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Why you shouldn’t start a new relationship


ATTENTION! Infidelity: Why you shouldn't start a new relationship

We will talk in a moment about weddings, love, business + we will touch on one of the most important habits that stop life. I’m sure anyone who gives up on this one habit will become a super happy and successful person!

Let’s begin?

Once, one of my students named Matt asked a question, “I like my girlfriend a lot, but I don’t know if getting engaged is worth it, we might not make it. What if she cheats on me? I’ve already been betrayed!” he hesitated. I’m always ready for such answers. So I said, “Matt, call your girlfriend. Tell her, “I’m leaving you”.”

Matt was surprised. He asked, “Why?” 

My answer was, “Because it’s easier. Leave her alone and don’t talk to women anymore. Let other people experience rapprochement and various metamorphoses of relationships, and you don’t get into the adventures of relationships—better invest your time in trustworthy things. What are these trustworthy things? Zombiebox! Oh yes, the TV has no feet—it can’t runway to another person. The zombiebox doesn’t have a temptation to sleep with others, so spend more time on this piece of plastic!!! Do you say you want a guarantee? If you care more about the guarantees than your loved one, then I’m sorry! By the way, research shows that even the closest friends can betray you. Therefore, my proposal to YOU: Take a chance and give up on all your friends! No friends—no problems! 

Think for yourself, getting rid of the other half will solve a dozen problems! Children! Diapers… Ewwww… For God’s sake—children may not live up to expectations. What happens if, when they grow up, they behave outside the rules YOU set? Your children can indeed be wonderful, but unfortunately, I can’t guarantee it, so if you want a guarantee, I suggest that you do not take any possible risks!

Oh true, don’t create businesses too. Because business is a risky thing. Nobody can guarantee your success, so you’d better work at McDonald’s. McDonald’s isn’t truly going out of business! McDonald’s is a guarantee island you can be on for a lifetime!”

After my speech, Matt fell silent. He understood the sarcasm, JUST LIKE YOU, DEAR READER. Oh yes, I’m very glad that you managed to digest my metaphors. Unfortunately, there are VERY few people like you WHO REALIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF KILLING THE HABIT OF RELATIONSHIP ANXIETY AND SO ON.

How can I get over the habit of fear?

Download my book, “How to Kill the Inner Critic.” Realize that it’s your inner critic who is telling you to behave in the way you should not. My book is free—I will give it to you as a gift! Download it here: Free ebook, “How to Kill the Inner Critic.”

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