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Stop Saying, “I Don’t Have Time”


“I would like to make my dreams come true, but I don’t have time and motivation,” an acquaintance once said. What do you think I replied?

Stop Saying, “I Don’t Have Time”

First, I asked, “Answer, what did you do yesterday?” and our conversation went like this:



“I was with a friend…”

“What exactly were you doing?” 

“We played a PC game.”

Mhmmm… Do you say you don’t have time, you damn sloth??? Do you know how much time games eat? 

I was a fanatically devoted fan of Enemy Territory and CS. It killed five years of my life. 

Oh yes, everyone has time, but not everyone uses it properly! 

For example, look at online haters.

I wonder where they get so much energy and motivation to write shitty comments? I could hardly poop as much as the trolls can… But they are not worth our attention, so I suggest taking a look at smokers…

It’s hard for me to understand where smokers get the energy to go outside ten times a day to smoke. After all, not everyone has a balcony, right? How much energy is wasted for nothing…

I also tried to smoke, but I lacked the motivation for it! And the saddest thing is that sometimes you must stand in the rain. Once my cigarette went out, and my friend was left with the fire, so I threw it out.

Hasta la vista, fucking cigarettes, I don’t have the patience to suck your cocks!

I’m not even talking about acquaintances who constantly grumble… grumble… grumble. My throat would start to ache from grumbling, but they are fine. Where do they get so much motivation to talk about disasters? WHERE??? 

If only I had as much energy and motivation as them, I would write five books a year!

If you only knew how many complaints were written during Stalin’s time…

How much energy was dissipated…

After all, those people had motivation. Of course, some wanted to grab the neighbor’s lands. But it’s understandable because, in those days, you couldn’t build a startup and earn enough to buy a big house, but nowadays, you can do it. However, in this case, time and motivation should be directed in a reasonable direction. Because I repeat, everyone has time, and EVERYONE has the motivation, but few can handle it in the right direction! I believe what I say! In the past, I used to devote my attention and energy to idiotic pursuits, which left me feeling wrung out like a sponge in the evening!

Me feeling wrung out like a sponge
And you, my reader, what are you spending your energy on?

Are you devoting your energy to finding cons in this article? Or maybe you should look for the pluses instead? For some reason, people rarely find the inner motivation to praise. As a result, several trolls take their pants off in the comment section to leave negative feedback and…

“You’re a fool, ALEX; you don’t understand a thing! I work at McDonald’s, and I really don’t have time for myself!” a young man will say. But when I was in England, I worked harder than you! However, I found time to create a website and logo for myself! And sometimes, I could only dedicate 10 minutes, but I used them all 100%. I didn’t smoke. I didn’t drink. Meanwhile, others were smoking… Smoking takes 2-5 minutes, doesn’t it? 

Think for yourself how much you would accomplish if you devoted at least 10 minutes to French every day. In two years, you will be speaking like a French person!!! And you would only have to spend 10 minutes a day! 

What if you were learning the secrets of happiness every day for at least 10 minutes???

What if you spent 3 minutes every day on a new book? 

What if you listened to an audiobook on the way to work?

Do you say you don’t have time?

If you try to tell me why you don’t have time, you will lose another minute…

Oh yes, you won’t say, I Don’t Have Time,” anymore. 

From today you will use your time wisely.

Oh yes, starting today, you will direct your motivation in a different direction. 

You will stop making excuses and start moving forward.

Only forward and never back.

Let’s descuss!

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