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What is organic marketing?


I will tell you a story of how I found out about sustainable organic marketing and how I learned to use it. Let’s start.

sustainable organic marketing

The beginning

Once a well-known businessman invited me over. After showcasing his vast estate—a gigantic garden and house—he suggested we sit by the fountain. By the way, it was remarkably beautiful. The generously splashing water created a perfect atmosphere for conversation.

The businessman, comfortably settled in his chair, posed a question that forever changed my understanding of business, sales, and marketing. The question was: “Alex, in your opinion, why do wealthy people like fountains?”


“What nonsense…” I thought to myself. Am I some kind of Einstein to be answering such questions?

Is this some kind of test???? A quuuuiz? Is it related to business since I’m talking to a businessman? And you, reader, what do you think about it?

Yes, yes, answer me! Whyyyy do the rich love fountains?


Where is your answer?


Since I didn’t know what to answer then, I asked for an explanation.

The businessman smiled and stated, “Fountains symbolize an endless flow of money or a constant source of clients. Metaphorically speaking, to become successful, you need to build a digital fountain online that spurts clients, generating continuous sales day and night.”

That’s not all. 

After loading a Google search, the speaker revealed the laaaaargest natural fountain in the world and a geyser you can find in Switzerland.

Also talked about the famous Trevi Fountain in Rome, where tourists throw over a million EVEEERY YEAR, penny by penny. Gatsby himself would be envious. 

As if that wasn’t enough, the speaker began to explain how fountains work. He displayed diagrams, technologies, operating principles…

I learned that there are two types of fountains/sources:

a) Some require electricity and constant maintenance, costing A LOT OF MOOOONEY;

b) Others, natural fountains, gush ‘organically’ because someone once DIIIIIGGED A DEEP WELL IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

I hope you understood the metaphors. What is a deep well? In business, you can also create a deep well, in the right place. Or you can create it in the wrong place.

The most important message is that if you want to promote your company, it’s best to do so using an advertising method that will require VERY LITTLE maintenance in the FUTURE… BECAUSE the less maintenance it needs, and the more the fountain spurts, the more successful you are, OF COURSE, IF YOU ACTUALLY HAVE SOMETHING TO SELL.

I repeat, the less maintenance is needed, and the more the fountain of website visitors spurts, the more successful you are, OF COURSE, IF YOU ACTUALLY HAVE SOMETHING TO SELL.

Oh yes, the SPEAKER’s words shocked me. I thought, “What if I create a CONSTANT source/fountain that spurts widely and HIIIIIGH? BECAUSE in this case, I won’t need to sell more, just serve?”

This thought was attractive because I was already fed up with sales. You won’t believe it, but at that time, I was selling services in the city center like an ordinary vendor. Riding down the main street of my city with a trolleybus, I hawked stores, yelling, “Does anyone need a website?!”, “Does anyone need a website?!” Eh…

I offered website creation services as if I were selling cucumbers. Well, everything happens… Since I didn’t like such aggressive sales, the idea of a fountain of clients gave me hope and helped create a vision. I PROOOMISED MYSELF THAT I WOULD CREATE A SOURCE OF CLIENTS, THAT CLIENTS WOULD FIND ME THEMSELVES AND SEND EMAILS, RATHER THAN ME SEARCHING FOR THEM. I decided to do everything to achieve this goal. I wanted to start right away, so I asked the speaker to explain how to create the fountain he talked about. But he redirected the conversation, as if unwilling to give away the last socks (the biggest secrets of success)

Bidding farewell to the speaker, I emphasized that I liked his fountain and that it was beautiful, and I left.

First try 

On the same day, I began to grasp how to create a customer source that would require as little maintenance as possible.  

I got sick with the idea and devoted several months to it. What do you think happened next? Well, nothing… I didn’t create any customer source…

I still didn’t know how. I tried to find a better book or article, but they only wrote about standard marketing. I tried to go to training, but they taught me how to use paid advertising.  In my 20 years in marketing, I’ve bought a lot of ads, but every time I created an ad, I felt like I was trying to convince people that it was worth buying. I hated this feeling. I needed something more honest/real that got other people to promote me. I needed advertising without advertising, which is possible by the way, but… How?

My desire to solve this mystery was greater than the Statue of Liberty, so I started learning. I read hundreds of articles about advertising. I tested numerous advertising tools. One of the tools was website optimizationcalled SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. I delved into the intricacies of SEO for a long time. I learned to write SEO articles, send backlinks to my website, and… I worked on SEO for over a year and… It worked… GOOGLE STARTED FINDING ME IN ITS SEARCH RESULTS FOR FREE!!! Oh, yes!!!

At first, my services were focused on the local market. But I wanted them to be found abroad, so I made a so-called deeper well, and the client’s fountain started spurting even stronger. (By the way, it feels so good that you, the reader, understand metaphors.) Soon, I received visitors from the United States, France, Norway, and Monaco. Imagine, people started to find me on Google search for FREE!

Others paid for ads, but I didn’t!!!

F**k paid advertising!

F*ck paid advertising!

I didn’t pay but received orders from companies such as Travel Visa Pro, Physitrack, and Pivot Capital Fund. The most interesting part was that after optimizing the website, I enjoyed website traffic for ten years without paying anyone! I didn’t pay for marketing or sales support; instead, I found new business partners.

new business partners

Even though I did nothing for my website, buyers kept coming, coming, comingorganically.

Since my website was visited organically, I suggest paying attention to the word “organically”!

I fell in love with her: Organic Marketing…


Only that which is born organically is perfect…

What forms organically…


Once a complication occurred.

You see, I received an email from Monaco. A company registered in Monaco asked to create a website and a logo. However, we didn’t communicate clearly via phone, so clients suggested that I come to Monaco. I agreed.

While in Monaco, I realized that everything happened because I optimized my website and used organic marketing. If I hadn’t done SEO for my website, no one would have invited me to Monaco, and I wouldn’t have made new friends. In other words, website optimization helped me find many friends worldwide.

Realizing all of this, I thought: “Alex, what if you help others to be found on Google? After all, I can change people’s lives. Since I no longer dealt with website creation, I sold my old company and started offering website optimization services and additional services that no one else was offering. I began creating ongoing sources of clients for my clients through organic practices. I called my new company in honor of a fountainBig Fountain Agency.

You can check my company’s website here: Big Fountain Agency. (Please feel free to contact me as well.)

By the way, someone might wonder, what exactly is organic marketing?

What is organic marketing?

What is organic marketing?

There are various explanations.

Some say that organic marketing is free advertising, where the focus is primarily on creating and sharing content on social networks. In contrast, others claim that organic marketing is when you increase conversion and provide the client with exactly what they want.

However, personally, for me, organic marketing is the most subtle form of advertising that liberates from paid advertising providers’ grip, stabilizes and increases sales and visibility using authenticity, sincerity, and godliness when talking about your services with the aim to connect, assist, and educate.

There are two types of organic marketing.

a) standard organic marketing;
b) sustainable organic marketing.

What is sustainable organic marketing? 

What is sustainable organic marketing?

Sustainable organic marketing is the future of marketing, when the focus is on creating a steady stream of visitors that works, even if it is free to maintain.

For example, Mark Manson uses organic marketing.

I found him on Google many years ago, before he was famous. That happy fellow did everything to be found in an organic Google search. In other words, he used SEO (search engine optimization).

Search optimization is the most real sustainable organic marketing because after making it, you will ensure the endless flow of customers to your page.

Only after using SEO you can go further and learn more about sustainable organic marketing because there are many tools. I will write about them on 10.01.2024. Just return to my website!

Cost of organic marketing. 

I’m not saying that organic marketing is 100% cost-free, but let’s calculate how much money you would spend if you paid for Meta ads for 10 years. Let’s say you pay $1000 per month. In 5 years, you would spend $60,000. However, by embracing sustainable organic marketing principles, you would spend three or even ten times less. It depends on the size of your business. If your business is local, you can make everything with your hands. You can rely on me to help you, just contact me! Find me on social media! 

Let’s descuss!

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