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Where to get energy for achieving goals (I will not advertise Red Bull or supplements)


Where to get energy for achieving goals

In a moment, my thoughts will surprise you. You will learn from where to get energy; it will be epic. 

Let’s begin!

A good friend once said, “I have no energy.”

“Yes, you don’t, because you smoke, watch TV series every day, and talk to your friends about chicks! You’re wasting all your energy for nothing! Harmful habits use up all energy! Admittedly, there can be problems with eating and health, but if this is true, you can still get a lot of energy just by changing your habits!” I said.

Oh yes, we all have a looooooot of energy, but we waste it on superficial things. That’s why I HAVE some advice.

1. Stop blaming yourself over your past mistakes and maybe even your ex

Remember a friend who was constantly complaining, regretting everything, regularly resembling his ex. He lived in the past. He had enough excuses to write a book, “How to Slander Your Ex” or “How to Live In the Past and Ruin Your Future” or “10,000 Reasons Why You Can’t Build a Successful Business!” I’m sure such a book would be redeemed in a heartbeat! I would also order a copy!

2. Don’t discuss, slander, avenge people, don’t wish them bad, and you will have more energy! 

Take a look at web haters who add loads of angry comments. Do you at least imagine how much energy they are wasting? Open a news portal comments section to see how much energy is pouring out! Damn it; if scientists could learn to turn negativity into electricity, the whole world would have it! They will go to sleep in the evening after playing the usual “poetry” with the keyboard because they have wasted all their energy!  

“But I’m not talking badly about other people!” a reader will think. I have a word for him! You don’t speak badly, but sometimes you think, “The man is bad; he is wrong.” But such thoughts also steal your energy! Thinking about bad things takes most of your energy. So it’s better to think about the good things. Positive thinking is a wonderful thing that can recharge your body! It’s true; that’s why positive people have more energy. 

3. Get rid of harmful habits like love addiction

Harmful habits are cancer of success

For example, how much energy do you think it takes to go outside ten times a day to smoke? There is no strength to play sports, but there’s time to smoke!

Oh no, how many people have harmful habits + addictions. How many men are currently caressing a mouse (I mean a computer mouse, not another) by watching porn on Google? 

How many of them are drowning in games? I remember spending six years on Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory, Counter-Strike. (And in childhood, Super Mario.) I was 26 but still playing ET… At least 8 hours a day. I’m not even talking about the beer I drank while playing. I woke up at noon every day because it was exhausting me. 

I will share a few more addictions

  • Food addiction; 
  • Gambling; 
  • Internet; 
  • Shopping addiction; 
  • Love and sex addiction. 

Note the love addiction that is rarely talked about.  

Important: It’s good when you feel true love, but many confuse their feelings, so they sprinkle with jealousy. I have met a lot of people who love HEALTHILY, wisely. Unfortunately, I meet more people who expect more from the other side than they give themselves. Unfortunately, indeed, people don’t know how to love sincerely. I didn’t know how to love, too. There were times when I was jealous like a little dummy. I was jealous so much that the thought of being cheated took all my time I could spend to make that person happy. But I was a fool—paranoid. After all, miss Paranoia eats, kills more energy than pulling stones. Because mental fatigue is much more violent than a physical one. (At least for me.)

How do you waste your energy? 

Dear reader. Let’s talk. How do you waste your energy? Please dedicate some time to your answer. I want to understand you, find out how you spend your free time, how you use your free seconds. 

Maybe you work a lot and feel that you don’t have free time, but you will surely find a few minutes for yourself?

Did you know that excuses take longer than, let’s say, writing articles? I know what I’m saying. I liked to make excuses and blame other people in the past, so I didn’t have time to write!  

That is why I repeat, repeat, repeat—everyone and all of us has energy, but the question is, where are we directing it. 

I will give an example. 

There were times when I used to smoke like a chimney. As a result, I was exhausted not only from smoking but also from dung in tobacco. Cigarettes kill/crush motivation. I knew this, but I was locked with my habits. I decided to change it, but it’s hard when friends smoke. (It was my excuse.) 

Once I came up with a game. I suggested to a friend, “Anyone who inhales cigarette smoke will pay a $100 fine.”

What do you think, did it work?

Yes, it worked. (Maybe because we were renting the same apartment. As a result, we double-checked each other to make sure we weren’t smoking.) 

After quitting smoking, we recovered some of our energy. A friend started exercising. And although I quit smoking, although I felt better, I still didn’t know what habits I needed to change. It took me many years to figure out where to direct my body energy. Only in 2013, I have achieved my goal. My journey has been long, and I have described it in my book “Happy Bastards!” This book is about habits and beliefs and how I showed them my middle finger! How I found fulfillment and drowned in deep, wonderful bliss!

Let’s descuss!

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