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Stop trying to be productive 24/7


I often write about productivity, time management, but some people misinterpret my thoughts because they think I encourage you to be productive 24/7. They claim, “But how can I be consistently productive?!” 

But I don’t think you need to be productive all the time!
Stop trying to be productive 24/7
For example, today, I did nothing. I sat down at the computer only at 6 PM. In the morning, I lay down like a cat wriggling. And then I meditated on the floor, being stroked by the sun. Then I took a walk along the coast of Nice… Mmmm… I was saving energy for productive work. Because when you are rested, you can complete tasks three or more times faster than if you were not rested.

Therefore, I’m asking you, “It’s enough to be constantly tense! Stop trying to be productive 10 hours per day!”  

Learn to relax and enjoy life!

Relaxing and enjoying life is a wonderful habit, trust me! But it’s important to understand that it is not clever to rest all day! 

“Okay, I got it, Alex Monaco, but it’s hard to do. I can’t relax until everything is done! So how can you enjoy yourself?” one of the readers of my self-development blog will ask! 

I have advice:

How to learn to relax and enjoy life, or just to be happy when you need to!

I wrote an article about happiness habits. Use it: “10 habits to add to your routine.”

Use my texts, articles! Oh yes, USE IT, and not only read it! Because many people read, and only 1 percent of the readers use it!  

You can’t imagine how I want you to learn to toggle these two buttons: 

a) Be productive
b) Turn on productivity.

That’s not all.

It would be great if Daft Punk would create a song called “Work 100% and enjoy and relax after.” 

The chorus for this song could be like this: “Work with all heart and relax with all heart.” 

“But I don’t have enough time to rest! It’s impossible!” someone will object. I have an answer. 

There were times when it seemed to me that there was not enough time. I tried to work and work. But over time, I noticed that by working all day, I do less than if I were working twice as less but rested. I searched for research. It turned out that rest speeds up work more than twice. But I had a lot of work to do. After all, I had a website development company, for heaven’s sake! My clients wanted quick results, so it seemed impossible to solve this problem. But everything is possible. Everything changed when I started studying time management. Oh yes, I decided to become a person who works little but earns a lot.

How to work less and enjoy life more

Don’t be angry, but… If you want to learn how to work less but to do more, you will have to learn productivity. So we got back to the beginning… After all, I suggest learning to be productive again. But I emphasize that I suggest you learn it not so that you plow like a slave 24 hours a day! 

Oh yes: Stop trying to be productive every second. Sometimes I’m productive for only 2 hours a day, but these hours give me the biggest results! 

By the way, for those who want to learn productivity, I suggest reading “Tools of Titans” or a book “The 4-Hour Workweek.” I wrote a review about it. Read it here: “An Honest Review of A Book “The 4-Hour Workweek.” 


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Stop trying to be productive during the pandemic

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