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A story about a thousand crystal balls


I have found an interesting story on the internet, that has received tons of likes online and now I will share it with you. I believe, that this story will keep you from losing the most important things in your life.

Inspiring story about a thousand crystal balls

The story begins as follows:

A few weeks ago I made my coffee, took a morning paper and turned on the radio. I was browsing channels, when suddenly a soft voice of an old man caught my attention. He was talking incoherently about a thousand of crystal balls. I turned the volume up. ‘Alright,’ said the old man, ‘I bet your job makes you very busy. Yesterday, today, tomorrow. And even if you are well paid, that money is used to buy your life. Just think about it. You don’t spend that time with your beloved ones and your relatives. I will never believe that you must work all that time just to make your ends meet. You work to fulfil your desires. But keep in mind that it’s a vicious circle: more money, bigger desire for it. And you work even more just to earn more. Just for once, you have to ask yourself: is this thing or that new car really necessary for me? Are you ready to miss your daughter’s first dancing performance or your son’s sports competition?’

‘Let me tell you about something that has really helped me to keep and remember all the most important things in my life,’ he said and started introducing his Theory of a Thousand Crystal Balls.

‘It was a beautiful day. I was sitting and counting. An average human lives for 75 years. I know that some live a shorter life, some live longer. But they live for approximately 75 years. Then I multiplied 75 by 52 (the sum of Sundays in a year) and got 3,900; that’s how many Sundays you have in your life. I was fifty-five when I realized that.’
‘That meant I had already lived for 2,900 Sundays. Only one thousand was left for me. So, I went to a toy store and bought a thousand of small crystal balls. I poured them all into a transparent jar. Every Sunday after that, I used to take one ball out. As the number of balls was decreasing each time, I noticed how I began to appreciate the true values of the life.’

‘There is no other tool that’s more powerful than seeing the number of your days passing by! Now, listen to the last thought of mine that I would like to share with you today. But before this, I will hug my wife and go for a walk with her. I took the last ball out of a transparent jar this morning … Therefore, every new day is a gift for me. I gratefully accept it and give the warmth and the joy to my relatives. You know, I think this is the only way to live your life. I have no regrets about anything. It was a pleasure to talk with you, but I need to hurry to see my family. I hope to talk to you soon!’
I started contemplating about this. For real, there were things to think about. Today, I was planning to go to the office for a while. I had to work on a project. I had plans to go to a club with colleagues later on. Instead, I leaned over and with gentle kiss awoke my sleeping wife.

‘Wake up, dear. We are taking children on a picnic.’

‘Honey, what happened?’

“Nothing special. I have just realized that it’s been a long time since we had time off together. And… Let’s visit a toy store. I need to buy a thousand of small crystal balls.”

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