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How to get wealthy (2024 March)


There are two types of wealthy people.

The first kind inherited money. The second kind earned their own money by following the laws that ensure financial success. Do you want to know what these laws are?

I learned these laws from an extremely wealthy man. I will present them in a way that makes them sound like commandments/rules. I’m sure if you follow these commandments, you will double your income in a few months!

Rich man

So let’s get started!

The Eight Laws of Wealth

1. Make decisions faster than others.

In 2001, I decided to start a company. But I was afraid. A few years passed and I was still thinking. Why? I didn’t know how to make decisions.

When I arrived at the pizzeria, I spent 5 minutes deciding which pizza to choose…

Do you think entrepreneurs have time to think about what they will eat? Ha ha!!! No!!! Serious businessmen think faster! They make decisions at lightning speed, NO MATTER WHERE THEY AREin a restaurant, in a business meeting.  

And you, how quickly do you make decisions?

Now answer, what distinguishes a lazer from an entrepreneur?

You know the answer.

“One SECOND, Alex, if I make decisions too quickly, I will make a bunch of mistakes!!!” a reader will state, with whom I will agree. It’s true, if you make 10 decisions in one day, you will have serious problems, but they will help you gain more experience and advantages over your competitors. The more problems you solve, the more you know about business! Not everyone will understand what I’m about to say, but the amount of problems you solve is proportional to your financial success.

2. Make sure your money arrives in your account EVERY DAY and you will become wealthy! 

Remember the cardinal law of financial success: a business is nothing more than a customer’s money going to your bank.

To get more money into your account, you need someone to send it to your account. The more often someone sends money, the more you will earn.

That is, every morning, as soon as you turn on your 📲 or your computer, you should:

a) contact customers and offer a service (or have your staff do it);
b) send another sales email to customers with a link to the product (your offer should be so fantastic that it’s impossible to refuse);
c) ensure that all the invoices you sent out a week ago or yesterday are paid as soon as possible.

The above-mentioned tasks should be done in the morning and at least 15 minutes should be set aside for it. Why in the morning? Because people open their email in the morning. So, check the sales first and only then take care of the service or… Understand that the money has to “flow” into your account every single day. If you take breaks, then your business will hang on snots. In other words: cash flow is the king!

“Cash flow is the king” also refers to the ability of a corporation or business to have enough cash on hand to cover short-term operations, buy assets such as equipment and machinery, or acquire other facilities. More businesses fail due to a lack of cash flow than a lack of profit.

“But I have nothing to sell!!!” someone will complain. I have an answer: resell other people’s products or services. Don’t choose what you like, ask people you know if they need sellers and start selling.

And if you have an idea, get the money first and then develop the project. Behave like Elon Musk, who first got money for electric cars and then started developing them!!! All I ask is that you don’t cheat people, always keep your promises, and do your service with love to keep customers coming back! Remind yourself every morning this phrase:

You’ll never make the money you could have made this morning!

3. Invest at least 50% of the time (you spend on your business) in sales (and marketing).

There are people who come into the office and spend over 80% of their time on product development and other creative work. They don’t realise that a company’s profits only grow when sales are made. In other words, more than 50% of the time should be spent on sales.

Don’t forget about the roles of staff. Think of the film “The Wolf of Wall Street.” More than 90% of the company’s employees were sellers. 

guys who work to get wealthy

Guys who work to get wealthy

I understand that you are not Jordan Belfort and that your business is not registered on Wall Street, but a serious business can’t grow without sellers. That’s the basic rule of business, no matter what your business is about. To understand me, watch the film “Blackberry.” The film “Blackberry” is an excellent illustration of the processes that increase profits and of what happens when a company is made up of only creatives.

In other words, the more sellers you have in your company (I’m talking about good sellers, not imposters; that’s why it’s important to learn how to tell the difference between pseudo-sellers and those who actually know sales), the more money you will make. That is, if you plan to pay social security, it would be a good idea to have more than 80% of your employees as sellers.

“But I have no money for staff!” you will say. No problem! Find a business partner who will work for free (let them take a part of share), but remember one important detail: your partner must be a good salesman and marketer. Because in business you need marketing and sales! Do you hear me? Business needs more sales, because we are talking about business, not snots.

4. Make business processes your hobby or entertainment.

Who do you think will earn more, someone whose hobby is watching TV series or someone who is interested in business processes in his free time?

Where is your answer?

It’s all about what kind of after-hours activities you do. Some people are entertained by watching porn, while others are entertained by investing in projects that give them the best possible monetary return. So ask yourself which entertainment brings you more money and do it!

And, damn, have fun, human!!!

Remember: the pockets of those who don’t enjoy spending their free time earning money are whistling! (I’m talking about serious processes, not about spending time on casino portals. Never have fun at betting points!)

5. Visit business clubs more often!

Do you think YOU would be more successful if you attended at least 2 events for entrepreneurs EVERY DAY? Where is your answer, dear reader?

Since you are not a stupid person, you know the answer. That is why Alex Monaco regularly attends events where businessmen gather. Because:

a) businessmen pay more than passers-by in the “bazaar”;
b) businessmen buy more often and more easily;
c) in the business club you will meet new friends with whom it’s easier to achieve commercial goals.

Since we are talking about clubs…

Did you know I created the Monaco club? This club is for those who want to improve their quality of life and spend time with successful and ambitious people on the French Riviera in Monaco. Contact me to find out more. 

6. Make more offers (do sales) more often.

“STOP! But I’m already a member of a business club, only my income is still low!” someone will complain. This is because you are NOT making new acquaintances, i.e. you are NOT OFFERING anything.

Although you tell people what you do, you don’t offer to buy goods and services.

And I offer. I offer every day. I offer in the mornings, at lunchtime and in the evenings.

So remember this word: “offer.”

The better the offer, the more you offer, and the more often you attend business events…

You know what I mean?

Sometimes I offer marketing consulting. Sometimes I offer to buy books. I offer SEO services. And I offer to pay. Not tomorrow, but today.

The last time I was at the business club (today), I received two serious orders. Why? Because I have made a serious offer that cannot be refused. So, act like Alex Monaco. Make businessmen offers that can’t be rejected and you’ll increase sales.

I will give you an example. Give the following offer: “You seem like a serious person, so I decided to offer you a gift and a huge discount. I’m about to give you an exclusive discount code that will get you 75% off your first service. Payment can be made here (share link to the product).”

“But I’ve tried many times to offer discounts, but it doesn’t work!” a reader will say.

No problem!

I have another idea.

If the person you meet at the business club doesn’t buy your services, then offer them services provided by people close to you or by a business you already have a contract with. In this case, you will earn money by reselling services. Because it’s easier to sell someone else’s services. I have tried this strategy and it always works. By selling other people’s services, you will learn to sell your own. Win-Win situation.

7. Solve rich people’s problems!

“You’re a fool, Alex, the rich don’t have problems!” one reader will exclaim. I must say these words to him, “Man, the rich cry too. They always need something!”

Some want to show offthose are looking for a bigger yacht. Others are looking for a nice house with a view of Prince Albert II’s castle or want to make an extra 10 million, so they are looking for a place to invest their money. I mentioned a few wishes, but we don’t know everything, so when you meet a rich person, ask them this question: “What is the biggest problem you have that you would like to solve as soon as possible?”

Remember: those who solve rich people’s problems will always earn more.

P.S. I’m not saying you should work ONLY for the rich, but ask yourself, what’s the point of working only with those who have less $?

8. Behave like Elon Musk! Use organic marketing.

Although Elon Musk is one of the richest men in the world, he has never paid for advertising. His companies (Tesla and others) have managed to get customers without buying Meta or other paid ads. How did he do it?

He used the best organic marketing techniques!

Use organic marketing to become more successful than your competitors.

Oh yeah, let your competitors pay for ads for years at a perpetual cost while you learn the basics of organic marketing. Understand, if you learn how to advertise for free, then you will keep all the money that OTHERS would spend on paid advertising.

I.e. the fewer expenses required by EFFECTIVE self-promotion, the fewer expenses you will incur and the more money will remain in your bank.

How to learn how to advertise for free? I will help you. I have a book coming out soon entitled “Organic Marketing Basics.” 

The End.

So if you ask yourself „How to get wealthy“, the answer is: Make decisions faster than others! Make sure your money arrives in your account EVERY DAY! Visit business clubs! And always use organic marketing!

Thank you for being, my dear reader.

Let’s descuss!

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