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3 things you have to know before establishing a company: How to grow a brand and sell it


things to know before establishing a company
When I first started my website development business 13 years ago, I didn’t have a single customer. At that time, there was no Facebook or Instagram where I could promote my website. That’s why while going through the main avenue of my town, I would go into the local businesses and ask whether they needed my website development services. I MADE A FOOL OF MYSELF more than once.

“Do you have a portfolio?” the potential customers used to ask me. I didn’t have one, but I had something that they needed more than a portfolio: I had a passion for helping entrepreneurs increase their sales. I believed that my developed websites would make my customers millionaires. They liked my passion and drive, so I soon got my first client. In my eyes, they saw my desire to help. It worked. Thus, in order to become successful, you must first have a great passion for helping your customers. And you need to deliver results to everybody you meet in real life or on the internet… There’s no other way to start a serious business.

And if you’re shy to tell people about your services, then don’t complain if you’re not successful.

I know, not everybody wants to be a seller, but I AM NOT ASKING you to become one. Don’t be a salesperson: be a human who wants to help solve their customers’ problems. This is most important! I wanted to help people. I wanted to increase their sales, and my customers could feel it.

While developing websites and website designs, I put a lot of attention + love into my work, and consequently, the companies I worked with became successful. I managed to stand out. My company was considered one the best. My work garnered the attention of American and French portals, and they showcased my work on their web pages.

That’s not all. Pay attention; we’re not talking about whether your products and services are super exceptional and unique—we’re talking about how you treat your customers. We’re talking about the approach and the desire to help the customer to solve their problems! That’s what the point is. That’s what this article is about!

So, if you want to start baking cakes, make ten cakes and sell them at a lower price than your competition does. However, make them so good that the people who taste your cakes drown in happiness, in ecstasy. Give them more benefits than they expect! Oh, and I almost forgot… with every order, give them a smaller cake so they can enjoy having an extra one without any additional cost. Because you care about your customers, damn it! Do it, and they will start talking about you. Soon, you will have hundreds of customers!

That’s not everything. Don’t forget the most important thing: the customers have to understand that you love your job; this is really important.

Understand that people should admire your love for what you do; it doesn’t matter what it is. Even if your business consists of removing fleas from dogs, you should be proud of what you do. I’ve never heard an insurance broker or network marketing representative say that they love their jobs; that’s why they have never managed to persuade me to work for them. They don’t love their jobs as I love mine, so my company became very desirable, and I got an offer from a buyer to sell it. The new owner rebranded the company as Adface. After this, I changed my field. I developed several companies. One of them does SEO and Facebook marketing in the United States. My brand’s name is S-O-C-I-A-L.

So, do everything with passion. Love your job as much as I love to write! Oh yes, I LOVE this job, and you can feel it. You feel my energy—my drive!

When you love what you do, your audience admires you and reads your articles, even if they’re veeeeeeeery long! Many people say that you don’t have to write long articles because nobody reads them—haha! If Alex Monaco has written the article, then you want to read everything until the end!

Oh yes, when you love your job, others fall in love with the work you do. That’s why you have to talk about it. OH, YES, you have to talk about the things you do, just like Alex Monaco or Elon Musk do. Although Musk isn’t very talkative in front of cameras, he still gives interviews. Why? Because he loves what he does. He isn’t scared of making fun of himself. He isn’t afraid to talk about his everyday life. When he first spoke about reaching Mars, everybody laughed at him. Some naysayers said that he had gone crazy. His wife even left him. But as for the rest of us, we see the RESULTS. Oh yes, well done for Elon! He does what he wants and isn’t afraid to advertise his business. On the other hand, you’re scared to talk loudly. Understand, my dear friends, I am not only talking about business endeavors. We are talking about life! And what if people found out how much YOU love your job? AMEN!

P.S. This topic is fantastic; that’s why I felt ecstasy as I wrote this article. Perhaps due to this intense feeling, my thoughts and message have lost the clarity with which I wanted to communicate them. Just in case this has happened, let me double-check the advice I have given you in this article:1. Start the activity not because of the money you can earn, but for the purpose of giving your customers more than they expect.2. Do everything so that your products or services would help your customers’ businesses to grow.3. Love your activity more than anything else and tell everyone about it. Because people admire those who love their jobs.

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