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33 quotes about life that hit hard


Here are the iconic hard hitting quotes of Alex Monaco from articles, social networks. We chose only the short saying that received the most attention! We wish you to take pleasure from them and select the ones you liked the most!

Shortest quotes that hit hard 

  1. The best weapon against critics is sarcasm (and smile).
  2. Happiness is like a woman—she will run away if you don’t show attention.  
  3. Successful people are not Einstein’s grandchildren; they just were not afraid to solve problems.
  4. It’s up to you where you place your greatest fears in life—in your heart or the garbage bin.
  5. Money can buy bitcoins, but you can’t buy wisdom.
  6. The biggest bankruptcy is related to losing morality.
  7. Earning money is difficult, but learning to feel good without it is even harder.
  8. Jealousy is f*cking acid that burns scars in relationships.
  9. Inspire your enemies to do good deeds, and your life will become meaningful!
  10. Your true wealth does not lie in the bank but your heart and mind!  
  11. Real beauty hides in actions!
  12. God won’t let you take Bugatti to heaven!  
  13. Sometimes you have to press pause.
  14. Today, dedicate MORE time for yourself!
  15. Say what you want, but life is f*cking magnificent!
  16. Click the “Love Life” button.
  17. Take advantage of challengesuse them to build a ladder to success!
  18. Don’t let your dreams rot in the corners of your brain; you have to make them come true!
  19. We are never alone. We always have at least one true friendLIFE!
  20. Grab its hand and go. I’m talking about your new life. It’s waiting for you!  
  21. Life is yours; you have the right to do whatever you want with it, goddammit!
  22. Kick doubts out of your life!
  23. If you don’t forgive your enemy, you will remain a person who still has enemies.
  24. Love the world more than it loves you.
  25. Everything will come back with a boomerangeven good deeds!
  26. When it looks like the whole world is against you, know, everyone who took the first step towards success felt the same!
  27. A person won’t get out of shit until they honestly admit to themselves and others that they are deep in it!  
  28. Love the present day, not the life you will become super successful!
  29. Critics always are trying to drag you DOWN to where they are at this moment.
  30. The number of books read equals the amount of wisdom.
  31. The best revenge is to inspire your enemies to do good deeds.
  32. If life sucks for 100 reasons, know that there are 101 reasons why LIFE IS WONDERFUL.
  33. It’s stupid to wait while the Universe will take care of your happiness! Create happiness yourself!

What you should know about quotes that hit hard.

There was once a study of short, memorable sayings. The results were shocking. It has been shown that short sayings and speeches or short sentences that are easy to remember have many advantages. Why is it so?

1. Based on a Netflix documentary called “Explained,” short and good sounding sayings are being remembered 70% easier than not interestingly written articles. So if you read an uninterestingly written article or a book, there are big chances that you won’t remember it even if it contains handy information.
2.  Sayings and different short quotes help shape mindset, thoughts. It can hit hard and even change your life. And, the more positive thoughts you have in your head, the better you feel, and the more positivity is inside of you.  You just need to read them more often! 

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