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The End of the World


There are countless articles and books about the efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, teamwork, time management, project management and so on and so on. Why we still have issues with them? Is it something wrong with them? However, after reading so many of these articles you will start to notice that the most advises are written in very similar way.

First, they attempt to convince readers what losers they are, and how miserable they are. Writers keep inducing to understand that it is impossible to continue living the way readers do it right now, and that everything what is happening leads to something bad: illness, or something else… But I will not commend them. The point is: THEY ARE SLOW. They should create commitments, not only motivate. Life is now, not tomorrow; a moment passes by us and will never come back. So changes must be done now!!! Readers should understand that the problem is as big as the end of the world. One of motivating guys says that it is impossible to change in one day. But it is possible! There are a lot of ways to do it. Every day we all can make big changes! How to do it? One of the ways is to give more affirmative moments. Can you remember any affirmative moment when you understood something about life? There are some motivators who can give you more of those moments + THEY CAN INSPIRE YOU MORE, AND FORCE TO BECOME STRONGER, FASTER, BETTER!

Second, writers give the exact rules what each of us should follow. They ask to follow steps from 1 to 10 and then all your problems will be gone. But do you want to follow blindfold after dictators? Do you want to be a slave? Or do you want to find your own path? However, the situation now is changing. There are a few writers who have initiated a new revolution. Finally, they do not offer to follow a straight solution. They inspired me.

Let’s descuss!

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