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Tinder con artist Simon Leviev and his best traits you need for success!


When the BBC released a fat article about Simon Leviev, many people still believed that he was not a piece of shit (fraud). But after Netflix released a documentary about him (The Tinder Swindler), and his girlfriend showed messages of him abusing her, all people realized what the fuck Simon Leviev really is! I’m joking… Many naive people still follow him on TikTok and worship him. And it’s quite stupid, but even more stupid is how much time Simon Leviev invested in his frauds. 

Tinder con artist Simon Leviev

Oh yes, today we will look at his life and stupidity from another angle. 

Who is Simon Leviev?

Simon Leviev is an Israeli con man convicted of theft, forgery, and fraud. According to The Times of Israel, between 2017 and 2019, he allegedly conned an estimated $10 million from victims across Europe in a Ponzi scheme.

Damn it, if you investigated all of Simon Leviev’s machinations, you would discover that he was almost the hardest-working man in the world! Here are just a few of the elements he invested his youth in:

Efforts by Simon Leviev were invested in order to deceive people

a) Leviev was online 24/7 to chat with hundreds of women on Tinder.
b) He had created a perfect plan—he flew VIP planes with women to make them believe he was rich, and after trusting him, they would lend him money.
c) He created a mini-group that carried out his orders (personal bodyguard and others).
d) He learned how to communicate on Tinder so that his victims would believe him. Believe me, you can’t learn it in 15 minutes. There’s a lot of learning involved here.
e) Every day, he went to meetings with women from Tinder. I can’t even imagine where you can find so much time for meetings??? (I wouldn’t be able to spend that much time. It’s an insane investment.)

The best human traits

Believe it or not, diligence and stubbornness are the most amazing human traits. After all, if you are lazy, then you will not achieve anything. However, many people use diligence for the wrong purpose. For example, Hitler also had diligence but used it for murder. And Simon Leviev wasted his energy on fraud, causing hundreds of women to suffer psychologically/morally, and financially. If you had as much passion for work as Leviev, you would achieve all your dreams and… 

However, let’s imagine what would happen if Simon Leviev could go back in time and invest all his time in serious business instead of scams.

What if he invested at least 8 hours daily in businesses that provide real services and benefit people? 

“But it’s not interesting, living for free is more interesting!!!” Simon and thousands of other scammers will claim. Oh… You have no idea how many scammers there are in the world. The problem is that they don’t want to create anything. They love fraud. However, they are incredibly hardworking. Why? They want adrenaline! Yes, they want a shot of damn adrenaline! Although they tried to do serious work, they lacked adrenaline. Because they feel adrenaline only when scamming. Someone could create scammers’ Olympics for these people. So that they can compete with each other during a live broadcast. The whole world would applaud them, and the viewers themselves could create the most difficult tasks for them so that they could steal diamonds or ten million. But there, they would at least get a real reward. Anyway, such Olympics don’t exist. Therefore, thousands of people are making a plan of fraud at this moment.

You have no idea how many people are creating fraud schemes. They don’t sleep at night making machinations.

Some people are planning to rob a huge bank. Others are thinking about how to rob their neighbor. And others are plotting to break the cocaine deal. I’m not even talking about crime groups.

Do you know how many crime groups in the world are working together to deceive humanity?

Crime groups that put in a lot of work to get behind bars

Remember the movie Ocean’s Eleven? I’m talking about the 1960s version, a movie about resourceful-looking men whose job was—to rob others. To get the right feeling of my words, I will show you a screen grab:

Ocean’s Eleven movie

Look at the still from the movie again! Although men are hardworking, they lack morals and the awareness that they are wasting their time, which could be used for honest activities that would pay more. I get that Ocean’s Eleven isn’t based on actual events, but our interesting world is full of donkeys who gather together to get someone around their finger. And now imagine that you together with 11 men meet every day to create a serious business, which after a year will start to flow with a fountain of money and constantly bring in income?

“But it’s difficult,” you will shout!!!

Oh yes, it’s complicated, but there is one but…

Robbing a modern museum is much more difficult than building a business that generates millions. Well, why speak of a modern museum here? Try robbing a moving train like those guys. I’m talking about the Great Train Robbery (1936), in which $3.4 million was stolen. Thieves stole mailbags from a Royal Mail train. Accomplished using only a metal bar, the tale of the theft has entered British history. Most of the 17-strong gang were captured and imprisoned.

Plus, it’s not just about the robbery itself, but about the responsibility that is assumed during it. Oh yes, scamming women is much harder than earning solid sums honestly, because you will always have to pay for it!

Do you understand what I mean?

So why engage in various scams if you can earn honestly and most importantly, not go to jail for it???

I get it, people like an adrenaline rush when they scam others, but what if I told you I get a lot more adrenaline than thieves because I adore making a fair profit! Oh yes, the adrenaline I feel is MORE WONDERFUL because it’s more alive and real! In your fucking face, con artists! Don’t be jealous! Gain this feeling for yourself, dears!!!

Unfortunately, there are donkeys who don’t realize this!

Have you heard of Cosa Nostra, the Sicilian Mafia? It’s said that this mafia had even 25,000 members. Just imagine how much good work could be done, if you had the talent to unite such a large number of people! Damn it, what would you achieve if 25,000 worked for you not for money but for some reason!!! Oh, how stupid are the heads of the mafias, who don’t realize how much they would earn honestly!


As you can see, this article is about resources wasted by thieves and scammers. We are talking about morally used talents, to unite people, to inspire them for some work. If only these people used the ability to be stubborn and focus on work, they would achieve much more and in the end they would remain respected. However… They chose another path. A stupid path.

“Okay, but what does this article have to do with me?” you will ask.

It is related…

Unfortunately, it is related…

Oh yes, this article is related to you and your friends.

Remember that friend who used to go to the bar to hang out with friends while holding a glass of beer?

He planned meetings with his friends a week in advance. “Hey, see you on Friday for a beer?” he would write messages to friends… These people were organized. Which goes to show that even alcoholics are organized. This means that everyone has a talent for organization, but they do not use this talent where they should be using it.

“Okay, I’m organized too, but I’m not stubborn like Simon, and Ocean’s Eleven gang,” one of the readers will say. Unfortunately, this is not true. You are stubborn, reader. After all, you often think about the fact that you are not successful. You constantly think of reasons why you might fail. You are constantly, constantly, constantly berating yourself. I wouldn’t be able to beat myself up like you all the time because I’m not that stubborn. But you are. I imagine what would happen if you and I met. You would tell me for 3 hours that your environment is bad, etc. And you would tell, tell… Because I repeat, you are stubborn. So what if you used stubbornness elsewhere???

Oh yes, what if people realized that they have all the necessary traits needed to be a successful person??

What if they realized that watching TV shows requires more stubbornness than building a business??

Yes yes, I don’t understand where people get such stubbornness on watching TV shows about con artists? They could turn the TV show off to devote that time to their business!!!

So, some are stubborn to watch Game of Thrones series until the end, the second is planning how to take revenge, hurt a neighbor or ex (planning not for a day, but for a whole year), and the third is stubborn in creating a plan of deception, and the fourth devotes all their stubbornness to achieve success with honest ways. And you, what are you focusing on?

This article is intended for people who are planning to scam someone. I want them to realize how much talent they have. Oh yes, use your talents for honest work and you will achieve amazing things and please don’t try to make money FAST. It’s better to build a successful business in 10 years than to make a million in 6 months and then have problems with anxiety and insomnia.

Build honest businesses. And you won’t be ashamed of what you did. Because what matters is what you will be in 20 years, not a year from now. Aim for long-term goals and forget about quick success. Damn instant success!

Otherwise you can end up where Simon Leviev is.

Where Simon Leviev is now

Simon Leviev and other con artists are now in deep shit. Some of them are not in jail, but they are hiding. Sometimes they go online to show the world that they are okay, but it’s an illusion. They have big problems. And they will have more problems because of a lack of morality. And even though they work harder than all of us, they just don’t know values. The greatest problem facing the modern world is a lack of values. Period.

Let’s descuss!

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