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How to live life to the fullest: stop overthinking!


Hi, I am the Hi … I am your Day. .

As I am the Day, I have brought you a present: possibilities, feelings, moments, and… 

But it looks like you don’t care. Why don’t you spare me some time? What are you doing there next to the screen? When will you play with me? Please, hug me; because once the night comes, I will disappear and never come back. Because I am a day that you can never bring back…

I know you understand me, but what are you waiting for?

I’m not going to leave you alone. I am not an ordinary day. I am demanding, so today I will require you to get more from your life; the maximum. I know it’s hard, so let’s start with a small step: take a notebook to your warm arms and, WITH YOUR OTHER HAND, SCREW EVERYTHING! I am the best day you ever had, so I will be DIFFERENT!

It doesn’t matter where you are, in the office or the citystand up and put your hands up like Alex Monaco! I know that others could think it’s strange, as not many people give themselves the opportunity to do what they want… but answer this: in what ways do you use the moments, seconds, hours, days, months you are given?

You have probably met people who think that getting the maximum from life is only possible after the smoke has cleared, after watching the movies, after humiliating the person or co-worker they don’t like, but your path is different. You are using different happiness tools! That’s why I will be full of quality life. And today, you will experience the whole spectrum of real feelings/experiencesnot synthetic ones!

So, are you going to take advantage of this offer?

Are you still thinking about how to behave?

Do you think about how to squeeze more benefits out of your day?

As you can see, you’re thinking too much; this is where the problem lies! That’s why I’ll give you three steps to help stop you from overthinking.

1. Turn on energetic music and start dancing (in the office, home, or the street)! Stop overthinking today

2. Scream “I’m a happy human being” out loud. (Studies show that actions such as these help produce positive emotions). Are you still in doubt about what others might say? This proves that you’re overthinking too much.

3. Do the same thing in the evening. You can control your emotions whenever you want!

I wish you a meaningful + inspiring + charming + rich + unforgettable + genuine day. And if you have any thoughts, I have a huge favor to ask: Stop coming up with excuses that step in your way from relaxing! This is the only way to live life to the fullest!


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