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Do you have to talk about your goals and dreams?


Do you have to talk about your goals and dreams

In a moment, you will find out whether it’s worth talking about your dreams and business ideas to people. Additionally, you will receive a chance to win $101!

Let’s begin! 

You can find many phrases on the Internet that encourage keeping silent about your goals, desires, and dreams. A few phrases found on the Internet:

win in silence don't tell people your plans move in silence

These phrases are persuasive, and some researchers agree with them as well. (They claim that people use up some of their energy by expressing their desires aloud, making them feel as if they have already done the work, and therefore do nothing…) My experience shows the opposite. I will tell you why. 

Years ago, I came up with the book’s title, Happy Bastards. I wrote about it on Facebook. After seeing it, a friend wrote me a private message, “Alex, the title of the book is great, but aren’t you afraid that someone will steal it? The idea of ​​a friend on FB was logical, but there are three buts.” 

1. When you publicly share your idea, it becomes evident that you were the first to create it. Eventually, the date will remain next to your post (e.g., on Facebook) as evidence. You cannot call such an action a patent, but no one can deny it—you were the first to come up with the idea… But if you keep silent as an ass, someone may bypass you.

2. You become an inspirer by sharing your ideas with the world. Sure, you can become an inspirer by keeping silent and publishing a book in 10 years, but why be an inspirer in 10 years if you can become an inspirer today by sharing your thoughts? After all, those who share and not hide are admired? Oh, yeah, the purpose of life is always to take care of not only your butt. 🙂

It’s not worth telling others about your dreams only when you are selfish gawk.

One of the readers will say, “Again, not everyone is good at publicizing their goals; it depends on the environment you’re in. If you are the Dalai Lama, it’s known that there will be more people willing to help than some George from some village…” I have an answer for this person… Once upon a time, the Dalai Lama was “George” from a village… There were 14 Dalai Lamas in total. Each of them started their journey by talking about their goals, desires, and values. Oh yes, to become the Dalai Lama, you can’t be a “lama.” (Lama is a Lithuanian jargon that means loser.)

3. You will receive support, criticism (which is needed to avoid mistakes), or investments!

That’s what it is; when you announce an idea, people appear who are willing and able to help.

It’s what happened to me. Upon seeing the message about the book’s title, they offered help with illustrations, a video advertisement. There was someone who offered to translate the book into other languages. So dude, if you have, say, a business idea, I suggest you not lock it under nine locks… Don’t be a pseudo-entrepreneur who only talks about business ideas but does nothing!!! 

True, once my business partner and I came up with an idea. And we talked about it. This is how we ended up at MIT, Bootcamp, where we won an award. If I hadn’t spoken about it, I wouldn’t have become acquainted with the scientists and lecturers at MIT!

Oh, right, and how about millions of startuppers trying to get an investment? Do you say they don’t have to tell ideas? 

Or maybe there are idea thieves here? Then I suggest going to the Kickstarter page! But do you have the guts to implement your idea? After all, an idea without an executor is not worth even a penny!

4. When you publish an idea, you will gain motivation! 

When you know the whole world knows about your idea, you will want to move your butt because you will be afraid that someone will be faster than you.  

Oh yes, scoundrels can steal your idea and implement it faster than you, only when you are moving at snail speed!

Don’t: Hiss-hiss! DON’T BE A SNAIL!

How not to be a snail?

I could tell you, but I’m not a sucker that just blah blah blah—I’ll show you how everything works!

Since I also want to achieve my goals faster and don’t want my ideas to be stolen by others, I immediately promise the world that I will soon publish the English-language book “HAPPY BASTARDS!”

Oh yes, everyone who orders it will receive it!

In this book, you will find emotional, sincerest thoughts! Whoever manages to buy this book will be able to be charged with happiness, love, and success! 

It’s something new, unique, and powerful!

MY PROMISE TO YOU (bets): Reader, if I don’t publish “Happy Bastards” in August, you’ll win $101…  

So you can earn!!!

Win $101!

If you want to take part in betting—win 101 dollars—write the following words in the comments, “I take part in bets! If Alex Monaco does not release Happy Bunnies in August 2022, he will have to transfer other commentators and me $101!”

Already left a comment? 

I feel like the willingness to work is grooooowing… Mmmmm… How do you think I will achieve my goal? By the way, I have already made such bets on my website. I promised to give away money if I failed to complete my other task. But I managed to do everything on time because a promise is not Comus. 

So is it worth talking about your goals/wants/desires???? What do you think Elon Musk thinks about it? For heaven’s sake, Elon Musk wasn’t afraid to talk about his dreams of reaching Mars, and why are you afraid to dream aloud? Or maybe you want to prove to me that your goals are funnier or more complicated than his goals? Inquire about how many critics Elonas Muskas had when he confessed about his “space” plans???! 

Tell people what the hell you want!!! Enough of keeping quiet! The main thing is not only to talk. Most importantly—TAKE ACTION—MAKE A COMMITMENT! DO IT as I DO!

Oh yes, only by commitment can you move at rocket speed. That’s not all… It’s not worth hiding your desires, even when it comes to intimate matters… You should tell the loved one about it; otherwise, the loved one will not know why you are unhappy. So, here is my opinion… Admittedly, there is something more…


What do you think about it? 

I’m talking to you, not to George from Nashville, Indiana!

Answer, will you talk about your goals, dreams? Where is your answer? You don’t want to—don’t tell, it’s your business. I will talk about mine! Because I’m generous! 

And more…

If you know people who hide their ideas the way dogs hide their bones by burying them further (so that they can forget), share the link to this article with them!!!

True, I almost forgot about the bet. Do you want to win $101? Then observe this article and me. Again, if I don’t publish my book in August, EVERYONE who writes a comment will receive $101! And don’t forget to include your valid email address in the email address field when leaving a comment. Otherwise, I will not be able to contact you if I don’t write the book on time!

I hope I’ll be on time!

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  1. Joann says:

    Nice article. I would love to read your book more than receive $101 🙂

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