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The Ultimate Guide to Confidence!


1. Smile more oftenwith your eyes!

Yes, you can smile not only with your lips. You can smile with your eyes! I wrote about this here.

2. Don’t be shy of your shyness.

You have to be shy sometimes. If you accept your shyness, your truthfulness, it gives you confidence!

3. More sarcasm, PLEASE!

Look at life with sarcasm. When someone criticizes you, laugh at yourself! I’m inspired by people who know how to laugh at themselves!

4. Don’t try to please or sweet-talk others.

When you stop trying to please others, you start behaving the way you want. When you act how you want, you let go of your patterns of behavior, so people start seeing confidence in you!

5. Stop waiting for compliments.

The fewer compliments you expect, the less dependent you will be on others. The more you rely only on yourself, the more confidence will sparkle in your eyes.

6. Exercise.

It is scientifically proven that if you spend at least 10 minutes a day practicing sports, you gain more self-confidence. One of the reasons is that after exercise, your body produces certain substances that affect your well-being.

7. Enough with interrogating people!

Few are aware of this, but many people interrogate each other. Parents interrogate their children to get answers. Men interrogate women to find out if they really love them. But the answers can be found out without interrogating. I’m talking about being able to speak to others without question. Oh yes, I’ve said it many timesconfident people rarely ask questions. Confident people use assumptions, and they don’t like interrogating people—they don’t ask people, “Am I beautiful?” or “Do you really love me?” or “Will you be with me for a long time, won’t you leave me?” You’ll find more about assumptions in my article: “The best tips for perfect communication.”

8. Realize you don’t need to be happy 24/7!

It’s thousands of times better to be ALIVE than happy. When you aim to feel happiness 24/7, then you tense up—you constantly try to walk with a smile on your face. It’s exhausting. Plus, when you try to be happy at all times, charisma disappears. Because charisma includes not only a smile on your face but also many different emotions and experiences. Oh yes, I remember how Tony Robbins cried during one of his seminars. I, too, felt a tear rolling down my cheek… Damn it, Tony Robbins is charismatic, and he doesn’t try to play an eternally happy person! Why? He realizes the secret of confidence, the essence of which: YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE HAPPY CONSTANTLY!

So don’t be afraid of your emotions! Can you hear, do not fear emotions—sadness is not bad! And don’t be afraid to act crazy sometimes. Yes, you can scream “Yeeeeee” like Alex Monaco—he likes to do it in the mountains and even in city centers! Believe me, if you allow yourself to enjoy life out loud that doesn’t mean you can’t be super gentle. Remember: Only a person who is not afraid to show his emotions can be A LIVING PERSON. Oh yes—don’t be static. Don’t be fixated. The more different emotions you experience during the day, the more vivid and richer your life will be, and THE MORE EMOTIONS YOU EXPERIENCE, the more emotions you will convey to others, which will expand your charisma from every angle, in various facets.

9. Increase your audience on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, or just one of these platforms.

While people call me an influencer, I call myself a blogger. The blog helped me control my confidence. Use this advice! Remember: Posting in the social space helps to express your thoughts, which significantly impacts confidence. Having a squad of followers will enable you to gain greater confidence.

10. Strive for beautythrough good deeds.

That is, true beauty is not the beauty of the face, but the beauty of kind and noble actions. It’s better performing a lovely action than having a lovely body. It’s better to be rich inside than glamorous outside. Knowing this secret gives you more confidence.

11. Learn to trust others.

As soon as you start trusting other people, they will begin to see self-confidence in your eyes. You don’t believe me? Think of a man who doesn’t trust his wife. Remember the expression on his face when he complains that his wife is allegedly cheating on him. Such people don’t trust in themselves. Such men are not fascinating… And the one who believes in his wife looks completely differentconfident.

Being unstressed and easy-going creates the image of a person who believes in oneself.

(Being able to trust other people is an attribute that will bring you greater happiness)

12. Learn to walk with your shoulders straight. 

Your nose should not be wrinkled. You should be relaxed. Because the world belongs to you. I know you may not believe the world belongs to you, but that’s just your opinion.

13. Experiment constantly and try to make mistakes more often!

Gary Vaynerchuk once said that in order to be successful, you have to make your life especially difficult. In his opinion, failures help us intensify. I agree with Garry. After all, my life only changed when I was in the most trouble. I stopped being afraid of problems. Conversely, I started creating them. Because the more problems you have in your life, the more likely you are to become an inspirational person!!! When you realize this truth, greater faith in your future will emerge inside.

14. Read all these points more often!


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