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The 18 marketing challenges and how to overcome them (2024 march): Test

Challenges in marketing

In the world, over 330 million businesses are registered. Each of them encounters marketing challenges. I recommend reviewing the list of the most common ones.

Man thinking about marketing challenges

I am firmly convinced that this list will help you understand and identify the pains of your company. The clearer you see your shortcomings, the more productively you will be able to address these issues.

I present the list:

– The account is short on funds for advertising, and you’re unsure how to resolve this matter.
– You have a headache because your current advertising solutions aren’t working as expected.
– The marketers you’re dealing with are idiots, so you still don’t have anyone to help solve marketing problems.
– You can’t focus on marketing because other tasks keep taking up all your time.
– It’s not clear what specific actions are needed to boost sales, so it feels like the “Titanic” is sinking.
– The designers you hired are puffed-up and sending email with silly and childish design solutions.
– You’re having trouble choosing the right advertising format that would suit you personally.
– You have a leaky budget (insufficient funds for advertising).
– You lack a strong team to make effective ads.
– You don’t know how to conduct research to understand which marketing solutions have been most effective, so you don’t know which marketing actions to replicate.
– There’s no marketing strategy in place. It’s unclear what actions need to be taken today and in a week.
– You feel afraid to change.
– The content creators you tried to trust look at their work dismissively.
– It’s not clear how to automate ads and sales.
– You don’t know where to look and how to choose good marketers for a reasonable price.
– No one is making the most of the current client flow, and the existing audience is being untapped.
– Your social media growth strategy is unclear.
– You’re not sure what makes your idea stand out and what to emphasize for clients to see it’s worth paying attention to.

What’s the right way to act?

Since I’ve presented a list of challenges, I could take a break, but…

I care about you, so I’ve decided to provide more value.

To help you better understand personal marketing problems, I formulated questions to make it easier for you to respond.

Here is a questionnaire that you must answer.

I guarantee that if you print it out and mark your choices, you will definitely gain a better understanding and be able to assess the real situation.

Oh yes, answer these questions for yourself:


What do you think about your marketers working for your company?

a) My marketers are idiots, and the designers are arrogant.
b) My marketers are “so-so.”
c) Everything with them is okay.

What is the situation with the profit in your business?

a) Winds whistle in the bank account because there are not enough sales. Marketing solutions aren’t working as expected. Investments aren’t returning, despite banging your head against the wall…
b) There’s enough money in the bank.

How do you feel about your company?

a) The “Titanic” is not sinking, but I wish it could be better.
b) Annual income is increasing by 100%.
c) Every month, my company generates more than 100,000 euros.

Do you have a clear organic marketing strategy?

a) No.
b) Yes.

Do you use at least 10 organic advertising tools?

a) No, I only use a few.
b) Yes.

How much money do you have for advertising and marketing?

a) Not enough.
b) I have enough, and it’s doubtful it will run out.

Do you have an advisor who would guide you on choosing the best marketing solutions?

a) No.
b) Yes, I have, and I don’t need any advisors because everything is “cool.”

Do you have a vision and a marketing strategy for longer than 1 year?

a) No.
b) Yes, I have a clear strategy for the next 3 years.

Do you want to make serious decisions and increase profit by at least 45% in the next year?

a) No.
b) Yes.

Do at least 10 people visit your website daily—organically?

a) No, they don’t come, I don’t know.
b) More than 100 people come every day just from “Google” search.

How many followers does the company have on its social media account?

a) Less than 10,000.
b) More than 100,000.

How many potential buyers’ email addresses have you collected?

a) Less than 7000.
b) I have more than 20,000.

Do you have someone on your team ensuring that the existing client flow is utilized every day, making the most of the current audience?

a) I don’t have one, I try to do it myself.
b) Yes, I have.


Did you already answer these questions?

If more than 80% of your answers are related to the letter “a,” then the situation is quite bad, and you need to reach out to me because I’m here to personally help you.

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    My brother recommended to read it. Now I will bookmark this siete. This post actually made my day

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