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A time management tool for startuppers: The grenade method


Let me remind you that I’m the most honest, creative, and sugarless blogger in the universe, so adrenaline and a storm of emotions await you. Today I will present with you an unique time management tool for startuppers

Let’s begin!!!

In the past, I did everything slowly, like in slow-mo. That’s why I was called a sloth at school, and deservedly so. This went on for decades. Often, when I came to work, I would fail to notice that the evening was already approaching, and the work stood still. I was CEO of an advertising agency. There were too many clients, and I didn’t have time to serve them, so they started spewing complaints. Their complaints sparked my interest in time management. I bought a “Rework” book and some others, and they put an end to my lethargy. Something unexpected happened: I fell in love with time management. After trying many techniques / methods, I created my own—the grenade 💣 method.

So today, I will give you this amazing grenade! You’ll blow up a lot of troubles and difficulties with it!

Oh yes, let’s bet you’ll love what I’m going to tell you in a moment!

But I get everything done on time anyway; I’m a super fine fellow, faster than you, Alex,” will boast one of the readers. It’s great that you manage to do a lot of work. High-5. The author of this article is fast, but he still uses the grenade method! Because he is a smart person.

How does the grenade method work?

Imagine a startupper named Peter. He’s cool, but his project’s development is completely frozen. Nine months have passed, but he has not given birth to it. You see, in nine months, a human being may be born, but Peter has not yet given birth to his project… Sad… While Peter is very eager to present himself to an online audience that might invest in his project, something is holding him back. It would be different if he was at school and had to present this project to an angry teacher on Monday, but school is long over, so there is no one to oblige him to present the project. If Peter had a director, his goals would seem to move ahead on their own because he would need to show results. However, in this case, he came up with the startup idea himself, so he juggles everything by himself. Since no one forces him to present the project, Peter decides to take a breakdevote his time to the WandaVision series (which is ok); and opens a bottle of beer (which is bad). He’s preparing a packet of delicious chips. The slice is already crackling in his hand, but something unexpected happens: someone knocks at the door.

“Who’s that moron at the door?” Peter thinks to himself. After stopping the latest episode of WandaVision, he opens the door. Many reporters break through them.

One reporter from the largest American news portal, another from CNN, and a fifth from the BBC.

They surround Peter, asking him to present his project. One of the reporters explains aloud: “Mr. Peter, the global broadcast will begin in five minutes. In this broadcast, you will be presenting your project on every single TV channel!”

Knowing that in 5 minutes, he will have to present a project, Peter decides to focus only on what’s most important—the essence.

My point is: we humans too often get STUCK on things that are unnecessary while creating ideas. It delays results + stops us on the way to success.

After all, you encountered similar problems, dear reader? 

Answer, how would you feel if you knew that in 5 minutes, reportes were to show the presentation of your project on all the TV channels in the world? You would stop caring about perfection!!! In that case, you would put aside all unnecessary updates, improvements!

It would change everything!!!  

Since not everyone wants to appear on TV screens, I suggest using the grenade method. After all, this method performs all the above-mentioned functions.

My method requires you to prepare and submit a project within five minutes. Although a project created in only 5 minutes will be unpolished, a lot will be revealed. (The truth is: A diamond in the rough is still a diamond.)

Try the grenade method now!

Think about what you want to create. Perhaps you want to start a business, but you don’t know the sphere. Or maybe you want to write a book, but you don’t know what genre to write. Maybe you want to create a vision of your life for 1 or 3 years ahead? So set the alarm for 5 minutes. Tic ​​tac, tic tac…

I understand why you still haven’t set up the alarm. You are interested and want to read this article to the end, but I advise you not to wait. I suggest you try the 5-minute technique here and now! Do You Hear Me?

I know this article is a masterpiece; it’s hard to back down; however, if you read on, you’ll forget to use this technique. And I want you to take advantage of it, so I encourage you again!

So think about your goal, dream. Maybe you want to become a happy person? After all, your life is the most important project. So decide to create a strategy in 5 minutes to become a happy person in 3 months! Focus on speed because if you don’t, THEN WHEN YOU DECIDE WHERE TO TURN AND HOW TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS? After a year? You’re not sixteen anymore!

So set the alarm for 5 minutes. Do it again! Repeat this procedure as many times as possible! Tic ​​tac tic tac… 

By the way, I forgot to mention the additional benefits.

Additional benefits. 

1. The grenade method changes the way you think and your quality of your life. 

Imagine what it would be like to use this method every day for 365 days in a row. In just a few weeks, you would feel a change in the way your mindset works. You would start making decisions faster and feel that you are speaking more clearly because you have learned to portray projects quickly and efficiently. By thinking quickly and effectively, you can achieve more amazing things that can improve the quality of your life.

2. Your days will be brighter, more dynamic, and your life will be calmer.

It seems to some people that if they work quickly and use the grenade method, they will get tired and will receive a ton of stress. That’s not true. Imagine using the grenade method only in the morning and once in the afternoon. Those who use the grenade method in the morning are able to make a daily schedule that will ensure the brightness of the day. When you know what to do, you feel at peace. And if you work on what falls under your arm, you may feel more stressed.  

Yes, the grenade method works. Personally checked. For example, in December, I started writing an ebook, How to Kill the Inner Critic.” I wrote 50 pages in 6 days! I used the grenade method every day, so my thoughts formed at cosmic speed!

And you can do your job even faster! On the other hand, I anticipate one problem. You see, even if you’ll use the grenade method today, tomorrow you can forget about it. So I have an offera gift. This is a gift that will remind you about the grenade method and some of the other best techniques I have used throughout my life! My gift is 100 percent free. Just leave your email address, which I will safeguard more than you can imagine, and I will send you personal letters loaded with the will to live, the desire to squeeze the maximum out of life!

P.S. I am giving the world my grenade method for free. And if I wanted to earn a million from it, I would create an ad as follows:

The grenade method (a time management tool)
Developed to explode bad habits and obstacles so you can quickly achieve your goals!

It could cost $100, but take it for free!”

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