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Where Should We Go On A Date? Effective date ideas


Where should we go on a date

What do you think, where should we go on a date? Maybe we can…

Wait a second, I will Google it. Mhmmm…

GOOGLE tool, where should we go on a date

Oh, there are tonnes of articles on the internet about this. I checked them out.

One of the articles suggests that the meeting place should depend on how many times you have been on a date with a person. Apparently, if you are meeting for the first time, you should go to one place; if you have met many times, go to another. In my opinion, this is bullshit. Because it’s not about where you’re going, it’s about whether or not you’re an asshole. In other words, if you act like an asshole on a date, the other person won’t be happy, even if the date is on Mars. (By prior agreement with Elon Musk.) 

“Okay, Alex, what are you explaining to me here? I know that the most important thing is who you are as a person and what topics you talk about, how you feel, and why you meet, but… This article of yours is called ‘Where should we go on a date? Effective date ideas.’”

Yes, no problem.

I will give you 4 date ideas!

Meet on the bus!

“Nuts! Stupid recommendation… I have a good car, and you suggest we meet on the bus?” You can, of course, invite that girl into your Ferrari. And there are certainly those who would like it, but I’m not suggesting seducing people with things. Because if she falls for Ferrari, your individuality will be set aside, and she will be with you because of circumstances rather than your personality. Therefore, I propose meeting not in the car, but, let’s say, on the bus!

Believe me, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages! I’ll tell you right away.

First of all, a lot of interesting things can happen on the bus. It’s better than the funfair that only comes to your town every once in a while. For example, you may be stopped by the police for not paying for tickets. It will already be an adventure that you both won’t forget for years. Such adventures help you to understand faster whether it’s worth being with that person. Who knows, maybe the person you are going to ride the bus with will run away after seeing a controller. 

And if you go to a restaurant where usually nothing interesting happens, then for a long time you will not be able to find out what your partner’s qualities are. But buses reveal the qualities of the people. 

Oh yes, I suggest you just live and play with the world. To do so in simple, life-like environments.

So are you going to try a date on the bus?

Get me right, you don’t need to write messages like “Our date will be on the bus!” 

You don’t have to say anything. And if your date asks where you’re going, tell them, “It doesn’t matter where, it matters how.”

And when you meet, just go to the stop. And if that person gets scared of the bus, that will explain a lot.

Take your date to the grocery store

If the refrigerator has run out of food, go to the store with that person.

Just try it and see what happens.

Go for a kebab

You might not have expected this advice, but it’s amazing. Because nothing beats sitting on the curb and splitting a kebab in half. It’s strange, but there’s more realness in it than most people think.

“Nonsense, I’m disappointed with this article!” a spoiled reader will say. I have a word for them. I will scream into their ear, “If you don’t like this article, then be like everyone else.”

  • Try a new restaurant, if you want to play intellectual. (I repeat, nothing interesting happens in restaurants.)
  • Go to a theatre or a performance. (In my opinion, it’s a bad place for a date because you won’t talk for two hours while watching a show.)
  • Hit the beach. (If it’s near your house, then okay.)
  • Try wine tasting. (But if you are going to taste wine, you will focus on the wine. Better to taste each other.)

An outdoor date 

I’m a simple person, and I think a date outdoors is the best place. And if it’s snowing or raining, you can sit down in any cafe. But why prepare for an impressive “meeting event.” Understand, if you prepare everything, think about it, and ask about where to meet so that everything is really cool, then you will be stressed. It will cause tension. Think about it. Why do people want to think things through? Because they have high expectations. And if you have high expectations (as some men expect to sleep with a girl on the same day), then the person you meet will also feel tense. But what do you need this tension for? F*ck it! 

Therefore, I repeat, meet somewhere outdoors. 

“Alex, I don’t want to meet outside! Suggest something better!”

Okay, in a moment.

Let’s descuss!

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