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Motivation quotes to keep going


Motivation quotes to keep going

Sometimes, life is f*cking hard. And it appears that all of our plans are collapsing. In these moments, you need motivation, which keeps you going (even running) forward. So you can get it here, in this article. Oh yes, bookmark this page and return every time you need motivation!

Short keep going quotes! 

1. Your happiness can’t wait for Saturday! Happiness is here and it hurts because you pressed it with your butt!

2. Don’t wait for the Universe to figure out how to take care of your dreams! Take care of your life yourself!

3. Life is like Disneyland. Enjoy it. Ride on problems. Accept challenges and gain experience!

4. When do you plan to start living? On Monday evening? On your birthday? GO! DO!

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5. Enough thinking about what others may say. You live for yourself not for critics!

6. Go forward with self-confidence. And understand, no one has to believe in you more than you!

7. Dear friends, throw all your excuses into the garbage can. And continue your journey to success!

8. Remember: It’s impossible to break a person who is determined to fight to the last breath!

9. Dreaming is not enough! Go! Do or fuck*** die!!!

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10. I know it’s super hard sometimes, but only you’re responsible for your thoughts. Oh yes, only you can choose whether to complain or keep going!

11. Those who want to achieve their goals must COMMIT! Because motivation depends on how heartily committed you are.

12. You can’t fix your life in one day, but you can fix one day and then repeat it every day!

13. 100%: There’s no limit to your achievements—except those you have created yourself!

14. Let others say that you won’t succeedthe most important thing is that you don’t say that to yourself!

15. LISTEN, don’t let little problems overwhelm your desires and wishes!

16. Hustle for your goal harder than everyone else, but don’t forget to enjoy the little moments every day!

Long motivational quotes to keep going

17. Some people like to play cards, others like slot machines or trading shares, and my hobby is enjoying life + challenges. This is the most important hobby to which you should dedicate yourself 24/7. 

18. When Mr. Fear taps you on the shoulder again, take it in hand and march towards your goal together. Show it how brave you can be, and let Mister admire your courage. Prove that you’re stronger than fear!

19. Stop. Inhale some air. Look in the mirror and say, “Today will be a great day, and I WILL NOT ALLOW bad thoughts (from the past) to destroy the present! OH YEAH, TODAY I WILL TAKE THE MAXIMUM FROM LIFE!”

20. When I was young, I spent five years playing PC gamesa good chunk of my life has been deleted. And then I got hooked on another game called “REAL/UNPLAYED LIFE.” I learned to use the remote control that each of us has in our heads. Oh yeah, there are many cooler thingssuch as real, tangible bonusesin this game called “REAL LIFE”!

21. I used to be angry with people who put sticks into my wheels. But after some time, I realized that no one had mistreated me more than I had myself! For example, I used to write myself off. I blamed myself for mistakes made in the past. I was preventing myself from being happy. So let others put sticks—the most important thing is that you wouldn’t put them for yourself.

22. Some people drop their hands because they believe that it’s their fatethey are simply unsuccessful. I have advice for these people: Be faster + more creative than fate. And you will achieve the most amazing things!

23. I ask YOU: Strive for dreams/desires/wishes! I know, it’s pretty banal advice; everyone knows that you have to strive for goals, but there are only a few capable of it. Frequent free time is killed by a routine, excuses + doubts.

24. If you work, work 100 percent. If you rest, rest 100 percent.
If you communicate with a loved onedo it sincerely, 100 percent!
And in old age, looking in the mirror, you will be able to say, “Oh yes! I lived for one hundred percent!” 

25. The more problems you solve, the more experience and wisdom you gain.
The more problems you avoid, the more cowardly rabbit traits you’ll earn.

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