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8 powerful rules to live by


When I was young and naive, I lived by my own rules. Even though they were childish, I believed them (for example, I thought you always have to be tough when you hang out with your friends).

Tough man with sigarete telling others about rules to live by

As time tested my rules, they turned out to be fluid. So I had to look for new ones. 

The new rules seemed fine, but my body and brain matured, so I had to change everything.

And then again, and again, and again…

Once upon a time, I got fed up with changing the rules of life and decided to create ones that would never change.

I knew it would be difficult; anyway, I was determined to do this job.

Years have passed… 

My daughter was born. 

Second daughter… 

Kindergarten… and… Tick tack… Tick tack.

My beard grew…

And the beard is known to give wisdom, so I’ve finally achieved my goal! And let God or Jordan Peterson (who created his “12 Rules for Life”) hit me on the head, but the rules of life that I’m going to give humanity are the best and…! 

“Alex, isn’t that too cheeky to brag? You say your life rules are better than others? Answer me, why?” a reader will ask. Okay, I will tell you in a moment. 

My rules are better because:

1. It’s easy to remember them.
It’s hard to believe, but my list of rules consists of only 8 rules. Not too much and not too little. Therefore, it’s easy to remember them. And others offer heaps of rules. For example, there are as many as 613 commandments in the Jewish tradition. Good luck trying to remember them all!

2. My rules really WORK. 
I tested them with my own skin. And it was only thanks to these rules that I could achieve the greatest things: peace, balance, fulfilment, lasting bliss and…

In other words, these principles are so powerful and effective that they can be called “the 8 best and timely proven truths everyone must live by,” but let’s keep it simple and call them: “8 powerful rules to live by.”

I introduce them!

8 rules to live by if you want to have a happy and amazing life

1. Be a practitioner

Do you know why financiers don’t earn more than their clients, although they understand how money works?

It’s true, Elon Musk’s financiers earn signiiiiiiiiiiificantly less than their CEO.

Because… they… are… theorists.

The meaning of the word “theorist”

Theorist—someone who develops ideas about the explanation for events.

I call theorists observers, and eternal practitioners because they like to observe and gain knowledge, analyze, discuss and prepare, but they are not “doers.” And whoever understands this goes to learn the secrets of success not from theorists but from practitioners.

Because, frankly speaking, few people like theorists. Do you remember that co-worker who was constantly chatting and doing nothing, so you had to do all his work? Yeah yeah, he was a fucking theorist. And those cool guys who inspired you to achieve great goals have always been practitioners. I’m talking about the most famous performers and public figures. All of them are practitioners.   

This is the difference between theorists and practitioners. 

And you, reader, who are you, a theorist or a practitioner?

The meaning of the word “practitioner”

Practitioner—someone involved in a skilled job or activity.

How to distinguish the practitioner from the theorist?

Let’s look at two characters, John and Dean. After reading this article, John will run to read another one. And then he will grab another article. Because he will be missing a piece of the puzzle. And Dean will utter, “Well Alex Monaco’s article isn’t perfect, but it does come with some good tips I need to follow! So I will only turn off the screen and…”

Who do you think will be more successful, John or Dean?

“Alex, you’re saying something wrong here, why are you confusing people?” the impudent reader will ask; who should remember Einstein, who also confused people with his statements? Here is one of them: “In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.”

There are many similar sayings. For example, John Mariotti once stated in his blog that in theory, there is very little difference between theory and practice; in practice there’s a hell of a lot of difference. Such it is in life and in business and in politics. Theory teaches us how things should work in a perfect world.

Attention: Theorists can be successful too, but they usually work for others. But practitioners are more flexible. They become Olympians, successful businessmen. 

Therefore, it would be great if you could acquire the habits of a practitioner.

Because otherwise, nothing will happen. 

Sure, you can read a lot about the secrets of happiness, but if you don’t take happiness by the horns (practice), then you will stay where you are right now…

In other words, if you want to learn to kiss, act, don’t read books! When I talked about kissing, it wasn’t just about these things. I was talking about making love to the world, emotions of happiness.

2. The path is more important than the destination. (Your way is more important than the goal.)

I bet you’ve heard it countless times that the process is more important than the goals you dream about every day. You understand this concept, but the problem is that your subconscious is constantly trying to get you around its finger. It periodically whispers, “Pursue a career, pursue $ and other things, and do as others do.” Because of your subconscious, you keep forgetting how important it is to enjoy the journey…

Understand that achieving goals is not a bad thing, but the most important thing is what emotions you feel while moving towards your dreams.

Oh yes, the point is not what is at the end of the road, but what flowers grow along the way. After all, you can smell them!

This means you have to walk to your destination like Alex Monacowith your hands spread out to the sides!  

Like this:

Alex Monaco and his spreaded arms. Happy man

And don’t give a f*ck what others think.

That is, if you go fishing, your goal should not be to catch fish, but, let’s say, your journey to a lake, etc. Definitely not a few minutes when you pull a fish out of the water.

Not to mention pleasures with the other half. If you learn to only enjoy the work you do in bed that the relationship will soon be nothing but ashes.    

That’s not all.

If you feel unhappy at work, you will have to think about what to change to make the space as pleasant as possible. Because I repeat, you should be happy not someday but today.  

I know life isn’t all about happiness, and maybe the hard physical work you do 5 (or 7) days a week is your tribute to the world, but let’s face it, it’s not a bad thing to create a pleasant work environment, right? Because the time you spend on achieving your goals is much more important than the goals you will achieve sometime in the future.

I repeat: The Time You Spend Achieving Your Goals Is Far More Important Than The Goals You Will Achieve Sometime In The Future.

3. Talk less and listen more

Once in 2013, when I met a particularly successful person in Monaco, I started talking, talking, talking.

Our conversation went like this:

“Alex, if you want to be successful, you have to work hard and sincerely.”

“But I work a lot. I work like a plow horse. I really work a lot and…”

Blah blah blah.

I should have listened to that person!!!

But instead of listening, I began to tear myself and make excuses.

It was a mistake. And even though I knew I needed to listen, I couldn’t suppress my desire to speak, so our meeting was in vain.

After a good year, I was able to meet this person again. And this time I was silent. Oh yes, his words were worth their weight in gold, but I’ll never know what he didn’t say when I focused on the excuses in a past meeting.

Of course, many people want to hear my advice, because I’m super successful. And I love to tell stories, but every one of my fans knows something that I don’t. That’s why I like to get inside the interlocutor’s head to learn something new.

4. Love this life more than it loves you! 

You can’t even imagine how your life will change if you love life more than it loves you…

Understand, people who love life have no expectations. They don’t wait for life to take care of them, because I repeat, “THEY LOVE LIFE MORE THAN LIFE LOVES THEM.”

How does it work? I’ll tell you right away! You see, when you love life, you begin to feel gratitude. And when you feel gratitude, you feel a nice feeling in your chest and stomach. And when you feel all this, you realize that you already have everything you need.


Oh yes, I have tried it on my skin.

I still love life more than it loves me.

So I don’t wait for God or life to write me poems.

I write poems myself and give them to the world.


It is good
to love
like no one else

It is good
to love the world
more than
it loves me.

And it is good to be
a strong person,
and spiritually—
that is the only way
you can inspire
your children

And it is good to share
emotions of love with others
without expecting
anything in return.
karma points.

And it is good
to give your whole self,
knowing that if you give it all
you will still have too much!!!

5. Don’t strive for happiness, but for liveliness

Everyone who knows me has learned that I’m not looking for happiness, but for many different emotions. Plus, I don’t avoid negative emotions. Because without them I would lose my charisma. Oh yes, I love absolutely all emotions, even if they are bad. The most important thing is not to stay on one emotion for more than 10 minutes!


Realize that the more emotions you experience, the MORE LIVING you will be.

Oh yeah, liveliness is more important than superficial hedonism.

And you, how many Living Women and Living Men do you know?

(I will talk about living people in the following articles.)

6. If you want to achieve something significant, you have to commit

Many people want to achieve their goals, but lose the urge to move along the way. They think the problem is motivation, so they look for it. But what they need is not motivation but commitment. Because commitment is the most powerful weapon in achieving your goals! 

I wrote about it here.

7. Meditate, but not in the lotus position or in bed

Many say that meditation can only be done in the lotus position, or while lying in bed or on the floor. But what if I told you that you could meditate while working on the computer? Oh yes, it’s best when you learn to meditate in real time, while working, communicating, etc.

Do you understand what I’m talking about?

“Nonsense, it’s impossible to meditate when your body is in motion!” one of the readers who should look at the research will say. I will share one of them, I quote, “One study found that moving meditation, much like yoga and tai chi, had the potential to reduce anxiety and stress. The best part of moving meditation is that you don’t have to sit cross-legged while paying attention to your breathing.”

But these are just flowers. It doesn’t matter where you are or what posture you are in—you can take the time to meditate, relax, or do mindfulness techniques. Call it whatever you want. And despite that I just mentioned completely different things, they have many connections.

Of course, to understand what it is, you have to start with a mat on the floor, but you have to understand that this is the first stage. BUT YOU SHOULDN’T GET STUCK IN IT.

“Alex, you what, you know how to meditate?” a reader will ask.

Yes I do. I can meditate while working on the PC. I am able to go into meditation while talking to friends on the phone and…

Meditation became my door to peace, to fulfillment.

I know learning to meditate is a difficult task, but who promised you that life would be easy? 

8. You need balance (the 50/50 rule)! 

Although this tip is quite trivial, it’s the most important of all! Oh yes, this is one of the most important rules to live by! Because it’s a balance that will help you to survive—to get through difficult times!

Don’t you believe? Let’s check! Rent a boat and go out to the ocean. Hope you don’t get caught in the storm, but if you do, I don’t have to tell you that everything in life is about balance.

Yes yes, balance is needed everywhere; in relationships, sports, nutrition, self-relationship, business.  

Let’s start with nutrition.

It’s best when you eat as much as you need—not too much and not too little.

Did I hit the target?

You don’t need to push yourself in sports (unless you want to win first place in the Olympics), but it’s not good to do sports for the sake of image either.

Did I hit the target again? 

You see, everywhere we see the 50/50 rule.

And when it comes to business, you should remember that you don’t need to overwork. You need both hard work and rest. Both things need to be done qualitatively. And if you only work, you will burn out and become a patient… 


Thanks for reading my articles and even more thanks for your comments!

Please understand that EVERY comment you make (even if it’s a simple “Thanks” or “Thank you” or “Good article”) inspires me to write new articles. So hugs and thanks again for your support! H5!

And download this picture (8 rules)
8 rules to live by if you want to have a happy and amazing life


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