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What if today the Universe gave you everything you want!


Once upon a time, in a country that is not unique, in a hospital that is nothing special, a super special boy was born… At birth, he was blessed with angels and happiness; hence he was called a child of success. His name was Alex.


What if today all your desires come true and the Universe gave you everything you want!

The story of the world’s most successful person

The child of success was so successful that even if there was dog’s shit on the road, success pushed it away so as not to smear the shoes of the child of success!

He was soooo successful that everyone loved him without exception: Madonna, the US President, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Satan, Satan’s grandparents, and even James Hetfield of the band Metallica. Everyone loved him, so it was difficult for him to walk down the street unnoticed; everyone surrounded him immediately. It started to irritate him.

Since the success angels solved all his problems, he had to think more petite than the others, so his brain began to liquefy.

Although the toddler of success dreamed of testing his skills, although he wanted to prove himself in the most challenging situations, fate didn’t allow him to take a risk. For example, when the child of happiness jumped into the fire, the fire went out and so on. As he tries to overtake his rivals in the sport, success trips his enemies up… It’s not him who wins, but the angels and madam success. 

Over time, people began to say that the child of success is not worthy of respect because supernatural forces did everything for him. Therefore, he dreamed that he would eventually become SUCCESSFUL and that his success would evaporate. He prayed to the Universe in the mornings, evenings and nights, “Universe, please take away my success! Hey success angels, get the f*ck away from me! I repeat, I want to solve problems myself! I want challenges! I want experience! Personal experience!”

But the success angels didn’t give a damn; they still helped the child of success.

“Why was the child of success silent? Couldn’t he tell humankind about his pain???!!!” a reader will say. 

Believe me; he tried to do it. He’s tried a million times. I just forgot to say that he was born with a smile on his face, so the corners of his mouth pointed upwards even when he was very sad. This means that when he was in great pain, no one saw it… 

Besides, he really tried to cry but failed every time! Success kept him from tearing. After all, a person with perfect DNA doesn’t need tear glands? 

Just like that… 

Yes, a person of success just wandered the streets searching for answers… 

Meanwhile, all humankind dreamed of success. 

Some thought, “If I were successful, I would definitely find happiness, and it would be wow!” 

Others thought, “Oh, success missed me again. Because I’m not a child of success. Suppose I were the happiest person! I would help my friends and loved ones.”

I want these people to become successful. Because only then will you make sure that success isn’t so sweet anymore. Not only that, it has spikes like this little hedgehog. 

little hedgehog

Because success has two sides, white and black. And those who don’t believe it must understand that there are no things in the world that only have a positive side. Day changes to night; night changes day. And peace constantly changes the storm. And success… Success…. It is always associated with responsibility and materialism. Is it not clear? I’ve already written 100 articles about it, but people still don’t understand. Therefore, this article will be the longest and most fascinating of all you have ever found on the internet and…

“Ha ha, if I were successful, things would be different.” my monologue will be interrupted by a reader to whom I will make an offer straight away. What if I could give you success? Oh yes, in a moment, you will receive a few doses of success, and we’ll see what happens!

Let’s begin!

A website that can do EVERYTHING!

Imagine you landed on a secret website while browsing the internet… Here you can request the Universe EVERYTHING you want. And the Universe will do it while kneeling on its knees. 

All you have to do is enter a wish in the field (like in a Google search engine), and the Universe will make your wish come true!


Oh yeah, you won’t have to plow like a mule in the office anymore—you can get anything right here and now! Cool, right?

You inhale some air, “Huuuuuu…”

Realizing that you can get anything makes you feel like a little child receiving three infinities of candy…

You think, “Mhmmmm, what to ask the universe for???”


Since you are not a stupid person, you think, “No, money will not bring happiness… After all, I’ve read Alex Monaco’s article about the unfortunate rich. It’s better to help others!”

“I will serve society,” you say. 

“What if… I feed the whoooooooooooole world?”

You type in the field: “Allow ten restaurants to emerge from each city’s ground. There, people will get free food!” 

Oh yes, in Kaunas and Vilnius, new restaurants are appearing. Straight from the ground. Display windows decorated with “Everything for free” posters. To enjoy your performance, head to one of these restaurants. But the guests are unhappy. One visitor states, “I understand the food is free, but I hate the pea soup! Perhaps a wider choice is possible?”

Realizing your mistake, you ask the Universe, “Let restaurant guests receive the exact dishes they want. And let all people receive at least 5,000 euros a month. Let this money appear in their pockets!”

Hopeveryone gets money and food! The whole world applauds you. Some people call you a savior, others a hero because you care about others, not just your butt. And it looks like the saying is over, but I’ve already said that success has a dark side.

The next day you plan to eat dinner in your favorite restaurant, “Owl.” You put your shoes on. Along the way, you dream of the most delicious ribs… Mmmm… 

You are right next to the restaurant. But it’s closed!

we're closed

You knock on the door. The owner opens by complaining, “Too bad, we enjoyed working here, but no staff came. Why do they need work? After all, they all have money. I doubt they will come back because the money comes automatically!”  

So what do we have? A collapse. Chaos. There is no favorite restaurant or the most delicious ribs in the world. The only place that cooks so deliciously is in Warsaw (“Żebra i Kości”) and New York (“Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque”). So, you messed up…

You turn on the news… 

The rapporteur complains that the money has depreciated because:

a) Free restaurants are open in the city;

b) Everyone has the same amount of money, which is nowhere to put it because everyone has free food. 

You fell into your own trap. You wanted to help humankind, but…  

You decide to correct this misunderstanding. Turn back time. As a magician, Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange

You command and… 


Everything returns to its place. 

Having gone out into the street, you enjoy the views. You see lines in stores. For the first time in your life, this picture pleases your eyes:

line in a store

The day passes quietly. 

And in the evening, you turn on your laptop. Again you see the almighty website:

Generate wish

Wepeoplewe want to rule the world, so our hands are itchy… Yours too.

This time you decide to help only your friends.

You demand the Universe, “I want good only for my friends. I want all my friends to receive a wonderful home!” 

Your friends start receiving homes. Ten times bigger than they should. A feast arises. But a month later, the same friends you gave houses came to you. They complain: 

“Although you gave us big houses, we had to heat them, and now we will have to pay big taxes! Bailiffs came for debts for utilities, for electricity! And if we do not pay, they will take us to court! ANSWER, HAVE YOU SPECIALLY CREATED PROBLEMS FOR US?”

But you only wanted to help, right?!

A similar situation occurred in America when a lottery winner bought a house for each friend. By the way, the houses were next to the lottery ticket winner. It means he surrounded himself with friends. What do you think happened next? Truefriends sent a “GUARDIAN” friend to hell! Because they had no way to pay their taxes! So the giver became guilty! Friends got angry and turned into enemies! True story!

This proves that things are not really what they seem. In reality, by helping your friends, you may lose them. Because it’s hard to predict what problems your friends will encounter if you give them what they THINK THEY NEED.

This means that it must be admitted that friends or your relatives can only be happy if they allow themselves to be happy. And your donations and your success… They won’t understand it. 

Do you think it’s different with relationships?

So I suggest you acknowledge the fact that 99.9% of the actions you take to make yourself (or the people around you) happy will cause more trouble than happiness. And only 0.01% of the action can bring happiness.    

Pay attention to the last sentence. I specifically highlighted it. And if you don’t write this text down, you will suffer and… 

“What action can bring happiness?” you will ask. I will answer. Just please listen to my words because they contain the essence! See, I’m sick of watching you break down the barriers you’ve built. So I want you to remember one more thing. I will pass it on through my personal experience. Because I used to be you. Yes, I’m talking about you, my reader! I was you! Our hearts beat in one beat, and we listened to the same music; we walked the same streets. But I was faster than you, so I managed to experience more than you do. So I tried EVERYTHING!

There were times when I failed, and there were times when I succeeded. I was on both sides of the front. But the greatest delight and pleasure I EXPERIENCED WHEN I WAS ABLE TO RECOVER FROM MY OWN FAILURES! Because only hard work can give you the knowledge, WHAT’S WORTH THAT IT’S NOT A FUCKING DEPENDING ON THATWILL YOU SUCCESS OR NOT! 

And if all the work for me had been done by someone (a genie in shorts or a magic website that made dreams come true), I would know it was not my merit. 

Just get me right, success can bring short-term pleasures, and it’s cool, BUT, TALKING OF LONG-TERM HAPPINESS, THERE IS NOTHING MORE DIFFICULT THAN JOURNEY TO SUCCESS WHEN YOU FAIL. 

Do you understand? 

In other words, I fuck success. Horizontally and vertically. And you should. 

As for friends and acquaintances, let them achieve their goals by themselves. And only then will the CONFIDENCE come out in their eyes!


… in the end, it’s good to know you earned money yourself, honestly… 

After all, if you try it yourself, you will know how to earn 1000 Euro in 2 weeks. Then you can repeat it again! And when you know you CAN DO IT YOURSELF, WITHOUT WAITING FOR MOMENTS OF SUCCESS, THEN YOU’RE UNBEATABLE! 

Not to mention the bad habits… 

How great it is to quit smoking, drinking, to start exercising and … 

How good it is to promise yourself something and keep your word. These things don’t depend on success but on persistence, my friend! 

And how good it is to write a book yourself. 

Oh yeah, I’ll be publishing a book soon. And trust me, it will be divinely successful. Kodėl? Because I didn’t expect success, I worked! I sat 12 hours a day and matured it by rewriting it hundreds of times. Because I know that the more work you put in, the more people will respect me. So I’m writing this book, not a month, not three, not five, not seven; I have been writing it for a loooooong time and still write… And the more time I invest, the happier I will be when I finish this job. I will climb Mount Olympus myself and accept any difficulties. 

Because I know 100% that it’s impossible to buy this feeling when you realize that you have climbed Everest yourself. With your feet.

Or maybe I’m wrong? 

So let’s turn some time ahead!

Here, the son of Elon Musk offers the possibility of teleportation. You are happy. You order the teleport service online. They bring you a box. You put your teleport next to the refrigerator. 

“Mhhmmm, maybe visit Everest?” You put your jacket and your hat on. You enter the teleportation booth. You press the button. Pssssssvoilà, you are hereat the top of Everest! And there is no applause!

You would only respect yourself (and others would respect you) if you climbed Everest yourself. And no matter how much equipment you have, the question is whether you climbed yourself.  

So let’s get back to the task of the article. 

In this article, I promised to answer the question, “What if you received everything you want, what you want here and now?”

In my opinion, you would receive a middle finger and get very sad. Because: 

1) When you get what you want too quickly, the question becomes, what to do with that achievement? How to proceed next? But when you reach your goal slowly, then you can feel the foundation under your feet, and there is no shock. 

2) If you had received everything today, people would think you are lucky. They didn’t see you working hard, so you would be accused of laziness. And for that, no one will really respect you. You won’t inspire people because your value will remain the same. Finally, you will ask yourself, “Who am I?” “What have I achieved?” 

So the question is, do you have something to respect yourself for? 

“What do I offer?” 

I suggest you look at your life differently. 

Because you keep thinking, “It would be good to achieve the goal faster.” 

But who needs it? 

For example, I don’t want to achieve my goal tomorrow.

I want it to take longer to achieve my goal. 

I have goals that I will be achieving for at least three years. There are many benefits to knowing that I will achieve my goal in three years’ time. Because first I know what I’m going to do in two years. The perception of what you will be doing for two years gives you calmness, clarity, and focus… 

Here is the secret. I don’t stress and underestimate myself for not achieving the hardest goal I dream of at work.  

In addition, the larger your goal and the longer your plans, the more meaningful your actions will be. Additionally, you develop stubbornness and patience when you achieve your goal for several years!

So stop complaining… 

It’s enough to be sad that you fail. Only those who want quick results don’t succeed. 

Now, do you understand why I chose extremely difficult goals? 

Now, do you understand why I’m not stressed that I haven’t reached my biggest dream yet?

Why don’t I need success? 

Why don’t I need a genie?

Why am I not buying lottery tickets?  

Because I took responsibility for my own life.

And the harder it gets, the more I will respect myself at the end of the path!

Accept my lifestyle or describe yours and submit it in the comments to let me know. Maybe your path is better?

Or leave a comment below.

Let’s descuss!

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