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10 Best Self-Development Blogs to Follow in 2022


As a marketer with over 18 years of experience, I have a clearer view of what bloggers should do to get more people to read them. That’s why I often post marketing tips + online image and advertising advice on my SEO website. However, I think that just writing is not enough—I have to help these bloggers!

On this occasion, I decided to advertise them. They didn’t pay me, they didn’t ask for help, but I don’t care. In a moment, I will share with you my list of fascinating bloggers who didn’t gain immediate popularity.

I hope you will like the self-help bloggers listed here and bookmark them!
Underrated Self-Help Bloggers overview by Alex Monaco

Underrated Self-development Blogs to Follow

So let’s start the tour by plunging into the vast ocean of the self-help industry—a platoon of charismatic bloggers!

Bev JanischFemale inspirer

Meet blogger Bev Janisch, who writes about feelings and caring for others. Her approach is noteworthy, as she touches upon important aspects of our lives. For example, in one of her articles, she points out that we sometimes care too much about others and what harm this does to those we care about. Read here.

Michael MehlbergFreestyler

Michael is fascinated by naturalness and simplicity. He writes articles as if they were written for a friend or acquaintance. Take a look at his easy-to-read texts and fuel yourself with gunpowder and napalm.

Suzanne HeynSpiritual angel

I could write a lot about her, but I think you’ll understand everything from the slogan on her website: “Put down your phone. Scroll your soul.”

Justin Thomas MillerDiet master 

Justin Thomas Miller is quite a generous man. On his website, you can find a free 5-day course. Of course, he could do more days (for example, I offer a free 12-day course you will not regret taking:, but 90% percent of its content is available without cost. I support such bloggers with all my heart.

Jessica DowchesWheeler from Alexandria

Jessica has an interesting mission. She helps women discover their passions + purpose and make an impact in their communities and the world. What unites us is that we both love the music by Queen. She is open and honest, which I think is admirable.

Brittany BergerContent marketer

Brittany once said an excellent phrase: Content marketing is about USING content, not just creating it. Check out her blog for some delightful, useful tips:

Simo AhavaThe god of Google Tag Manager

For those who want to increase their readership, I recommend you follow Simo Ahava’s advice. It perfectly describes the nuances of web analytics that anyone who wants to understand how Google Tag Manager works should know. By the way, if you don’t know what Google Tag Manager is, check it out here.


If you write about self-education, but your blog doesn’t get visits, please write to me! I will try to help—I will post a free link on this page. Write to me on Facebook or LinkedIn!

Why am I doing this?

Why am I offering free ads for self-development coaches and bloggers?

Let’s briefly set the bar on when it was hard for me. Over seven years ago, I started to write about my feelings, pain, and difficulties. Back then, I didn’t know how to put my thoughts on paper, so it took me at least a few years to mature my style, and then I had to figure out how to find readers. It was fucking complicated. Nobody wanted to share my articles. Everyone thought I wanted to get paid or that my lyrics were not worth paying attention to. I was lonely.

I know what it means to do everything yourself, so I feel for those who are starting. It’s true that some of the bloggers I mentioned here are not in such a difficult situation as I was at the beginning of the road, but they still need help. I hope I haven’t offended anyone, and if anyone wants me to remove their link from here, they can do so without any problem. And those who want the link to be published here, be sure to write to me! Who knows, maybe a great collaboration will be born between us!

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