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A letter to happiness


A letter to happiness

Hello, Happiness.

I decided to write you a letter…

Sometimes it seems to me that you are a whore…
you constantly wander, and I’m not receiving your attention.

I’m begging you,
find me!
Handcuff me,
or the dusty road will lead me away.
Feed me like a little child,
with your hands,
“thank you,” I will say.
And while you consider,
if I’m worthy,
I will fight
for attention from you.

As you can see,
I decided to find you myself!
But it looks like all this won’t happen today.
Who knows how long it will take?
After all, I’ve tried more than once.
I hope when I find you,
my face won’t be covered with thousands of wrinkles?



Tick tock…


Here I am, after 30 years,
know that I don’t need you anymore.
I have become Happiness…
My woman calls me by this name.

It’s not just words;
I feel it with all the receptors of my soul
as my woman hugs me to warm up
both physically, emotionally,
and intellectually.
I’m grateful to you, madam Happiness;
thank you that you were a bridge to the universe.
Thank you for hope
because, without hope, I would be lost.


So, goodbye, Happiness, I wish you happiness!

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