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Is fate real?


Is fate real? No. Fate doesn’t exist!

“Alex, you’re wrong! If fate doesn’t exist, why are a lot of people talking about it?” someone will ask. Okay, I will tell you the reasons why people so often brag about fate and blame it for everything! (After, we will talk about angels and other charismatic creatures.)    

Is fate real

Why people hate fate

Some people love to blame fate for everything that happens in their lives. In this chapter, I will tell you a few reasons why they do!

Reason no. 1: Fate has no biceps!

It’s convenient to blame those who can’t come into your home and kick your ass like a muscular man would if you slandered him for your own failures.

Reason no. 2: Fate can’t sue you.

Neither fate nor karma can accuse you if you blame them for your own problems. Therefore, it’s clever to pick something that’s untouchable. Ugh, I can’t stand such attitudes…

And what do you think about fate?

A disaster involving paperor lack thereof

A guy once complained to me about his shitty fate. So I screamed the following at him, “PLEASE STOP BLAMING THOSE WHO ARE INCAPABLE OF STANDING UP FOR THEMSELVES!”

The weirdest thing is that when you complain, you lose a lot of energy, and your body needs fuel to replenish itself, so you go have a bite to eat. Then you visit a bathroom and do your business on your throne. But suddenly, your mouth opens, and you exclaim in horror, “NO! NO! NO! THE ROLL OF TOILET P-AAA-A-A-PER IS FINISHED!!! It’s a disaster!!! Why does this always happen to me?!!” Answer me, “Who should care about your toilet paper? God? Fate? Karma?” Sorry, but I think you are irresponsible. You simply don’t get along with attentiveness; that’s it! Attention: I’m talking not only about toilet paper! I mean money. Fate doesn’t know the difference between green paper and toilet paper. So if you are busy and don’t have time to think about toilet paper—you will end up stuck on a toilet without it.

Moreover, if you have better ideas than thinking about money—you won’t be rich. It’s a simple formula, man! This principle works with everything around us. The following phrase dedicated to me would be appropriate here:

If I feel like shit one day, it only means one thing: I’m a careless asshole who was too lazy to work on himself! Fate has nothing to do with it!

“No, Alex, you didn’t get the point! Those in charge of fate aren’t making decisions about paper; they deal with life questions that are much more important! Yesterday I was late for a date with my loved one, so she dumped me! It’s the weather’s fault,” one of the readers will exclaim. Okay, I’ve got an answer: If you think someone above is interfering, why didn’t you arrive at your date three hours earlier???


Blaming fate for challenges sent by life is the same as blaming a waitress for bringing you a menu in a restaurant…

“Okay, Alex, I got your point! But answer, why you talk about fate, after all, people stopped believing it long ago?” one reader will ask who is unaware of the research that has proven over 61% of Americans still believe in angels, fate, or holy forces. Another research clarifies that even 83% believe things happen that can’t be explained by science or natural causes…

Another research clarifies that even 83% believe things happen that can’t be explained by science or natural causes… 

Isn’t it crazy stuff?


But I believe in destiny…

Destiny means what happens to someone or what will happen to them in the future, especially things they cannot change or avoid.

Oh yes, destiny has more powers than fate. 

For example, destiny decides:

a) The day of our birth.
b) Whether you are born a snake or chihuahua, or if you are born with two hands or no at all.
c) Where you are born—if you were born on this planet, it’s a result of your destiny.

That’s it. As you see, destiny has already played its role, therefore, earned vacation at a good resort at the edge of the universe, so now it’s your turn to take action, dear reader. Show what you are capable of!!!

So, if you are still going around blaming fate or destiny, you are making a mistake. Because everything depends only on you, my friend!

I know it’s hard to believe in yourself, especially when so many fuc!ers go around trying to prove that you need angels and other magic creatures if you want to be successful. However, the truth is all these “creatures” are helpless against your will to become an emotionally strong person!

For example, have you heard of Nick Vujicic? He was born without arms + legs. Admittedly, that was his destiny. Nevertheless, he decided not to succumb to it. Thus, instead of punishing himself, he found happiness. As a result, he is surrounded by his family and children. In addition—he managed to write a few bestsellers. He proved: You don’t need hands to touch the hearts of millions of people.

“Okay, I go it, you say all of this because you have wisdom! Nick Vujicic is born with a wisdom mindset, like you,” someone will say. Ha ha ha! I never considered myself wise. My grades have always been bad. And I accomplish everything with extreme difficulties. It took me three months to write my first article. I didn’t have my own style. As I improved, I wrote one article a month even though I sat down in front of a sheet of paper for at least three hours every day. It took me over 7 years to learn to write an article a day! Of course, for those who don’t know me, it’s hard to realize how much I work; that’s why one woman once told me, “Alex, I don’t believe in fate, but I believe in angels. And I think you have the favor of angels!”

I told her, “Of course, I have the favor of angels! Once, they decided to write my book, “Happy Bastards.” This was their idea, not mine! After the angels wrote the book, they asked me if I needed readers and buyers. With a nod of my head, the angels immediately began their work! Understandably, as it was a difficult task to undertake, the angels requested assistance from elves and other interesting fairy-tale creatures that people believe in. Thus, the elves rolled up their sleeves and made use of their marketing diplomas. After all, everybody knows that elves are real marketing experts. They studied with Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of guerrilla marketing, so when my book was printed, supernatural beings started promoting it on various websites. They divided themselves into groups and went to the streets, shouting, “Purchase the book ‘Happy Bastards,’ or die!” Therefore, the entire first printing evaporated within two months. And within two years, thousands of copies of my book ‘Happy Bastards’ had been sold. Aren’t these crazy numbers? They’re great, these elves and angels, aren’t they? But for me, it wasn’t enough. I told the angels, “Hey, angels. Why didn’t you sell 100,000? I want more!”

Sarcasm aside, I wrote the book myself. I not only designed the book cover myself, but I also came up with advertising ideas and implemented them. I contacted influencers myself, and I asked them for help. You may not believe it, but it’s enormously hard work. As you can imagine, advertising consumed a large part of my life. So Alex Monaco is successful not because someone helps him; Alex Monaco is successful because he treats himself better than angels treat successful people.

That’s it…

“(…) maybe you don’t have many angels… but you definitely have one,” one of my fans once told me. So I asked them a few questions, “If you think I have an angel, for what reason should I have traveled to the UK to work difficult jobs? Why should I suffer? After all, an angel could do everything for me!”

By the way, I traveled to England by bus. The trip lasted two fucked-up days; you can’t imagine how my back hurt! Could you associate me with a successful man after learning this fact?

And for heaven’s sake, why should I have had to clean toilets in the town of Torquay? Why didn’t angels or fate help me to change bedsheets and clean windows? Answer: Why didn’t supernatural forces help me when washing toilets?

By the way, I almost forgot to mention how I developed three hernias as a result of moving bags stuffed with bed linens! Following this, I was bedridden for two weeks, unable to work! Where were all the angels? Taking a vacation?

Since I was alone, I dedicated myself 100% to work. Each evening after arriving home, I would devote my time learning to work with Photoshop. As a result, I created the logo for my company, for which I was diligently saving up money.

I could only return to my hometown after saving enough money for my enterprise. My dream was to create websites for important companies.

Interestingly, even though I had saved a grand to start a business, I was afraid to do so. This was because of my lack of experience. Nevertheless, I determinedly sought out to gain the knowledge I needed. I sent emails to about 20 companies; however, my efforts only resulted in a single phone call from a website design company.

The next day, I was sitting in an office at this company for a job interview.

It was spring, and the temperature was 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit outdoors. Despite the relaxing background music (jazz), I was tense, as if I were listening to the heavy metal band Sepultura. Sweat was trickling down my face. The CEO (his name was Mendog) offered me work as a designer. I happily accepted the offer, adding, “I saw your website. Your company’s website is far from perfect. Something is missing. I will improve the image of your company, your website; and thanks to me, your sales will increase by at least 15%.”

I expected to receive some criticism for my comments almost immediately, but the CEO of the company shocked me; he offered me a job as a project manager.

Question: Why did I have to convince the CEO that I was able to bring him greater value than others could? If I were truly lucky (as some people think), why didn’t angels solve all my problems? Angels would have to seduce my future boss to grant me a job without any interviews. Do you think I liked that conversation? I was hot as a kettle!

Although I ended up leaving this company after a year, I was still gripped by fear, and I consequently failed to start my own business…

One day I met an interesting guy named Tom. He was the CEO of a website design company. He was stressing me out, “Alex, don’t be stupid. Think less. Start a company. Register it. Rent an office. It behooves you. Since you will have to pay office rent every month, it will force you to go further. Otherwise, nothing will happen.”

I liked his suggestion. However, the change had once again been delayed; I only managed to create a website and work from home as a freelancer. Question: Why didn’t madam Fate help me register a company?

Why haven’t angels ever found me any clients?

If angels truly cared about me, they would order a website from me!

But they were silent, selfish shitheads.

Guess how I found my first client…

It happened “accidentally.” They fell from the sky straight into my hands! How? I found my first client by walking up and down the street after setting foot into 50 different stores and inquiring whether they needed website-building services.

This is precisely how I found clients, my dear friend. It doesn’t work any other way. Potential clients probably tried to find me on Google, but locating me was an impossible feat because my website was badly programmed. However, I later found an SEO (search engine optimization) specialist and asked him to teach me the ins and outs of SEO. Although it took a long time to learn, I eventually became a professional in SEO. After putting all my heart into it, I managed to squeeze all the juice out of it. As a result, Google started loving my website! I targeted clients from abroad, so on my website, I wrote that I would work with foreigners (Frenchmen, Brits, Americans); an avalanche of orders started coming in. Why am I telling you all this? My goal is to emphasize that angels or fate never helped me to create a logo, they could, but they don’t have hands. That’s why fate or luck never helped me to create a website. Luck never helped me to solve problems with website optimization (SEO). If luck were truly generous to me, seeing that I was afraid to create a company, it would have gone to register a company on my behalf. But luck was busy—I had to go to the tax office myself! Moreover, luck didn’t pay for my office rent!

By the way, here’s something interesting. Sometimes, I feel that things are going pretty well in my life, but at the same time, some things somehow fall out of hand. For example, the last time I was in England, I sprained my foot. How can it be that Mrs. Luck only solves the problems she pleases while leaving me alone with my other problems without intervening? Maybe my life depends on Mrs. Luck’s mood. It doesn’t. Life depends on your own mood. That’s why I will ask you to remember this diamond sentence:

People don’t suffer because bad fate exists—they suffer because in their head exists a wrong belief about fate.

Are there differences between fate and destiny?

differences between fate and destiny

Thus, it’s stated that external factors determine one’s fate, but free will determines one’s destiny. But remember the most important thing: Your choices and actions determine YOUR LIFE!

The concept of fate was created by people who like to blame others for their shitty life.

Let’s descuss!

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