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The top inspiring articles of all times


Whether it’s in our personal or professional lives, there are times when we need a little inspiration to want more out of life. Luckily, I have written many inspiring articles that can motivate you to get through tough times and achieve your goals.

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This article features some of the most inspiring articles that have stood the test of time. Among the topics covered in these articles are personal development, self-improvement, business success, and leadership. In each, you will find insights, practical tips, and inspiring stories that motivate you to take action.

Whether you want to overcome a challenge, make a significant change in your life, or need inspiration, these articles will inspire you. 

So, sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey through some of the most inspiring and impactful articles ever written.

Three of the best inspiring articles

My top three readers’ favorite articles are listed below so you can choose what to read this evening:

1. What if today the Universe gave you everything you want!

The article is about exploring the implications of achieving everything one desires in life. It provides an interesting perspective on the importance of goals, purpose, and happiness. Reading the article inspires readers to reflect on their own aspirations and priorities, and prompts them to take action towards their dreams.

2. The biggest secret of HAPPINESS and why cats purr.

The article discusses the biggest secret to happiness, which is learning how to appreciate what we have in life. It explores the importance of gratitude and the benefits it brings to our mental and physical well-being. I also share personal experiences and tips on how to cultivate gratitude in our daily lives.

3.Which social network to choose? FB, Insta or TikTok?

The article will help you achieve your goal in social media profiles, and if you have a Facebook, Instagram or TikTok account, you must read this!

It provides an overview of different social media platforms and their strengths, helping readers decide which platforms to use based on their goals and preferences. Read it to know the benefits and drawbacks of popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and need guidance on selecting the most appropriate one for personal or professional use.

Here are 15 more inspiring articles from my website,!

1. How to quit porn (confession of a pornoholic). It’s a comprehensive guide on how to overcome porn addiction. I share my own experience of overcoming porn addiction and suggest various practical tips to quit porn. Here you will find the negative effects of porn on mental and physical health. Overall, it’s a helpful resource for anyone struggling with porn addiction.

2. 5 facts about happiness. Among these facts are scientific studies, historical anecdotes, and cultural observations. The article aims to expand readers’ understanding of happiness and provide insights into what makes people happy.

3. Why are thousands of people following me on Facebook and other social networks? It discusses why thousands of people are following me on Facebook. I talk about how I have built a strong following on the social media platform by creating engaging content and connecting with my audience. The article also includes tips for others who want to grow their following on Facebook.

4. Stop trying to be productive 24/7. It suggests that instead of constantly trying to be productive, we should prioritize rest and focus on doing meaningful work. I provide tips on how to break free from the cycle of productivity and find a healthier balance.

5. The best tip you can use in self improvement and self-growth. The article discusses how limiting beliefs can hold you back and how reframing your thoughts can help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. I also share some practical tips for building a growth mindset, including setting achievable goals, seeking feedback, and taking responsibility for your actions. The article concludes by emphasizing the importance of persistence, hard work, and a positive attitude for achieving long-term success.

6. Why do I feel like a failure: How to cope with it. The main message of the article is that feeling like a failure is a common experience, but it’s important to recognize and challenge negative self-talk, set realistic goals, and focus on personal growth rather than external validation. I encourage readers to reframe their thinking and embrace failure as an opportunity for learning and growth.

7. How to be free in the unfree world. It’s a personal reflection on achieving freedom and happiness. Here I explore various aspects of life, including relationships, career, and personal development, offering practical tips on how to overcome fear and embrace a life of freedom. The article encourages readers to live life on their own terms and pursue their passions.

8. How to be normal ° ͜ʖ ͡°. It offers tips and advice on how to behave and present oneself in a way that is socially acceptable and avoids drawing negative attention. The article encourages readers to embrace their uniqueness while still conforming to societal norms.

9. How to talk less. It’s a guide on how to improve communication skills by speaking less and listening more. It offers tips on how to become a better listener, ask better questions, and avoid unnecessary talk. The article aims to help readers become more mindful and effective communicators.

10. Use the Best Self-Confidence Formula That Works 100%. The article is about a formula for building self-confidence. It provides insights and tips on how to boost one’s self-esteem and overcome self-doubt.

11. The most beneficial hobbies for men. A guide for men to explore and adopt new hobbies that can help them relieve stress, boost creativity, and improve mental and physical health. It lists various hobbies such as sports, music, gardening, and woodworking, and highlights the benefits of each hobby.

12. How to be sexy. Know how to be naturally sexy without compromising one’s authenticity. It offers practical tips and advice to enhance one’s confidence, charm, and attractiveness without relying on artificial means. The article emphasizes the importance of self-love and acceptance to achieve a natural and authentic appeal.

13. Nice guy syndrome. The article discusses the phenomenon of “nice guy syndrome,” where men who believe they are kind and respectful towards women feel entitled to romantic or sexual attention in return. It explores the harmful implications of this mindset and offers advice for overcoming it.

14. How can I know if I am successful or unsuccessful? It encourages readers to focus on personal growth and fulfillment rather than societal expectations. The article explores the concept of success and how to determine if one is successful or not. It examines different criteria for success and suggests a personal approach to defining success.

15. Identity crisis. The article discusses the concept of identity crisis, which occurs when one struggles to define their sense of self. I explore the causes of identity crises, its impact on mental health, and offer practical advice on how to navigate this challenging phase of life.

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