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Proven Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic and Find Happiness


When I was 23, two friends dropped by my house… “We were walking by and decided to come over for a cup of tea,” they uttered in unison. It was a harsh, cold winter, so I immediately invited them inside.

how to silence inner critic Alex monaco

Yes, it’s me!

In those days, I was a bad communicator, so the conversation failed. To entertain my guests, I would show them my album of childhood photos. Friends would begin to compliment the little childhood version of myself: They called the 3-year-old boy from the old photographs charismatic, confident, and so on. I FELT SAD because these nice compliments were not directed at me, but at the boy I had once been.

I felt jealous about it. While the guests admired the charismatic boy from the past, I thought, “Why did the shine in my eyes go out? Why am I no longer happy? Why don’t I believe in myself? Maybe it’s because I believe in doubts and inner voices who say I’m a loser?”

One of the biggest problems people have is that they believe in inner voices (and doubts) more than they believe in themselves.

In this article you will get extremely helpful information about what is your inner voice, how you can silence it and how to become friends with happiness (which you have inside).

Where do inner critic comes from?

Critics were born in your and my mind when we were young. They fed on phrases from our parents and the people around us—“do not touch this” “you cannot do that”—that aimed at teaching us to live a “safest” (most standard) life.

Everybody hears these inner voices; you, your friends—even deaf people.

What are internal bullies capable of?

It’s hard to imagine what’s happening in the mind of a human being. There, under three brain layers, live thousands of inner oppressors: dragons (doubts) and cockroaches (bad habits). Inner critics have the talent to kill dreams + goals + desires + silence your ambitions. Their aim is to blame, shame, diminish, and terrorize you; cause emotional storms, confuse your thoughts, humiliate, raise doubts + lower your self-confidence; ignore positive thoughts, convince you that you are nothing, intimidate, speak to your friends with your voice; and overtake control of your consciousness. Moreover, inner demons have a powerful memory, so they constantly remind you of what you were punished for when you were a kid…

Inner critic

Inner demons have a direct connection to your subconscious mind. They can cause sickness, guilt, jealousy, and hate.

As you see, you’re dealing with monsters—disgusting creatures capable of burning the brain with poisonous saliva, so you sometimes suffer from headaches. And that’s not all: Critics cause thoughts about death, suicide, and depression.

Internal critics have mouths, through which—like parrots—tell YOU these things:

“Loser, you are worse than others...”
“Have a look in the mirror and see how you look—who needs a monster like you?”
“You don’t deserve happiness because _____!
“If others failed, why will you be the one who succeeds?”
“You will not succeed no matter how hard you try!!!
“Tonight’s going to be a nice evening, so it’s better not to go anywhere.”
“You are a bad mother/father; everyone sees it.”
“People don’t like you, and that’s the truth.”
“You are stupid.”
“It’s your fault.”
“You must be perfect; there’s no other way to happiness.”

Answer; from all the thoughts I just shared, which ones do you hear in your mind?

Answer how many inner dragons run in your brain: one, two, three, ten; one thousand?


Answer; what are you going to do with your inner monsters?

Are you going to show them your middle finger???

Hey, reader, I am talking to you, not to Patrick from 5th Avenue. Answer; why do you stroke the heads of cockroaches living in your brain? 

Anyway, I don’t need your excuses—I care only about YOUR HAPPINESS, so I urge you to use this masterpiece thoughtfully. That’s all I’m asking for!

In the first part, I will present information on how to deal with critics, here and now, when you feel anger and pain. The second part is devoted to MASSIVE changes in mindset. Anyone who uses the second part of this masterpiece can experience transformation and rise above the standard mindset.

OH YES, this article is a great weapon in the fight against inner monsters! So act wisely and print this scripture, sanctified by my wisdom. Do it now. Why? This is more than simply a text. This document is a GIFT to humanity—a real manifesto of the fight against internal devils, and it should find its place on every coffee table and in the hearts of those who you love.

How to quiet the negative voice if you feel bad right now?

My eyesight was poor at -6.00, so I used to wear glasses. My classmates often laughed at me because of my metal glass frames + thick lenses. As a result, I hated school, and I would try to return home as quickly as I could. But once I got home, I would be greeted by neighbors who called me a Jew, and my grandmother would call me a monkey.

Every time someone hurt me from the outside, it drew the attention of inner critic. Attention: The worst critics were not those who humiliated me (or who humiliate you today on the internet or at work), but those who live inside! I’m talking about the f*cking INNER critics who keep on repeating the same insults 100,000 times that I’ve already heard from other people! Inner self ate my nerves like piranha.

Back then, I didn’t know how to fix this problem. People around me didn’t know how to help. Like me, they were stuck in a bad misunderstanding of what to do, but today I know how one should behave. I am here to give you what I needed when my charisma was weighed down by thousands of beliefs. I have what millions of children and adults need! As a gift to you and humanity, I will give you a reality test!

Use a reality test—an emotion extinguisher!

The emotion extinguisher is a test created by psychologists. (I only made it sound 100 times better, as I am a writer.) Those who use it will feel an improvement. You don’t believe me? Try it yourself!

When you get attacked by inner critic, and you feel unhappiness, do this: take a deep breath and take an emotion extinguisher in your hands to answer the following questions:

1. “How would I advise the other person to act if they were facing 100% the same situation as me? Seriously, what would I tell them? And why, for heaven’s sake, don’t I behave in the way I would advise them to act?”

The human being is a strange creature; humans know exactly how they should behave when, let’s say, they face an emotional catastrophe when one wants to hit someone in the solar plexus or shout out loud at fools who don’t behave as they should. However, only a few can hold themselves back and solve problems wisely, thoughtfully considering the consequences; and you, can you thoughtfully think over the situation before acting? The ability to remain calm is one of the most necessary skills a person needs to lead a quality life.

2. “What benefit do I obtain from listening to harassers? Why the hell should I suffer if the benefit, in this case, is only for those who wish me bad (such as competitors, and so on)?”

3. “Does the critic harassing me have a professional critiquing diploma? Do they at least have a license?” 

Think about it; practically no one has a diploma that makes them a professional critic, right? Listening to a judge who works in court is an entirely different thing than being convicted by some jackass—I’m sorry, but it’s just stupid. 

If they insult your appearance, consider whether that person is employed in the fashion industry.

4. “Is the harasser really a great role model for me? Do their words really have weight for me?”

On the other hand, if the person who defames you is a famous idol, you’ve finally become noticeable. This is just the beginning, and at the beginning, many people face criticism. As is said—first they shame you, then they worship you. But there are more than just these benefits. Use the critic as a free advisor. Because if you want a famous person to evaluate you, then you usually have to pay them for criticism, so take a chance and ask them what they would advise you. Direct message them: I received negative feedback. Can you advise me what to do?

5. “Does someone pay me money for blaming myself in my thoughts?”

No! So, there’s no point in doing work that nobody pays for!

6. “Fuck it! I will immediately turn up the volume of my vibrant music sky-high. Music always feeds my positivity! Mhmmm… What song should I play? Maybe the one that Alex Monaco likes? Superb link.”

7. “Isn’t there anything more important to do? After all, one should accomplish something good in life. Obviously, this question is irritating to me. Still, bad thoughts seem to have sucked away some of my precious youth and time, which I will now invest in the most important project of my life; namely, ‘my life.’”

8. “Yes, I am sad, but after every fucked sadness-filled time comes better feelings, right?”

Even when my mood turns sour, it always seems like this time is the worst of all. Such a mindset is just an illusion; this is just how the world works: it’s always darkest before the dawn; however, the sun surely rises!

9. “What if I’ll take advantage of the insult like Alex Monaco does? Once, a ‘critic’ told him: “You, Alex, are a bastard!” But Alex didn’t get angry. Instead, as he heard the word “bastard,” he shouted: “Oh, great idea! I will name my book, “Happy Bastards.” So, whenever someone attempts to insult or disparage him by calling a new name, he thanks that person for giving him a good idea for an upcoming project.” 

Critics and harassers, seeing you use their words for your own purpose, will think twice before giving away an idea that could be good for you.

10. “Yes, I feel bad about what happened, but would I care about it if I were 70 years old? After all, my values ​​would be different.”

11. “Maybe it is clever to use the upside-down method?”

Say loudly: “Oh my God; that hurt me! It’s… it’s the end of the world! This is the worst thing that could have happened.” Oh, seriously… Big deal! Really big f-n deal! It’s even more important than all the planets and this universe I live in. The president of the United States should solve this problem… But wait for a second; if this problem is so important, why don’t any of the presidents (there are 43 presidents in the world) know about this problem that’s occupying your mind?

12. “I wonder how Alex Monaco would behave if he were in my shoes? Would he pay attention to what internal or external critics say about him? I’m convinced he has work to do, so he would laugh and go on with his work! Maybe I should do the same.”

Imagine that a wise person you respect falls in the same situation as you, and then ask yourself what that person would do. ANSWER YOURSELF THIS QUESTION and do what the person you admire would do!

13. “Can someone give me 100 percent proof that I’m REALLY a loser or that I’m not beautiful enough to be successful at ______________ (finding peace, creating a family, establishing a profitable business, getting a good job)?”

When someone believes in something, they should have facts to prove that what they believe is true, right??? So, where are those facts that confirm the bad thoughts you have about yourself? Maybe it’s written in the New York Times that you’re not worthy? Is there a court judgment somewhere with a stamp and inscription stating that you really are at least a little worse than others are? If there’s no written evidence, you do not have the right to count yourself out!

Perhaps someone humiliated you or insulted your appearance, causing you to not believe in yourself. However, if you hired a team of specialists to prove that you are not worthy, they would not be able to prove it because beauty is debatable, just like your future. No authority can issue you a document stating that you will not fulfill your dreams. Until now, all your destructive thoughts are supported and maintained only by you. Damn, poor self-confidence that has no evidence! Toss your bad thoughts into the trash and set them ablaze because they are not legally justified. 🙂

14. “Even if someone publicly tries to prove that I’m the ugliest person on earth, maybe it will benefit me because then I can inspire millions, as Lizzie Velasquez did?”

One day, a girl named Lizzie came upon a thumbnail on YouTube that caught her attention. She clicked “Play,” and the video’s title read the “World’s Ugliest Woman.” To her absolute horror, she discovered that someone had posted a video of her. However, overcoming all odds, she became a TED speaker and an inspiration to all. See her story here: “Woman Called “World’s Ugliest Woman” Becomes Inspiration to All.”

15. “What would my children think about me when they saw how cocky I act? I don’t want them to grow up and feel sad for nonsense for which I’m cocky about! I will be an inspiring person; that’s what’s most important!”

ATTENTION: Read and answer these questions honestly, as only then will the extinguisher work!!!

“You are stupid, Alex; I don’t believe you,” will state one of the readers. Let such people say what they want. Psychologists have a different opinion, and they use questions to help people change or feel better.

Psychologists say that when you experience psychological violence, your mind begins to repeat a disc containing bad thoughts and emotions. They say the problem can be solved with the help of questions. Because when you use a methodology involving questions, it helps one focus on the solution, and not just sadness (or shitty emotions). The questions we pose can remind us of what truly matters because when drowned in storms of emotions, we often forget the purpose of our lives.

There are many other advantages to using this methodology, but enough with advertising. I propose talking about another tool. You’ll receive it in a moment!

Use the Doctrine of Self-Belief! (Best ways to hear your inner critic)

We all have friends who are afraid to solve problems. Some people are scared to start a business because they fear that others will make fun of them if they go bankrupt. Others are afraid to confess their love, to say what they truly think. Everything would be different if they used the doctrine of self-belief…

And you, do you use the doctrine of self-belief?

The next time you encounter distrust, fear of being ridiculed, or making a mistake, take a deep breath and ask yourself these questions:

1. “Why am I so afraid of messing up? Maybe I want to be perfect? And why be perfect if perfect people are boring? Do you really need to be a robot?”

We always try to be perfect; we are afraid of making mistakes, but is that really necessary? Even the Terminator is funny sometimes, so why should I always be serious? Remember how he put on funny glasses on his face. What to say about the characters that fought with the Terminator? They were constantly wrong, but at the end of the movie, they remain alive and heroic, worthy of respect!

2. “In 20 years, my current problem will make me laugh, so is it really worth worrying about whether I’ll be wrong and make fun of myself today?”

You should ask yourself this question when you’re afraid of being misunderstood during a business conversation, project presentation, or meeting.

In your childhood, did you ever try to please someone who later ceased to impress you? And yet those efforts cost so much courage!!! Young children want to please their classmates, neighbors. They want to please with their appearance, but young children’s wishes + attempts to please beepers who don’t know true values yet is just plain stupid. By the way, even as adults, more than 90% of us are guided by the wrong values. I’m talking about people who are already 20-30-40 years old and look like ADULTS but still behave childishly. That’s why they accuse you of bullshit.

Therefore, in the future, you will understand how stupid it was to expect reasonable estimates from such “adults.” You will find out how much time you have wasted trying to please them. It’s not the present you that you have to please, but the version of you that will mature and become wise! Therefore, every time you hesitate and wonder whether someone may like your actions or appearance or not, think about how these hesitations will seem to you in 20 years.

3. “Yes, I admit, I feel stress, but who said that stress is evil?”

Most athletes who win the Olympics say that stress has enormous advantages. That’s why so many famous athletes use stress to beat their opponents. I also jump through barriers and challenges in my life; that’s why this is my OLYMPICS OF LIFE. Thus, in order to win, I need stress! Stress is a great feeling! So, it’s time to stop blaming yourself for feeling stressed!

4. “Arnold Schwarzenegger once said: ‘It’s impossible to fall below the floor.’ So, what am I afraid of? After all, getting up is not so hard because even in the worst scenario, I won’t get any lower than the floor.”

5. “How would the person I respect the most act if they were in my place now? Probably feeling bad, they most likely wouldn’t give up and instead continue the journey towards the goal. Maybe I should do as they would?”

Imagine that a wise man who you respect the most finds himself in the same situation. Question yourself: what would he do? ANSWER YOURSELF THIS QUESTION and do as your role model would! 

6. “Mhmmm… And what if the real reason for the enthusiasm isn’t to stop me, but to rather help me separate what’s important from what doesn’t matter? The more excitement I feel, the less I should be afraid, but I just go ahead because my body says that it’s necessary!”

7. “If I were to get the wisdom of the thousand wisest people in the world now, how would I act? How would I deal with what I’m so worried about?”

8. “How would aliens with the highest intelligence perceive my distrust? Would they agree with my thoughts and how they would behave if they were in my situation?”

9. “What if things I fear the most never happen?”

When I was little, I was afraid to invite friends over for my birthday (October 22). I would even shiver at the thought of it raining on my birthday. For some reason, I thought bad weather would ruin the celebration, but nothing ever ruined my birthday like my own mood and the fear that the party would be a disastrous failure.

I know you understand what I want to say, but you are too creative, and you always come up with a reason why you shouldn’t do what you want. And there are many others like you. Once, one of my students wanted to start a successful business. When I asked him why he hadn’t registered the company yet, he began to list reasons. I asked him to take a blank piece of paper and write down everything that could happen if he registered the company. ONE PIECE OF PAPER WAS NOT ENOUGH FOR HIM! Do you know what surprises me the most? It’s people who complain about their lack of creativity but who can come up with hundreds of possible variations of failure! Every one of these people could write the thickest book with the title “WHAT COULD HAPPEN TO ME IF I DON’T SUCCEED!”

The truth is this: Things usually happen differently than we expect them to, so the fear of what may happen is simply silly.

But I don’t put my words in the best light. I won’t bluff you, as life is unpredictable and, who knows, while reaching your goal, you might face a much bigger problem than you predicted. In this case, point 10 below shall apply.

10. “What if what’s going on now is a smaaaaaaaall training opportunity that will make me the strongest person, both spiritually and emotionally?”

There is one rule: Man doesn’t become stronger because he has no problems; rather, he becomes stronger because he solves them. That’s why creating fuller and deeper challenges is especially worth it.

By the way, the most interesting thing is that an inner bully is not only capable of waking before the fight but also after achieving success. Do you know how people who have won music awards or sports championships feel? Many of them, holding the trophy in their hands, hear the whisper of an negative voice who quietly says, “You only just succeeded this year,” “You’re not worth the trophy; tomorrow, they will inform in the news that you received the trophy by mistake,” “You won’t win anything next year!” That’s why it’s better to let critics that criticize you criticize themselves instead. And don’t pay attention to junk shit they say until you drown them in confidence!

11. “There are 7 billion people on Earth, so some of them must have much bigger problems than I do, right? They don’t trust themselves more than I trust myself! I understand the pain of these people, and so I will fight for those who suffer as I once did!”

Inga Stasiulionytė once took part in the Olympics, believing that her opponents were very strong. After the match, they all got crowded onto an elevator. All the other athletes began to complain. One said her leg hurt; the other said she broke up with her husband. And Inga realized it was harder for her opponents than it had been for her. The reality is we all have similar problems, so we must remind ourselves of this and maybe even print it out and hang it in a highly visible place!

12. “As a child, I made a fool of myself at least 1000 times, and every time I failed, I recovered. Every time it seemed as though it was the end of the world, but somehow things always worked out. Why would things be different this time?”

13. “I don’t know what will happen when I get on stage, start a presentation, or meet someone I like. But in the worst scenario, I will have fun or…?”

We really can’t always control what will happen, but we can choose to have a good time during the show, seminar, birthday, or date. I’m not talking about playing with alcohol or lust; I’m talking about intellectual entertainment. I remember one of my friends going out on stage; she was telling herself aloud: “I’m feeling nervous, but when I get on stage, I’ll just have a good time. Anything can happen, but I will definitely take this opportunity to enjoy the program that I will be leading myself!”

14. “It’s the truth: A person may not always be able to control what is happening, but they CAN ALWAYS CONTROL HOW THEY RESPOND TO EVENTS. So, no matter how major my problems are, it’s important for my actions to be civilized, don’t you think so?”

15. “The more mistakes I make or the more problems I have, the more interesting my story will be for writers and filmmakers! It’s a breakthrough, right?”

History has shown that the most inspiring people are the ones who have risen from the ashes on many occasions.

Therefore, it’s important not to hide those painful stories. Rather, it’s a clever idea to write them down + record them.

Because when you try to pretend you have never had a problem and that everything has always been simple, you lose the title of “HERO.”

Believe me; everyone respects those who were losers in their first job (or at school), but who then successfully built their own empire!

It means you can make mistakes on purpose so that you can later share how difficult it was for you to reach the goal!

Print the list above and:

1. Put one copy in your car’s glove compartment;

2. Leave another copy at home. Stick it to your fridge, so you can remember these questions! Oh yes, use the Doctrine of Self-Belief! This is the best way to hear your internal self!

I believe the more often you ask yourself these questions, the more you will trust yourself!

Finally, take a snapshot of these questions and send it to your friends!

“Alex, I see what you’re trying to say, but these questions don’t work,” one of the readers will say. In the next chapter, I will have an answer!

Does questions really work, or is it just a stupid tale?

Habits are not just candy wrapping paper—you won’t throw them away into the rubbish bin like a banana peel. They resemble adipose tissue, which requires an intellectual (mindful) approach and effective conversation with yourself.

Studies have shown that if you ask yourself certain questions for no less than 17 days, your mindset begins to change. I am talking about the following questions:

1. What do inner critic want to tell me?
2. Why is it so important for me to make a critic happy?
3. Damn it! Why do I meet the critic’s needs and not my own?
4. Does the critic want to tell me what’s important?
5. Perhaps an internal oppressor wants to help me?

Or the following questions: 
6. How can I benefit from a negative voice?
7. What does an internal self say about me?
8. What does this internal voice protect me from?
9. Maybe the critic just wants to remind me what is important?
10. What do these critical thoughts say about me as a person?
11. What does a critic want from me, and what do I want?

Have you already answered all 11 questions? If you honestly answer the above questions every day, a million will appear in your bank account in a week’s time! Well, I’m just kidding; money won’t appear on your account, but you will have more than a million Highest Consciousness and Wisdom Coins® in your peace account! Oh yes, wisdom coins are more important than $. 

Because earning money is not harder than learning to feel 100% happiness without them.

Building a huge house is really difficult, but it’s not harder than increasing the amount of peace you feel inside.

Answer; would you like to find peace? 

If so, use this technique.

Use the doctrine of self-belief. Enjoy the reality test. Silence your inner critic!

If you have already used them, try the next one—give the awful critic another part!

The most interesting way to win against inner critics: give to the negative voice another role

As everybody knows, humor can silence any kind of critic. You don’t believe me?

Imagine that from today, your negative voice has the voice of Mickey Mouse.

Oh yes, imagine Mickey Mouse with his funny voice trying to convince you that you’re a loser… Haha!

Try, and it will be funny to listen to your inner critic! (I’m only talking about bad thoughts.)

Please remember my offer!

I really care, so I’ve created a mini infographic for you. Save it in Pinterest or your mobile device:
Infografick good
If you’re unable to give the critic a funny voice, you can use a different method.
You can delete words used by internal critics from your head! You see, the voices you hear in your mind don’t come from anywhere. The negative voice uses words that are present in the memory disk. If you were Chinese, a negative voice would use Chinese words instead of English ones. So, you only have what the adults gave you when you were growing up. In other words, you once absorbed “beautiful phrases” like a sponge. Therefore, this sponge will now have to be squeezed.

Yes, the best thing that can happen is to squeeze all the dirt and negativity from the bank of bad words in your brain. By the way, what if, after squeezing the sponge, you absorb good sayings and a positive communication style?

Hell yeah, bad self-talking can be replaced with good self-talking.

I’ll show you an example:


I can’t

I’ll never be successful

I better not

Maybe it’s not worth the risk


I can

I will succeed

That will be awesome!

I will try and see

I almost forgot…

Dear, you can nail to a negative sentence an additional positive one.

Let’s take an example!

To the words circulating in your head, “F*ck, nobody believes in me,” you can add: “But nobody believed Elon Musk when he wanted to found SpaceX.”

So, no matter how bad the beginning of the phrase bouncing in your mind is, what counts most is the end of such a sentence!

As you can see, the tactics are different, and it’s clever to use each one. 

To make it even clearer, I’ll put this in bold font: Your goal should not be to become a NORMAL person!

Now we come to the most important thing:

You must understand that the purpose of this document is not to CURE you.

Because you are not sick…

And if someone says you’re sick, consider it a compliment, as being “HEALTHY” in modern society means to be an emotionless robot.

My message: Stop limiting, pausing, and extinguishing yourself!


Understand that you are more than a human being! You are a child of the Universe; that’s why you shouldn’t impose yourself rules of a modal mindset. 😉

Imagine for a moment that you could relax whenever you want, let out tears of joy whenever you want + light a fire in your soul whenever you want!

Oh yes, I desire you to rise above the standard mindset; therefore, communication with psychologists, psychiatrists, and other specialists is only an indirect link that will provide experience and understanding of how mindset works. But that you would become strong not only emotionally but also spiritually, you need to use all the tools that change human parameters, among which one can find the design of happiness.

I am offering you to create an environment that constantly reminds you of the need for change. Start building your life now!

Let’s begin!

1. Accept a challenge and receive 12 life-changing missions by email! Those who order FREE missions today will receive the first one tomorrow! Registration is completely free, entirely secure, and the missions can be canceled at any time. To register, click here. This method works, given that it will remind you to work on your mindset. Over 10,000 people have already tried it!

2. Visit this page more often: link. Use the “follow” button to grab the most sincere content! 

3. Fill your room with self-development books! Let them remind you of what’s important. I wrote an article—a recommendation for 9 books. Read it here: 9 Books About Your Life that Will Make Your Life Better.”

I hope you’ll use at least one of these suggestions.

Make sure you don’t miss anything and move on to another ultra-powerful weapon that can shoot inner critics down!

Oh yes, I gave you the best ways to fight fuck*n* critics. To make sure you didn’t miss anything, I will remind you of these three techniques now. Three techniques to calm them are:

1. Use a reality test! By answering the questions prepared by the psychologist, you will understand what is really happening.
2. Use the Doctrine of Self-Belief! The self-belief doctrine lists values that you should recall more often. These values remind us that there are things more important than listening to your internal voice.
3. Give the voice another role and you silence your inner critic! By giving a funny voice to your internal voice, you can make the situation a comedy that will help you see everything in a positive light.

Army of Success

Before finishing this text, I sent it to demo testers. One of them asked a question. I have decided to share our correspondence with you:

John: Alex, I just read your article, How to silence your inner Critic I found some good ideas. Now I know how to silence my inner voice? I yearn to start a successful business, but it’s hard for me to wake up in the morning. I feel a lack of motivation. How do I fix this?

Alex: John, do you want me to cuddle you or tell you a truth that could offend you?

John: Tell me the truth.

Alex: You’re a lazy sloth! You’re no different from all the rest! You achieve your goals in the same pattern as everyone else does. F*ck, you don’t have your own opinion. You are a mere repetition of other people’s thoughts! You’re a nobody… You are less than zero. But I love you! Of course, your inner critic is a big jerk, but I LOVE YOU! By the way, when I said that you are nobody, I meant the past, not the future. I honestly believe that you are capable of change, as I’ll help you. You will understand everything in a moment, as I’ll explain what is happening. I will start with a topic about motivation.

John: I am waiting!

Alex: Look at soldiers… Soldiers don’t talk about motivation! They don’t think how to get up early in the morning. They are RESPONSIBLE towards their country, so they do EVERYTHING that needs to be done! So… they are committed, and you are not, so you loaf around like some type of dog. By the way, do you own a dog?

John: Yes.

Alex: What does your dog do during the day?

John: Weeell… he goes outside and runs around, and sometimes, he rests…

Alex: You and your dog are similar, as you also have no reason to do your very best because the government doesn’t require you to achieve anything more. The government does not ask you to be happy or to get rid of bad thoughts; that’s why you sink so easily into the Internet, Youtube videos, and other synthetic pastimes! Do you know what I would like? That our government would establish an army of happiness or success. If they did, I’d put you first in there, you f*cked up sloth!

John: How interestingly said.

Alex: In the army of success, you wouldn’t wonder how to get up in the morning. In the army of success, you would not be taught to use a metal weapon that even those who don’t have intellect can use; instead, you would be taught to use a weapon that almost nobody uses! I’m talking about a weapon that’s in your head—the brain. Do you understand? I think learning to kill your bad thoughts and the inner detractor is more important than learning to shoot a potentially deadly weapon. Or am I wrong?

John: Yes, I like what you say, Alex!

Alex: I don’t care whether you like it or not; I’m not a mercenary creature, so I don’t need you to like me. These clownsmercenary creaturesfawn over everyone because no one obliges them to act seriously; that’s why they are hernias of society. But let’s finish with these strays, the main key to finding your way to wisdom. And what matters to me most is what happens when we end this conversation. Seriously, what will you do tomorrow morning?

John: I will pursue my goals. 

Alex: How? Nobody will talk about important things on TV and radio, so no one will remind you of what’s important + that you have to move forward! So, you will immerse yourself in the routine…

John: I understand. But what should I do?

Alex: Build your personal army! Motivation works best when you take responsibility and commit. But enough talk; let’s get to work. Let’s make a commitment, okay?

John: Yes.

Alex: Tell me what you want.

John: I want to start my own business and gain confidence, and… get rid of these voices in my head…

Alex: By when do you want to achieve all this?

John: In a year.

Alex: In a year? How about doing it within a month?

John: All right, within a month.

Alex: Good! First, go to the Registry Center and set up a company; all you have to do is register it. Second, promise that for 30 days in a row, you will follow the instructions I have provided in this PDF, “How to Kill the Inner Critic.” Now promise me that you will do all this, and if you don’t fulfill your commitment, you will have to pay me a fine of $10,000.00.

John: I don’t know. Let me think about it.

Alex: Well, we can do this: if you don’t reach your goal in a month, I’ll come with a razor and shave your hair!

John: Completely?

Alex: Yes!

John: Let me think about this…

Alex: Do you know why you don’t want to commit? Because your haircut is more important to you than your dreams!!! Are you in or not?

John: Okay, I will complete all the tasks! If not, then I’ll let you shave my hair!

One Last Piece of Advice

It is difficult to deal with inner critic because, as a child, you were TAUGHT to suffer and serve a rotten society. You learned humility. However, times have changed. You met me, a revolutionist of self-development who will tell you this:

Be strict!

Be harsh with YOUR intramural critic!

Understand that your inner critic is not you!

Yeskill the inner critic, and don’t confuse it with the wise gurus you have inside you! Listen only to your inner wisdom! 

“Alex, it’s easy for you to talk, as you have already solved your problems,” one of the readers might say, naïvely believing that I no longer have to fight inner bastards. But it is not true. You can’t get rid of inner critics forever, as bad thoughts and doubts like rats / cockroaches permeate the caves and suddenly take root in our lives. And we must fight again. In other words, I’m still with you in this war. Like you, I hear wheezing bullets + explosions! But we love a pure fight for quality life, right? You and I will fight to the last heartbeat, right?  

A person who believes in you more than you believe in yourself…  

Sugarless, Alex Monaco


I’m happier than God himself is!
I’m a wolf of consciousness
because I managed to show my middle finger to my inner evil!
And now it’s your turn, dear reader!
Now is your turn, do you hear me?

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My Best Book About Inner critic Recommendations:

1. “Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice: A Revolutionary Program to Counter Negative Thoughts and Live Free from Imagined Limitations by Robert W. Firestone
2. “How to Be Yourself by Ellen Hendriksen
3. “The inner voice by Renée Fleming. Read this if you want to know how to silence your inner critic
4. “The Voices Within: The History and Science of How We Talk to Ourselves by Charles Fernyhough)
5. “Challenging the Enemy Within: True Stories of Therapy, Discovery, and Transformation by Robert W. Firestone
6. The Voices Within: The History and Science of How We Talk to Ourselves by Charles Fernyhough
7. Banish Your Inner Critic: Silence the Voice of Self-Doubt to Unleash Your Creativity and Do Your Best Work (A Gift for Artists to Combat Self-doubt and Listen to Their Inner Voice) by Denise Jacobs


  1. […] our inner voice sometimes steers us in the wrong direction, in other cases, we can achieve things that are more […]

  2. […] our inner voice sometimes steers us in the wrong direction, in other cases, we can achieve things that are more […]

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