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The pros of using Facebook in 2023: What is the best social platform to grow an audience now?


Many people say that Facebook is dying. Allegedly, FB users are jumping to TikTok, Instagram, etc. That’s why you can hear people saying, “Run as far away from FB as possible!”

The pros of using Facebook in 2023

If you are thinking about whether to stay on Facebook or not, this article is for you! Here are a few facts:

1️⃣ Facebook is so successful that even if it loses half of its users tomorrow, it will still surpass TikTok.

2️⃣ Facebook is still a head higher than the YouTube platform, so I call Facebook the blue crocodile. It lies quietly like an old man, but if anyone moves, it will bite their head off. That’s what happened with Instagram.

3️⃣ Facebook is still the number 1 social platform. Don’t believe it? Type “Top 10 Most Popular Social Media Platforms in 2022” into Google. Therefore, it is absurd to say that FB is not an important platform.

4️⃣ Facebook has features that no other platform has.

5️⃣ FB is indispensable. Firstly, FB has groups. Here you can create communities. Who are we without a community? Facebook is meant for connecting with close people. That’s why it is used and will be used even after five years when AI conquers the world.

6️⃣ Marketers love Facebook. Because on Facebook, there are buyers who are not even considering using Instagram or TikTok.

So use FB. And don’t be picky. And if someone says that the “blue crocodile” is getting old, show them where Facebook is currently. Number 1, dear! I’m not even talking about Lithuania. Here, where everything lags behind (approx. 5 years), Facebook will dominate for much longer than in the US!

But let’s be realistic. Elon Musk is still not on Facebook. But he doesn’t even consider it because he is now an official competitor. However, Elon’s Twitter is not even in the top 10 social networks list. Despite this, I use Twitter. Very rarely, but I use it. Because if you want success, you need to use ALL platforms. And yes, even if Facebook is in 3rd or 5th place, I would still use it. Note: I have 3 or more accounts on some platforms. YOU SHOULD REMEMBER: those who use all platforms are smarter than those who use only a few.

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