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What’s better: money mantras or motivational money poetry?


I never believed that if I simply spoke loudly about dreams, they somehow would find me. No, I’m a doer. I’m a realist. So it could be said that I don’t believe in different mantras, but that’s not true. 

What’s better: money mantras or motivational money poetry?

However, I use mantras and affirmations, but in a slightly different way. In a moment, I will tell you about it!

First, I use unusual mantras that you can find on the internet. Second, I use motivational poetry that I create myself, which works much better than affirmations.

That’s not all; I use motivational poetry not to make dreams fall from the sky but to transform my mindset. 

And the third thing… for motivational poetry to work, I say it out loud. Why? Scientists have conducted a lot of research and proved that the subconscious mind remembers words much better if you move your lips and… 

“But, Alex, I’ve tried repeating affirmations, but they don’t work as expected,” one of my readers will complain. Yes, that’s a tough question, but imagine affirmations only work 4%… Is it not enough? When you want to change your life, 4% is a lot! 

And you, do you use affirmations? Or maybe you use poetry? 

What do you use it for? Do you want to influence your mindset? Or maybe you want Ferrari to fall from the sky? 

In this case, I suggest using positive money mantras. (I call such mantras motivational money poetry.)  

Motivational money poetry, or modern money mantras

1. I am a money magnet

I am a money magnet; 
money flows freely to me.
Not because I want money 
but because I have the mindset of an entrepreneur.
I love this universe. 
And I am sincere and generous; 
that’s why I attract good fortune—
naturally, naturally, naturally.

2. I deserve it

There are millions of ways
to get all I need.
I deserve to be paid for my time,
knowledge, and skills.

3. Friends

I have a friendship with money, 
and I know how to spend it wisely.
My job/business allows me 
to live the life I desire.
My income increases constantly. 
My income exceeds my expenses.
Every dollar I spend and donate 
comes back to me multiplied.

4. Decision

I am happy and wealthy 
because I decided 
to look at my finances 
without fear.

I choose to live 
a rich and fulfilled life.
I am worthy of all 
the richness I desire.

I give myself permission 
to prosper and grow.
I have the power to create 
success and build the wealth I desire.

Mantras vs. affirmations vs. motivational poetry  

You know that mantras are outdated. Therefore, young people do not like mantras, but they can use poetry as rap. Oh yeah, I love motivational rap because it’s easier to remember, especially if you’re rapping to music. Plus, imagine you’re at a party and want to quote a mantra for happiness or money. It would sound weird, doesn’t it? However, rap it, and you will be applauded. They don’t just applaud. By rapping motivational words, you will give people much more benefits.  

Thanks for reading my article and… 

Oh, right, I forgot about the affirmations that the internet is full of. They’re short and hard to remember, so they’re less valuable. Therefore, I rarely talk about them.  

Let’s descuss!

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