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Vision board: How to get more motivation


Today my friend Rimvydas spoke openly:

“I lost my motivation. What should I do? I don’t want to work; I just wander from corner to corner…”

“Do you want information, or do you want to be motivated and start changing now?” I asked.

A passionate smile spread across Rimvydas’s face. He agreed. We decided to sit in the nearest restaurant and ordered green tea.

“Who would you like to be in one year?” I wondered.

I gave him the task of creating a vision board.

What is a vision board?

The vision board consists of photos, illustrations, and collages. (It’s a board of vision, motivation, or dreams. Life goals collage.) It can be hung on the wall to remind you of where to go.   

The vision board helps:

1. Understand what you want. (Specify goals.)

2. Concentrate on what’s most important. 

3. Remind yourself of the most important goals that we forget because of our routine and daily worries. 

4. Motivate yourself more. 

5. Arrange your time wisely. 

6. Remember your values in a few minutes—just look at your board, and you know what to do! 

The board also helps in making a decision:

  • What kind of person do you want to be in a year?
  • What exactly should you do to become who you want to be?
  • When you want to achieve your goals.
  • Where do you want to be? (Which country do you want to live in?) 
  • What kind of people do you want to be with? (You can present it with photos.) 
  • What are your values?

“But where to get the photos for my vision board?” Rimvydas asked, opening his Apple laptop. 

“Google! Find a photo of what you want to look (dress style). It could be a photo from a distance. Find someone online to see their emotions—it will be clear what kind of emotions you want to experience each day. Decide what the house you want to live in should look like. And… Find other photos that make it clear what people should be around… Or maybe you want a dog or…? A car… Maybe even a yacht? Don’t limit yourself!!! And then I will help you collect all these photos into one file! (With Photoshop or…) And then you will print it… You will be able to hang it in a prominent place!”


A minute… 


Heres what he came up with for his vision board:

Vision board: How to get more motivation

As soon as a vision board was created, his eyes lit up like lasers. There was a lot of confidence/clarity in them. I don’t even know how to describe that beauty. It’s hard to describe… I can only show. Bruis Lee had the same look!

vision board

A few minutes earlier, Rimvydas motivation was deep in doubt, uncertainty—but now he was ready to cut challenges with his own eyes—like a laser. 

“Wait, that’s not all!” I said to him, “If you want to be more motivated, do one more thing!” 


“Now you have your vision board for a year. Now create your vision board for five years! Let’s see what you want to look like in five years!”

The interlocutor liked this idea—he continued the work without additional questions.  

While enjoying the tea the waiter had brought, he began to search for photos on the web. 

A new vision board has been created. It was more powerful than the first one. 


Rimvydas gave me a gigantic kiss. Just kidding, he just hugged me like a teddy bear and went out into a new life, but…

But I knew that in a few days, he would forget about his vision. So I promised to write him a letter, “Hey, don’t forget your vision board, you sloth! Do you think I will forget about you??? No, I’m not like that! I will write to you again and again! I will call you! I’m your observer from now on!”

series “What If...”

More about a vision board

I posted this article not too long ago but have already received letters from readers. They wanted more information, which is amazing. So I updated this article—completed it, and added the responses I received from my readers!

Where can you keep your vision board?

You can hang it on the wall, in your workroom. “Nonsense, people will see my goals, they will laugh at me,” someone will say. Does it matter what others say? If you are still afraid of what others will say, keep your vision board in a visible place only for you, on the Internet, where you often visit—the place should be visible only to you. For example, one of my friends scheduled a vision board in a time management program. Every morning it pops up in front of his eyes. In addition, he hung a vision board on his wall. Nice guy, isn’t he?

Who can use a vision board? 

The vision board is used by many famous and successful people such as Beyonce, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey, Lilly Singh. Many companies use it to figure out where to go. And if you don’t use this fantastic tool, you don’t take care of yourself! 

How to create your own vision board: Vision board party

Unfortunately, while many realize that a vision board can enhance their future vision and motivate them, people are too lazy to get the job done. That’s why there are people who organize their vision board events.

Vision board party

With your vision board, you can not only have fun but also squeeze benefits out of it.

“I would love to go to such an event,” you would say. I have an offer! Create your own party! I’m sure that you will help not only yourself but also your relatives/friends!!!

What steps do you need to take to create your vision board?

While writing this article, I checked Google. I found an attractive infographic. Wait a minute… I will put it here… 

Here you go:

Create your vision board

In this infographic, you can see five basic steps. They really help, but if I wanted to create an infographic like this, I would have taken the steps differently! How? 

To create a vision board, you need to follow these five steps: 

Step No. 1. Find someone with whom you can create your vision board. It helps because creating with someone is easier and more pleasant—almost entertainment. 

Step No. 2. Decide who you want to become, what you want to look like, and what values ​​you want to have in the future. 

Step No. 3. Find photos on the web (or elsewhere) that match the values ​​you want to achieve in the future. 

Step No. 4. Put it all in one place—make a poster! 

Step No. 5. Reach your goals—bless you!!!

Step No. 6. Thank Alex Monaco in the comments section for this article!  


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Infographic: Making Your Vision Board


  1. David Warner says:

    Good point Alex. Commitment helps to get more clarity, just as commitment helps you to be clearer about what it is that you want.
    If you stay committed – even if this means going in circles – eventually your travel will bring you back on course. Commitment is like a compass to happiness.

  2. Metvy says:

    Thanks, but you don’t write about realatioships.

    Committed relationships are the best way to have a successful, long-lasting relationship. They’re not just about doing things with your partner or being loyal; commitment also means making decisions for them when they need help so that you can maintain an authentic connection-without feeling like all of those other responsibilities will take precedence over what matters most: You and only THEM!

  3. Linda C says:

    Hello. I think the only people who would truly understand this concept are those who have been there, and it can be hard for others without going through the experience to really get what is commitment.

    “Commitment” is not just mental – the body goes through changes too. It’s an all-body experience from head to toe! The whole being commits when one person “gets married.” Check out a couple of mini examples below: “I’m committed to getting into shape. Anyway thank you for everything!

  4. Blogger S says:

    Alex, it is true. A vision board can substantially improve your potential to realize goals and fine-tune your time!

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    Your information is of great quality, thanks for sharing. 5296952

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