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33 success mantras for achieving your biggest goals


33 success mantras for achieving your biggest goals

Success mantras are…

“Alex, you what, maybe you are some kind of aborigine, dancing to the rhythm of mantras?” one of the readers will ask. I have an answer for this person! Mantras saved my ass! Oh yes, thanks to mantras, I became unbreakable! I’ll tell you why soon! Let’s start with the information about what a mantra is.  

What is a mantra?

A mantra (also known as motivational poetry, inspirational poems, words that remind of values, motivational prayer, positive phrases) is a combination of certain words that helps to remember a certain value. The mantra is easier to remember and must be repeated many times.

A mantra (or mantram) is a sacred utterance, a numinous sound, a syllable, word or phonemes, or a combination of words in Sanskrit, Pali, and other languages thought to have religious, magical, or spiritual qualities by practitioners. Some mantras have a literal meaning and have a syntactic structure, while others don’t.

“BUT do mantras really work?” you will ask.


Doubts and doubts again… Let’s take a look at research related to mantras.

Scientific research

The strength is that science doesn’t stand still. Some fascinating/solid research has been done. Researchers say that “Mantras Help the General Psychological Well-Being, and could help ease their stress.

Plus, the findings reveal a clear improvement in the subjects’ general cheerfulness and clarity of mind.

You still don’t believe it?

Okay, let’s do an experiment.

Experiment with a mantra

I propose an experiment. From today on, repeat these words every day, “My life is shit. 

Repeat this mantra for 30 days in a row. Then go back to this article—we’ll see how you feel. 

I did this research. When I was little and stupid, I used to tell myself every day, “I’m not gonna be successful; I’m a fucking asshole, moron.” I believed it with all my heart, so I acted like a snob. 

It took me a long time to realize that I can only change through positive phrases (mantras). 

Therefore, it was very important to choose positive mantras from among the negative ones.

Everyone uses mantras, some use positive mantras, and others use negative ones! Which ones do you use?

Everyone uses mantras, but not everyone understands them. For example, some people use negative mantras daily. They keep telling themselves, “I’m ugly, and that man on the TV is so much more beautiful; he succeeds because he is more beautiful. He was born so beautiful!” 

But others use positive phrases. They repeat themselves, “I will succeed! I will definitely achieve success if I don’t give up. Because it’s not beauty that matters, but how hard you want to achieve the goal!” 

OH YES, I often use a similar mantra (motivational poetry, words that remind of values, motivational prayer)! I repeat to myself every day, “I will definitely achieve my goal if I keep working on my goals for a long time!”

That’s why I’m doing well! 

As you can see, I’m honest with you, dear reader! I have laid out the whole truth—I put my heart on the table, so I expect the same from you! 

Answer, do you have your own success mantras that will help you awaken your motivation, positive attitude?

For example, what do you say to yourself when you are in a bad mood? 

When I’m in a bad mood, I use the mantra of happiness, “It’s only temporary, everything always gets better,” and you?

What words, sentences, and questions do you use to work on your projects, wishes, desires? Are you using the mantras of success? 

Did you try to use mantras for reducing stress? For example, look at this infographic:

Try mantras to reduce stress

As for the mantras of success, I’ll share them right away!

33 success mantras for achieving your goals

1. I am successful because I have the ability to change everything! 

2. I don’t need anyone’s permission to reach success!

3. Everything depends only on me! How I will react to problems!

4. I won’t lower my hands! I simply won’t drop them, no matter how hard it gets! 

5. Great things only happen after people leave their comfort zone.

6. I don’t respect those who succeeded on the first time—I only appreciate those who have achieved everything by themselves by great effort. I want to be respected because I have gone through many problems, not because I won a million. Oh yes, I want people to see what a strong person I am!

7. Success takes a thousand steps, so today, I’m going to do at least ten! 

8. If my days are great, it means that I tried, which is wonderful! 

9. Today I will focus on success; I will be successful doesn’t matter what!

10. I don’t need to know everything to start. Zuckerberg didn’t know what he was creating in the beginning!

11. If Plan A and B didn’t work, there are 25 other letters in the alphabet—I will use all of them. If the letters end, I will create new ones! 

12. If success mantras do not work in 20 days, I will create a new one!

13. Success has no legs—it can’t come to me, so I have to find it myself!

14. Success is not what I achieve—success is what I call success. It means that if I find success in DRINKING TEA WITH FRIENDS, I will be successful!

15. I will succeed! I will definitely be successful if I don’t give up. Because it’s not beauty that matters, but how much I want to achieve my goal.

16. Let everyone say what they want—I will be successful, I promise it to myself! 

17. Alex Monaco was very unsuccessful, but now he is successful. It proves that people change, and it proves that I can change!

18. I don’t need immediate success because it’s impossible to build a house that stands securely during the day. 

19. Success doesn’t depend on how much money I have. Success depends on how I feel!  

20. A goal without action is just a wish.

21. I run not after success—I run after challenges because I aim to grow as a person. Real success is when you manage to improve each day! 

22. Little progress is 100 times better than no progress at all.

23. It’s impossible to win the Olympics in one day! Athletes have been preparing for years to achieve success, and I will work so hard!

24. Damn those doubts!

25. I don’t need to prove anything. I strive for great things because it’s fun to try myself out! 

26. No one is too old or too young for dreams! 

27. Everything I do is for the better. Because the more knowledge I have, the more experienced I will become! Those who have more experience win!

28. Challenges are the best tool to reach the sky.

29. If I don’t reach my goal tomorrow, I will do it after three years. But I will do it, for f*cking sake—nobody can stop me, only me!

30. Success requires stubbornness! 

31. While some wait for the opportunity—I will create it by myself!

32. No matter who I am, what I look like—it’s important what I believe and what I want! 

33. If I choose my favorite phrases and repeat them every day (30 days in a row), I’m sure that I will smell the success!

What can change if you will use mantras each day!  

Success mantras are great for changing mindset, attitude, mood. It takes a lot of work to feel the change. How much? At least three weeks, preferably 30 days! 

But only them are not enough. Yes, I’m open to you. 

Problems that arise for those who want to use mantras.

The biggest problem arises when people who want to use mantras of success forget to use them

Therefore, tools are needed to make sure you are repeating mantras. I suggest you promise that you will use this article, which you are reading right now!

Write in the comments section that you promise to repeat the mantras I have outlined in this article for thirty days in a row. Or use other mantras—motivational poetry, maybe even prayers for success, or quotes about success. They can have a similar effect!

Oh yes, if you decide to change for the better, print this article. I am sure that if you hang this article in a prominent place and commit to change, you will feel unforgettable emotions and evident changes! Personally checked! It worked! I believe in mantras 100%. 


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