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Why You Just Shouldn’t Constantly Strive for Happiness


Is it good to strive for happiness? I have an answer! 

You see, happiness is a bit like the sunset, for which you sometimes have to wait quite a long time to see. Therefore, it is wisest to not strive for happiness! You should strive for Fulfilment or Monanama!

I know you have never heard of Monanama, but let’s start with the fact that this emotion can be achieved by working on fulfillment.


I met many people whose well-being stands upon or is held up by two straws (pillars) – success in their relationships and financial success. What do you think happens when one of the straws breaks? Life will collapse if it depends only on a few things! And what if there was a more stable base under people’s feet? You see, I met people who feel comfortable with hundreds of straws assembled together. Such people did something meaningful every day. One day, they go for a walk in the woods, visit their friends or parents, attend the spectacle, go out dancing, read a book, soak in the bath. The next day, they are involved in social activities, etc. At the end of the week, such individuals feel full – having tasted half of the world – so they feel a sweet sense of calm in their chest because they are aware that their lives will not fail if only a few straws break!

“Nonsense! Personal happiness is what’s most important, so I will ONLY aim for that!” will say one of the sluttish public hernias promoting Hedonism. I have an answer for that individual. You see, happiness is merely an emotion that is capable of tickling only a part of the tool located inside the head. ONLY ONE PART! THAT’S ENOUGH FOR YOU??? That’s not all. Nevertheless, mister brain does not like it when only one part of him is having fun. Therefore, in a jealous-like manner, the rest of the brain sends a bunch of hormones that add more problems than benefits. As a result, you feel good, but something is missing. You feel as though your soul was hungry… Man, the soul is actually hungry! How to feed the soul? You need fulfillment!!!

Remember: Those who experience fulfillment feel pleasure not only in the brain or chest but also in the tips of their toes!

Maybe I am wrong about fulfillment, but the feeling of happiness is simply the name of a small river flowing into the ocean, named Fulfillment.

That’s not all…

Happiness is only ice cream, but Fulfillment is an apple pie. Do not refuse either one!

By the way, would you like to receive the continuation of this article? Prove that you care about your life and desire change – respond with the words “Waiting for the continuation” or “Thank you”!

It looks like I managed to create a pretty good advertisement for fulfillment. However, it couldn’t have been otherwise given that almost ten years ago, I created an image-building studio, Then I thought that I would be happy doing business, but I felt empty. One day, after experiencing various difficulties in life, fulfillment knocked at my door. She paid me, so I decided to advertise her. True, fulfillment didn’t pay with money, but with a better currency named Monanama!


It is the highest emotion in the emotion scale.

It’s not a drug. Monanama isn’t advertised by television for the same reasons television doesn’t advertise Ferrari. What’s most interesting is that animals are unable to experience this wonderful emotion. Animals are created to experience unintellectual happiness, but Monanama can ONLY be experienced by people.

Do you want to experience it?

If you don’t like Monanama, you can create your own ideas how you will achieve even higher emotion than I am talking about. I know, it’s a difficult challenge. But let’s do it!

Let’s descuss!

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