! I suggest you spend more time on long-term happiness than on short-term happiness. Because there is a rule in life: everything you get too easily evaporates too quickly. I suggest that you focus on shifting your thinkingestablishing wise and useful habits.

Interestingly, by focusing on changes in thinking, you will IMMEDIATELY feel an influx of positive moods. How is it working? Do you remember the first day when you started running? After running, you only felt good because you finally found the strength to start. You praised yourself for doing it! That alone gave you a dose of positivity. So if you want to feel better here and now, start changing your thinking. In addition, education about happiness can bring many other benefits. For example, you may feel more confident!   

So what’s your next move, will you take advantage of the advice?

Theres a lot to choose from! In the end, I gave over ten habits that you should add to your routine. So for everything keeping in one place, Ill repeat it; let’s put all the happiness tips into a small list!

A small list of daily habits that will help you become happier!

1. Listen to positive music more often, it’s a wonderful habit!

Music has a tremendous influence on emotions. So it would be wise to use it!

2. Get in the habit of spending more time with happiness.

Everyone has a friend who only spends all his time working. Or lets say there are many mothers who work, work but dont have time for themselves. When you’re only busy working, its hard to feel happy.

3. Get used to using memories that trigger positive emotions!

There are people who feel good about themselves and are bound to pull out a notebook containing directions for those who feel bad. It helps!

4. Make a rule to spend time on happiness design at least once a month.

Happiness design is a tool that helps create a motivating environment. You can change your mood by repainting the walls or by sticking quotes on the walls that remind you of your valuesthe importance of meditating for at least 15 minutes a day! After all, the meditation mat itself can have an effect on youjust place it in a prominent place! When you come home from work, you will remember to meditate!

5. Get used to seeing happiness from all angles!

I’ve met people who only think of selfish happiness. They rarely smile. However, I met generous people who are in the habit of sharing their happiness with othersthat is their mission! Their eyes always shine with generosity! Its up to you what habits you will have, ones of the selfish person or…!

6. Get in the habit of changing questionsthis is the only way you can reach new heights!

One famous person said that you cant get a good answer if your question is of poor quality. Its true. Therefore, it is important to constantly check that the question you are asking yourself is legitimate. Unfortunately, few people check these things because they dont have this habit. And I have this habit, so Im successful and feel full in my whole body!

7. Dedicate time to children. Children are teachers of happiness!

Once upon a time, you knew how to be realyou knew how to be happy. And then you set up goals around yourself that made you hope for happiness. And children remind us that the truth lies in simplicity!

8. Get involved in charity or join a non-profit organization. 

9. Forgive more often and use a gratitude journal!

Gratitude is the key to happiness. This is what research proves. In fact, gratitude is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to striving for happiness. Dozens of research have been done using various happiness tools, but it was the gratitude journal that gave people the most positive emotions. Plus the effect lasted for months! The most important thing is to fill out a gratitude journal every day! Im not even talking about the habit of forgiving others for their mistakes. Unfortunately, few are able to, because its difficult to change the habit of revenge.

10. Give up the habit of seeking happiness through things, drinks!

This is one of the banalest tips, so I wont write much. I will only repeat: if you think you will be happy when you achieve something, you are addicted to external factors. It’s not freedom and… 

Weekly habits

We, humans, have habits that occur every day or less frequentlyonce a week, for example. After all, you know people who drink every weekend? Its a weekly habit that has the property of becoming a daily habit. The same thing happens with good habits. If you get into the habit of doing something useful every week, chances are good that it will become a daily habit. Suppose if you exercise once a week, this habit… Well, you understand my thoughts… But enough to discuss it, Id better give you a few weekly tips:

1. Take care of your bodyexercise. Your mood depends on your body, and if your body doesnt exercise, you will feel worse. So take care of it. It’s hard to bring yourself to do it every day, but what if you try it at least once a week? Who knows what will happen next 🙂
2. Walk. Not everyone likes to walk or run. Maybe you dont need to do it every day, but try to do it once a week, for example on weekends. Or you can ride a bike!
3. Writing. I know you werent expecting this offer. But its not wrong to write about happiness. Oh yes, write an article or a mini-book about happiness. State your position. If you get used to writing at least once a week, you will tell yourself afterward: Oh, Monaco, how clearly I define my thoughts, I havent done that before! Its writing that matured me. Writing changed my life! Even though I wrote very rarely at first, over time it became a habit.

How to begin?

Alex, I understood the tips, but how to get started? a reader will interrupt my conversation. I have an answer. If you want a happiness boost, take a gifta 14-day course created by me. I promise I will not sell you any trainingit is ONLY for free. I have businesses and they generate good money for me, so there is no point in earning money on training! Therefore, boldly register here for 14 days of training and spend only 3-5 minutes each day! Registration only takes 6 seconds! This registration will be a real catalystto achieving happiness! Click here


What is Happiness

There are different opinions on what happiness is, but I recommend that you believe in psychologists and scientists. For example, psychology researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky describes happiness as “the experience of joy, contentment, or positive well-being, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful, and worthwhile.”

Isnt this a perfect definition? Oh yes, scientists say we feel happiness only because there are parts of our brain that allow us to feel it. They also say that happiness depends on how much we allow ourselves to feel it. In other words, happiness arises in our body where it is consumed, which means that a person can command himself to experience it whenever he wishes. But not everything is so simple. Although man has the innate gift of awakening his emotions, he does not allow himself to do so because society has convinced him that man should first fulfill his dreams and only then enjoy life. However, the greatness of a persons happiness should not depend on what he wears and what others think of him, but how much he demands from himself. For example, as a child, you had a little red toy and then you thought about a bigger one. I know you dont need a Ferrari right now, but maybe you want newer shoes? Remember when you bought a simple but very comfortable pair of shoes? Putting them on for the first time made you feel good. You felt good not because those shoes made you feel happy, but because you appreciate them and because you have allowed yourself to feel good with them. In other words, the frequency and amount of happiness depend only on how you value yourself and the environment around you. Therefore, for those who want to experience happiness, I suggest at least occasionally lowering the barriers they try to climb in order to experience happiness. Attention, understand me correctly! There is no need to lower all barriers for the rest of your life! I believe that people should strive for great things. However, they should be more flexible. Barriers should be lowered at least once a day and then raised again. My life only improved when I started changing the height of barriers/expectations every day. When I get up in the morning, I lower the barriers. All I need in the kitchen is coffeeand Im the happiest person in the world. When I come to the office, I raise expectations/barriers above the ceiling. In the office, I am a wolf, a lion. And when I come home, I lower my expectations again. It helps me make love with happiness more often! This lifestyle helps me to respect what I have, but at the same time keep achieving great heights. 

How Do I Make My Own Happiness?

There are three steps to reaching happiness. First, you need to decide how you will reach your goal. In this step you use strategy. You can choose a strategy from my website. Theres plenty of them. For example in an article named How to be happy: 10 habits to add to your routine, you can choose some habits you like.

The second step is to make sure you work on your strategy. It isnt easy. Sometimes its good to have a teacher, mentor.

The third step is to make sure your results last longer.  

What Triggers Happiness?

There are a hundred things that can trigger your happiness. But it depends on your type. Some people are helped by music, others are favoured by good weather. Usually, peoples happiness depends on external circumstances. When your happiness depends on the outside, you are easily controllable and your mood deteriorates. Ideally, when happiness is only influenced by your choice. The only one who controls his emotions (knows how to respect bad emotions and knows how to turn them into wonderful experiences) can be counted as a free person. 

What are the Three Keys to a Happy Life?

The main important three keys to a happy life are these:
1. Change habits
2. Switch your environment
3. Change values ​​and reduce material needs, not forgetting the foundations of philosophical omnism.  

What Do You Need to Be Happy?

You need strategy and knowledge to be happy. Without it, you will be forced to look for answers yourself. It could take a lifetime. In such cases, its best to use not only your own experience but also that of other people. Listen to advice and practice optimism more often (you can check the article “How to Be Happy”).  Over time, you will learn many things and know what to advise your friends when they ask you this question: I can see you are so happy. How did you handle it? Can you share your experience, how to be happy with myself?



  1. Linda. G says:

    I agree with you. Listening to music with a positive and energetic tone is excellent way for you or your children’s moods. Music has been shown as one of the best ways in which people regulate their emotions, from sadnesses like depression all the way up through joyous occasions such as weddings! So next time something is going wrong (or right!) why not make it better by listening good tunes on repeat? 🙂 Luck to everyone!

  2. Bryan Duffy says:

    For me, the best way to be happy is by savoring each and every moment.
    I never take anything for granted because life can be short-lived so I try my hardest. And not only with myself but also others around me.

  3. Srinivasaraghavan Sridharan says:

    Maybe, Linda. But you are what you eat. Your brain is made up of 60% fat, so if your diet doesn’t contain enough protein then it will be difficult for the body to manufacture neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine which control how we feel on a day-to-day basis. Without these chemicals floating around in our system as nourishment or energy sources moodiness can ensue! When this happens all sorts of negative thoughts start popping into head – from “I’m always tired” (even though running 10 miles might make usFeel exhausted), leading down an unhealthy route without even knowing why because deep down inside there’s probably nothing wrong with us physically anyway; just emotionally

    I mean you can get emotion of happiness it is not allways the case.

  4. Melissa Greene says:

    Yeah, you know what? For me the best way to be happy is being with people who love and care about my well-being. There are so many ways in which we can make each other feel good like eating great food or watching that new movie together – it just gets better from there really!

  5. Jia Wei says:

    Thanks for the article, Alex. In my opinion there is no one formula for achieving happiness because it changes depending on your outlook on life, your abilities, socioeconomic factors and more. While there’s no shortcut to becoming happy, living a fulfilled life usually means making sure everything around you feels right- from who you spend time with to how much pressure or stress in your life.

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