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Time Management guide


time management guide
Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

He was right. How do you think Benjamin Franklin managed to accomplish so much meaningful work? First, he knew what he wanted. Second, Benjamin loved to plan life goals. He was always prepared and had all his workload planned on a schedule. As a result, he left behind a list of good works, as well as excellent examples of time management and productivity. Let’s take an example from him and other wise and successful people. Permit yourself to follow their example! So, let’s delve into time management techniques, work methods, and job sorting styles.

Are you ready? 

1. You need a To-Do List

In the past, I used to spend a lot of brain energy trying to remember all the work I had to do. Over time, I came to realize how wonderful it was not to have to think about it. Therefore, I started jotting down everything over the phone, Trello, or on Google Docs. And you, do you write down your thoughts and tasks? Do you have a to-do list?

If you don’t know what you want to accomplish every day at work, you may feel overwhelmed throughout the day and in your life; it’s an unnecessary waste of brain energy. It’s better to free your brain from unnecessary work.

Every morning when I come to the office, I not only write down the tasks I have to do but also my personal life goals, and I rewrite them many times. I do this every day; it helps me gain an even more profound understanding of what I want.

With a to-do list, you can see how much work you need to do, which helps keep you motivated.

I suggest doing it each morning. Try it. Create a good time management plan, and write down every task, goal, or action. This master list then becomes the basis for your time planning system. From this main list, you can assign each task to other months, weeks, and days.

2. Reduce Interruptions

One of the best pieces of advice I have heard is Reduce the number of interruptions in life.

I know it’s hard to do, as there are always various disturbances. Sometimes it seems like you’ve locked the door and are about to work, but someone calls you by phone or runs through the door.

In such cases, my friend sent everyone to hell. He made a mistake because he upset people. Passions ensued. It would have been better if he had acted differently.

If you are doing something meaningful and someone comes, you can say: “Sorry, let’s speak in 15 minutes when I finish what I’m currently working on, and then we’ll take care of it. And I will make you a coffee!”

However, guests and phone calls are not such a big problem; many other obstacles exist. For example, you may be disturbed by various thoughts, unfinished business, lousy internet, or notifications (be sure to turn them off). Therefore, you should prepare yourself to work; create an adequate workspace.

Identify all distracting factors. It’s hard because many people are not aware of the many pressures that disrupt their lives; they cannot find the source of destruction.

Oh yes, put all your destructions in one place. Show them the middle finger!

Don’t check your emails every 10 minutes!

Richard Branson does it only in those hours when he has scheduled time for it!

Manage your time, and you will rule your life!

3. Dedicate Time for Your Well-Being, Good Nutrition!

I know you weren’t expecting to see this point in this article, but sports + health has a massive impact on results. Imagine how much you would do if you felt good if you weren’t tired.

We’re talking about eating quality, healthy food, and engaging in sports. I tried practicing sports; I know how much energy it requires. When I started exercising some time ago, I felt enormously tired for several weeks, but then I became very energetic. It was wonderful. I used to want to yawn all the time because I felt drained. When you are tired, you don’t want to work. Fatigue depends on many things and food, as well. It may not be fashionable if you are European, but I will remind you about the benefit of supplements. For example, in the United States, it is legal to use CBD oil. You can find it in many online stores. Here are a few: Herbs Depot, Oherbz. You can also view a vast list of other online CBD oil stores. CBD oil is not legal in all states, so if you cannot purchase it in your state, you can choose other supplements instead.

Remember about vitamins and plenty of water. Everything affects your life results!

4. Use Various Time Management Techniques.

There exists a wide variety of time management tools. I have written about them frequently. An example of one of the tools you can use is the Grenade Method. 

The Grenade Method is a valuable time management tool. Its main idea is to develop an idea extremely fast, in just 5 minutes, while the imaginary grenade is ticking. It helps create the best and most creative solution for your article, project, presentation, or any other creative work you need to accomplish extremely fast. After implementing this technique, you can use another to continue developing the idea you came up with using the Grenade Method. It’s easy; try it. You can set the timer on your phone for 5 minutes and then get to work for the best effect.

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