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Hey, read mind bending books!


read mind bending books

Once I crashed into tiny pieces, like a glass of wine. I tried to stick together the details, but they were sharp and cut through me. Besides, I didn’t know what and how to glue. And as soon as I started, I suddenly crashed again, emotionally, spiritually… 

Oh yes, I was more fragile than glass. 

Since I have experienced all this with my body, I will say a phrase, “If you don’t want to break, learn to bend.”

“How to learn to bend?” you will ask? I will answer! My suggestion may sound like a cliché, but if you want to learn how to bend, read mind bending books. In other words, your brains need a shock. Or you need a revolution of mindset + consciousness. 

And we will not wait for the better times! We will start NOW!

I will recommend some books! Use them!

Three mind bending books 

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do by Amy Morin

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

If you need a book that doesn’t fit any standard, know that this book will meet your expectations! It was written by a psychotherapist, psychologist + business columnist for Forbes.

“What is this book about?” you wonder. 

The author talks about controlling your thoughts + transforming your life and actions. 

Order this book and get more than 50 practical tips. 

Let’s overcome obstacles. 

And be aware of the upcoming challenges.

Dare To Be Kind: How Extraordinary Compassion Can Transform Our World by Lizzie Velasquez

Dare To Be Kind: How Extraordinary Compassion Can Transform Our World

This book is different. To put it mildly. It seems as if this book was written by an inhabitant of another planet who had far more problems than all of us. I have no idea where the book’s author gained such mental toughness; after all, she was seriously ill her entire life, much more than I, you, and most of the planet.

By the way, you can watch a documentary about this person. I have written about this movie in my article “Thought provoking movies.” Dedicate some time, and you’ll experience shock. 

The Book Of Mistakes: 9 Secrets To Creating A Successful Future by Skip Prichard

The Book Of Mistakes

This book is not pop. That’s why, on Amazon, this book only has 310 comments. But almost all of the comments are good. Because the book is impressive, it is full of pearls—important thoughts, advice. 

Let’s take a few quotes from this book on self-development:

“Guard your inner voice like you would, your most precious treasure.”

“Who you are around determines where you go.”

“Avoid people who encourage excuses.”

“When someone is doing well, change your mindset from jealousy to curiosity.”

“Don’t get through the day; learn from the day.”

The book consists of different stories that aren’t really different from each other. Sure, not everyone will understand how much sense it has, but I’m convinced that you will find three life lessons or even laws of life at the end of the journey. 

So, what about mind bending books? 

Answer, are you going to read the books I recommended here? Which one are you going to check? I URGE YOU TO TRY THEM ALL! IF YOU DON’T HAVE TIME—FIND IT!

Let’s descuss!

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