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Things holding you back from happiness and success


It’s morning. You do it again, touching a cold screen which helps you to follow things that are outside, but not inside you. You freeze as you’re trying to choose a movie to watch or a JPG to upload to your profile. When at work, instead of telling your boss “Screw you,” you just smile and shake his hand. You are not the master of your life… I know why.

Have you ever tried a newly installed Windows operation system? It works like a charm. Unless you install more programs… You open a movie, a browser, and the computer tells you “E-E-E-E-E-E-R-R-R-R”/// A day passes… A month… The operation system is stalling, working painfully slow, not responding. You got to face a dilemma: reinstall the operating system or no? Yes or no. Yes or no. YES or NO x 300. The system continues to hang, no answer is found: the same happens in our heads. So how can we change the way we think? I’ll tell you what to do. But first, let’s connect to a modern Homo sapiens and his desktop.

Programs holding you back from happiness

Today’s modern society identifies “entertainment” and “freedom” as the same thing! The result is this: as one entertainment ends, you tend to look for another. Your hand is instinctively searching for a remote / phone / Facebook icon / cigarette / bottle… Why do we keep acting like this? Answer: we are controlled by programs which start as we open our eyes in the morning. Let me tell you about one of them:

Program No. 63: “Happiness”

Program founders: Mom – School, Daddy – Television, Mother-in-law – Media. Other piranhas also contributed: they lured you around the corner to teach you that is the “meaning of life.” You have absorbed lots of ridiculous behavior templates that should make you feel respected, needed, loved, adored, worthy. But those behavior templates doesn’t work. You are still not happy… Problem: a school didn’t provide us with a lesson called “How to live.”

What to do when things holding you back?

“Throw out your laptop! Burn all the things! Escape from the society, problems, money!!!” some standard motivators preach. But I’m Alex Monaco, and I will not ask you to disconnect from the system like that loser from “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.” That guy left his best friends, family members and escaped to the mountains… All he cared about was his ass. I will show you another way. You shouldn’t flee to mountains to escape problems. Instead, you should punch straight into the face!

Accelerate YOURSELF

You probably know that your brain produces as many as 70,000 thoughts per day. Answer, how many thoughts in the last year helped you to achieve something? All those thoughts, especially negative ones, take a lot of your energy. That’s why sometimes you feel so tired. What to do? Ensure your desktop contains only those programs that will make your life to finally blossom! Here’s what you should start with:

1. The Balancing Program
Do you get frustrated with your neighbor, business partners, and your significant other? SCREW THE ANGER. CHILL OUT! USE A FAN, SIMILAR TO THAT WHEN YOUR LAPTOP IS HEATING. Remember: a balanced person is more attractive and able to reach his/her goals faster!

Take a deep breath if it feels difficult. If you cannot control yourself, you will lose a lot of time to get back on track. Remember: unlike money, you can’t get your time back.

2. The Chill-Out Program
You need to learn how to use the “Sleep” button. You need to make the most out of sleeping time. It is necessary for you to feel fresh and capable of conquering new goals.

I’ve described only a few points that may help you. You can create and share your own programs in the comments below. Speak your mind, express your feelings, expectations and desires. Start doing things! Don’t be afraid to step up. Refuse to be fucked by your own fears and doubt!


“I’m trying to change, but something constantly stops me,” says a reader. You’re right. You’re being stopped by the fact that YOU’RE SPOILED! I’m absolutely convinced that almost all readers are about to deny it. One will accuse his life for behaving really bad with him, for example, there’s no money tree growing at his home. Another will try to convince me that his life is so bad that the food itself doesn’t fly into his mouth! I’m sorry that this world has given you so little: arms / legs / heart / hair / brain / ears / dreams / fingers / breathing / sex / regeneration (the ability to repair damaged cells of the body) / memories / electricity / sun / trees / ocean / smile / laughter / spring / summer / taste receptors / your favorite food / apple pie ///////////////////////////// so many things… I’m sorry, it’s just as little as it is. But you know what? There’s one fast way to take you to the next level. Ask a friend to lock you up in a room for a week… To chain you to a radiator without a food supply. YOU’D BE KISSING THE GROUND AFTERWARDS!


You need to be shocked or kicked in the ass! I’m at your service! I have a terribly strong desire to help you, so I will constantly remind you to move your ass. Just make sure to visit me at

… You know what’s really powerful? To make commitments! Use comments and make a promise that you will start blogging about life or… One article per week, – drop by drop… Perhaps this will make you move? After all, writing helps us to untangle mental knots. Or maybe you can find another way that would stir you up? Could you write about it in a comment? It may help other readers. The rule is simple: by helping others you actually help yourself. You’ll see, writing about life will polish your thoughts – character.

I am sure about this. If you work on your goals and thoughts every day, soon you will feel relaxed. Finally, you won’t get asked whether you’re happy – it will be instantly visible on your face!
You’ll stop blaming weather and others for the setbacks. You’ll begin appreciating every drop of the rain! You will understand what a wonderful life really is!

Why did I write this article? Do you think I am going to sell you a product? No!!! Maybe next time, but now instal this:
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  1. Steve says:

    Great article! I want to know more about confidence. So keep it coming

  2. Daren says:

    Thanks! Not easy to read but so tasty.

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