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How to write a great social media post: The perfect questionnaire


KILL me, but I’m the most generous blogger in Lithuania, so today a miracle will happen. I will give you a special questionnaire.

This questionnaire has helped me to collect a lot of hits. (Results: 800,000 views: link 1, 500,000 views: link 2, 300,000 views: link 3.)

If you use this questionnaire, you will become successful on Facebook and TikTok!

write social media post

Oh yeah, when you create Facebook posts, ask yourself these 9 questions:

1. How much emotion will a person experience when reading (or viewing) my post, and how much will he or she actually benefit through education? (Create “entertainment education”!)

2. Will people want to share my post?

Unfortunately, most people create content with the goal of getting more likes, but they forget how important it is to get the share button clicked…

Don’t repeat the mistakes made by others who run after likes!

Create shareable content. Because when you get likes, you’re interacting with your fans, but when you get shares, you’re gaining visibility and building fans!

3. Does my post have bait?

A bait is a word or sentence that makes the rest of the post read. For example, this video:

4. Will I surprise with my post?

Surprise. As a filmmaker! People go to the cinema to be surprised. They want to be surprised. In a nice way.  

5. Is the post easy to understand?

Are the sentences short enough? Will most people understand what I want to say?

6. Will my followers tomorrow remember what they saw and felt?

7. How many people will identify with me, my post (colours, names, places (Kaunas, Vilnius…), mood)? For example, if you post that you grew up in Neveronys or Vilijampole (small districts in Lithuania), someone might find something in common with you. By the way, I actually spent my childhood days in Neveronys and then in Vilijampole.

8. Am I sincere enough in my post?

Lots of people are trying to create a distinctive image. Because so many people are trying to make something of themselves, sincerity has become a thing of distinction. So, if you want to be unique, then be sincere and speak from the heart in the video. And if you write, people need to feel your authenticity through the letters (text).

9. Is my post relevant?

Do I mention the events that are happening right now (rain, wind, warn about good or bad weather)? 

Relevance helps to find a link with the reader/viewer.

The end:

Print out these questions and ask yourself them every time you create a post on Facebook, TikTok and after a while your video will start getting millions of views.

I hope you will thank me. Because saying thank you is a brave and honourable thing to do. 

Let’s descuss!

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