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What is a sigma male? (updated 2023)


Know that if you are an introvert, you can still be successful, inspiring, and charismatic like Keanu Reeves, who some classify as a sigma male.

“But who is a sigma male?” you will ask. In a moment, I will tell you!

What is a sigma male?

Sigma man is a relatively new term that was created in 2010 (by Theodore Beale), and its purpose is to describe a certain category of people who don’t fit in alfa, delta, omega, and other old-fashioned categories.

Some call them lonely wolves.

Others say that they are gang-kicked alphas, and my mentor calls them visible introverts. (Outsiders who don’t care about the social game but win anyway.)
Definition of sigma male
Of course, there are many skeptics who say that SIGMA male is fugazi (it doesn’t exist). Such people say that sigma is just another type of alpha. “Look at that guy, he is not stupid alpha, he doesn’t try to prove something and acts naturally. He is wisdom alpfa®!”

It’s said that an actual sigma male marches to his own beat, is aware that happiness originates inside, and doesn’t care about traditional social systems. He can also be conniving and sociopathic. He may not have a wickedly gorgeous appearance, but ladies might still be attracted to them.

The most charismatic (and funny) thing is that sometimes the most self-assured alpha may be made to feel insufficient near sigma. Why? Because it’s impossible to predict how to behave near sigma. It’s impossible to scare them with muscles or offensive words—they simply live by their own rules. This illustration of hierarchies explains it well:

The Socio Sexual Hierarchy and Sigma Male

What science thinks about sigma male

So far, scientists don’t pay attention to this term. But there is a lot of scientific information about alpha.

The “Alpha” label first appeared in 1921. Originally, the term was associated with wolves, but wolves were removed from the list because their behavior is completely different from humans, so it was decided to study other animals, such as apes.

Everyone has seen the alpha ape?

sigma males as monkey

Well, I won’t scare you with scary images and alpha males anymore because we’re going to move on to the wiser type of men that you won’t meet every day, unfortunately. We’re talking about men with both beta and positive alpha qualities, but to make it easier to talk to readers, we’ll still call them sigmas, okay? (Because neither university professors nor the most brilliant creator of new words—Shakespeare hasn’t yet come up with a name for what we are talking about.)

How frequently can you meet a sigma males?

It’s said that there are only 0.02% of such men. (According to the many viral pseudo-science-based videos.) Maybe that’s how many there are; I don’t know. I haven’t met a person with an “I am SIGMA” tattoo on their forehead. In other words, there is no measuring tool by which we can measure how much sigma is in you.

Sigmameter for sigma males

Since there are very few such people who can be called sigma males, let’s consider them the unique animals we meet in the red book!

Why do sigma men attract women?

A sigma man is believed to attract people for the following reasons:  

1. Although they have their own opinions, they rarely try to be leaders. However, people themselves exalt them and follow them as if they were revolutionaries. Such people become symbols from which the masses create legends.
2. Before taking action, they think carefully about the steps. They are calm. Calmness gives them the image of a wise person and respect. Everyone wants a wise friend or acquaintance, so sigma men always have friends.
3. They have created an interesting inner world where others want to be because they don’t have their own personal world.

Male sigma celebrities

alpha VS sigma male

1. Steve Jobs

Although Steve was super introverted, he became super successful.  

2. James Dean

James Dean, perhaps one of the most recognizable rebels in history, was a sigma male long before the phrase was coined. As an actor, he was gifted, yet he didn’t follow the Hollywood script.

In and out of character, he was not afraid to take risks. And although his life was cut short, his impact will be felt for a long time.

3. Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is a weirdo who films himself only in those movies where he dares… Even though he might play the lead role in his films, he takes on quite small roles. Why? Because he doesn’t like to be in the center of attention. That’s why he is called a sigma man.

4. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is an actor who has appeared in several critically acclaimed movies throughout his career, including “The Matrix” and “John Wick.” He is well-known for his stoic personality and the attention he has shown to his profession.

Reeves is also appreciated for the charity work he has done as well as his approachable and genuine nature. It’s possible that John Wick, the character he plays, is a sigma male as well.

5. Alex Monaco

I believe you didn’t expect to find me on this list.

By the way, real sigma never will say that he is sigma for two reasons:

a) Because they don’t care.
b) They read books and know what Barnum Effect (Forer Effect) is. In psychology, this unusual phenomenon arises when people attribute more significance to a personality description than they should, despite the fact that it contains generalized statements that apply to almost everyone. It means individuals are gullible; I mean, they are more likely to believe generalized information when it’s really tailored to their own needs.

6. Clint Eastwood

Have you seen the movie “Man with No Name”? There is an example of a sigma very well presented.

Fictional sigma male characters

– Tyler Durden’s character from “Fight Club”
– Han Solo from “Star Wars”
– James Bond
– Wolverine from “X-Men”
– Batman

Alpha males vs. sigma males

To make this article more useful, I suggest comparing alpha to sigma males. It will help you understand who you are and where to go next.

Apha Male

Sigma Male

More violent.
(He resolves conflicts emotionally.)
(He resolves conflicts wisely.)
Adapts harder. Very flexible, can quickly change habits.
Wants to be a leader.
(He wants others to call him director or …)
Doesn’t care to be a leader
Becomes a leader because he conquers such a position by himself. Becomes a leader because others promote and ask him to be.
Wants fame.
(He smiles at cameras and feels like he enjoys it.)
Happy being alone.
(He can be on cameras but doesn’t fight for this, because he has other values.)
(he goes to parties to show himself).
Likes to walk around with visible tattoos or muscles.
Doesn’t show-off
(he goes to parties to enjoy).
He doesn’t have to show anything. His sexuality manifests itself in more intellectual forms.
Easy to understand personality.
(Looks at a woman like food as if he hasn’t eaten in 3 years. He appreciates women by appearance.)
Hard to grasp.
(It’s hard to say which woman he likes. He loves a woman’s qualities more than her appearance.)
Mediocre thinking
(gruffness, rudeness).
Deep thinker
(subtlety, intelligence).


Signs you are a sigma male:

1. You don’t care if you are sigma or not.
2. You don’t try to prove that you are a sigma man.
3. You don’t have any expectations.
4. You love a minimalistic lifestyle.
5. You are quiet but strong in your mind. You speak when you need, but most importantly, your presence is felt.
6. You know your mission and how to reach your goals. You like to work on promises you made to yourself.
7. Your name is confidence. It cannot be separated from you. Your confidence is natural. You trust in yourself more than others because you know that your actions depend mostly on you.
8. You are amazing at self-management. You read books and so on.
9. You don’t like others knowing too much about you and your hobbies. You claim to be an influencer, yet all you ever talk about is your work or pastime on social media. So there are no photos of you with your actual friends, and… Personal space is important for you.
10. You are flexible. You can make fast changes in your life.
11. You can show a middle finger to bad habits easily.
12. You never wanted to be CEO; if you are, it happened because there was no other way out. But you would instead work as a freelancer.

Sigma male rules

  • Sigma males prefer to be independent and follow their rules without giving in to societal norms.
  • They regulate their emotions well and do not force their authority upon others.
  • They are mindful of other people and blend in easily but open up to only a few.

The last thought about loners

The purpose of this article was to help you realize who you are. Alpha or…

And I hope this article will help you understand which human qualities you need to get rid of and which ones to acquire.

That’s all.

Thank you for being!


1. Sigma male definition.

There are many meanings to this term. I left my opinion above in my article, so here I will share an opinion from the internet:

Sigma Male Definition (What is a sigma male?)

2. How To Become A Sigma Male.

It’s hard. You need to change your inner self, values, and habits. You need to stop chasing compliments and approvals from outside. And you don’t have to forget about expectations. We should flush them down the toilet too! 

Remember: only by becoming independent and self-sufficient can you become something more than an alpha male, which sometimes scares you. Sigma vs alpha male

3. Is it clever to use the term sigma man?

You can use it or not—your choice. Since I’m not a slob, I use both these and other terms, despite the fact that there are many different opinions about it.

If you look for information about sigma men, you can find some pearls—people claiming that the term sigma is made up of shit, and there really isn’t a single man who fits this formulation.

Such people say that this term was created to make introverts feel good about themselves despite the fact that they are losers and play computer games 24/7.

Is it hard for you to start a conversation with a woman? It means you are a sigma!

Do you think that you are a weirdo? Hannibal Lecter was like you, but he is an amazing sigma.

Let’s descuss!

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