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The tip you should follow if you want to have more time


People who have time for everything

Do you already know what steps will you take today to achieve your dreams? Many people don’t even have time to think what they want from life – these people should learn how to save time. I was lucky to meet few persona’s who seemed had time for everything! From them I learned 1 main thing:

If it’s written – it’s never forgotten.

If you have dreams and goals that you would like to realize, most likely you are keeping them stored in your head. However, keeping your dreams in your memory is not an efficient method at all. First of all, it takes time to remember what your dreams are; and there’s a huge risk that you will forget about them. The same as we forgot our childhood dreams. Instead of having everything in my head, I keep writing every single thing down in one of the online programs called Trello. I use Trello not only to remember my dreams, but also to organize and keep all my work and life in check. All goals and tasks are clearly marked with deadlines. This is how I keep myself from being late and always on track to achieve my dreams. Trello is not a very advanced program but it is easy to use and perfect for achieving your objectives. I hope, from now on, it will be easier for you to reach your set goals and to keep your life under control.

So if you want to have more time, always write down all your goals – manage each of them, don’t live them only in your head!

Note: I am not sponsored by Trello in any way, I am just sharing it with you as an amazing tool which worked for me.

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