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Which is better: being a workaholic or an I don’t give a fuck kinda guy? Is it worth chasing big dreams, or is it better to focus on small ones?


It will be the most relevant article about your goals, dreams, problems with professional burnout and workaholism + quality rest, and… You will like it! Let’s begin!

Which is better: being a workaholic or an I don’t give a fuck kinda guy?

We can bet you’ve met people who explained, “Why do you work so hard? Take a rest! You’re a workaholic!” or “Why work so much, nobody will appreciate you anyway! FIND A SIMPLE JOB AND YOU WON’T HAVE TO WORK A LOT.”

Whether you like it or not, similar suggestions have significantly impacted your subconscious. So sometimes you think, “Maybe people are right, maybe we should work less? Maybe simplify your dreams? Because then you won’t have to work a lot? Then you will rest more often!” And although you would like to have a simpler/carefree life, something is bothering you, “I don’t want to be a I don’t give a fuck kinda guy lying on the beach all day!” Something inside pushes you to try harder, but you still doubt if it’s worth it because you might overwork/burn out. And really, maybe it’s not worth it? Perhaps it’s better to give up, get a job at McDonald’s, spend evenings with family and loved ones, and not worry about anything else.  

Thinking about all these things causes stress and anxiety, so you don’t know what to do. If you feel the same, this article is for you! I believe that after this article, your doubts will dissipate like a morning mist, and you will finally understand what to do next and what is worth your time and what is not.  

And so everything slides like butter, so to make you understand me, I will tell you about the intimate things related to my mornings, days and evenings. I’m about to tell you how I started this day and how it will end this evening.

My day: two gears.

This morning , as soon as I opened my eyes, I thought, “What a wonderful morning!” Just like yesterday, shivers occupied my body. 

After enjoying the quality shivers, I jumped into the shower. I dedicated some time to myself. I was in no hurry. I was in no hurry while drinking my cup of coffee. I was in no hurry while walking down the street. I was in no hurry to hurry. On my way to work, I admired the views. Not because Kaunas wiped out Matijošaitis and not because the sun was shining, but because I am grateful to the world that I am still alive. Oh yes, I love this world more than it loves me! Because it’s the outside that affects me, but I have an impact on the outside! Isn’t it wonderful to hear and feel it all? And although it seems that everything is enough for me but… AS SOON AS I GOT TO THE OFFICE, I TURNED ON THE HIGHEST GEAR, which I call “I can’t get enough”.

I use this gear for several hours. And then, I go back to the gear I used in the morning. I’m talking about gear that allows me to relax, enjoy coffee or tea… In moments like these, I just drown in bliss… mMMMMMM.

So, my secret is that I use two gears: 

a) “it’s enough for me,”
b) “it’s not enough for me.”

The key message is that I don’t mix these gears together; I SEPARATE THEM! I do it consciously!

When I have the “it’s enough for me” gear on, I act like a butterfly that has perched on a flower to flap its intelligent wings. And when I put the “maximum” gear on, I become a WORKAHOLIC, but I am so for a few hours a day (workaholism is only bad if you are stuck at work 24/7!).

To make you understand what I mean, here are some clearer examples.

In a moment, you will see 4 guys who have earned their relaxation:

4 guys relaxation

However, only two of them are relaxed. This photo perfectly shows that people who are equally successful have different understandings of relaxation.

“But Alex, it’s just a photo! These people behave completely differently in life!” someone will say. Yes, sometimes people behave differently, but in this photo, you can see who enjoys life and who doesn’t. I’m only talking about this moment. 

That’s not all. Here is another photo:

Pseudo businessman pretending to rest

I call this photo a “Pseudo businessman pretending to rest.” The man tries to rest and work simultaneously, which is not good for the body. He doesn’t seem to be sitting comfortably or in a serious mood. Plus, pay attention to the black glasses! Oh yes, for those who dream of working under a palm tree on an island, think carefully if such a dream is wise because the truth is that working under a palm tree is insanely risky because a coconut can fall on your head… You can bleed out, and since there are no medical stations on the islands, hardly anyone will save you… Since all this is risky, you should rest during rest hours and work during work hours. However, the “body position” must be changed every 2 hours.

Because it’s bad to be a 100 percent workaholic like I used to be, at the same time, you shouldn’t just be the I don’t give a fuck kinda guy that I was as a child, but it’s wonderful when several times a day you’re a careerist (a workaholic) and an I don’t give a fuck kinda guy the next several times a day! Because only by changing gears (value patterns) can you protect yourself from psychological burnout. Oh yes, YOU CAN’T BURN OUT if you change gears periodically!

It’s better than resting only on weekends.

Oh yes, I’m happy to work 7 days a week, but I spend some time resting every day, so I’m not tired as a mule on the weekend.

I know there will be people who will oppose me. Therefore, some planned to change the system so that there are not 5 but 4 working days per week. For example, did you know that there was a study done in Iceland where people only worked 4 days a week? The study was considered a “huge success” among researchers, but other studies prove that working 5 days a week for 5 hours is better. I suggest you find an article entitled “What is better, 5 Hour Workdays or 4 Working Days a Week?”.

As you can see, this question is not easy, and humanity is unlikely to answer it in the next decade, so we will have to look for a reasonable balance between AC/DC and Enigma without mixing these meanings into one mixture… In other words, dessert is better eaten without pasta. And it’s better to have everything every day than too much in one day. Because anything too much is not healthy. 

For example, if you spend 24/7 time only with family and children, you will quickly make them nervous and start to get angry… If you are always with them, they will think you are clingy!!! If you only spend time with your family and don’t do projects, there will come a day when you say to yourself, “Oh damn, I’m ‘liquefied,’ I’ve forgotten how to achieve goals!” And if you are with your loved ones too rarely, you will also start to get angry…

“Alex, I love what you are saying and I would love a life where there is NO TENSION and everything is clear.” a reader will tell me, to whom I will admit that not everything is so simple. Since I am the most honest blogger in the world, I will list a few problems that others are afraid to admit.


Sometimes I can’t switch gears, so I spend half an hour wandering around the office because I don’t feel like working. It could potentially look like this:

Walking around the office

In this case, it’s best to turn your attention elsewhere: meditate, sleep. You need tools for this. For example, it would be good to have a good couch. And if you don’t have it, it means you are not ready for “complications.” Oh yes, there are always couches in my offices. An office is not an office without a couch. Lately, my office “bed” looks like this:

office “bed”

And when this coach is occupied, this “interesting” coach must be used. Because if you don’t “work,” it’s better to sleep, rest or go outside, relax. Because if you don’t do it, you will simulate work. I understand the couch idea isn’t for everyone because someone works in a grocery store, but THE DAY WILL CERTAINLY COME WHEN SUCH PEOPLE CAN USE MY ADVICE! No one is going to work at McDonald’s making fries for more than 10 years!!!


Sometimes I feel a LOT of tension. Because when I have a “maximalist” gear on, I demand more from myself (and others) than from anyone else. That means I’m insatiable when I’m in the office. At work, I strive for huge goals that seem impossible, and this energy is not to everyone’s taste, which can lead to conflicts that add a LOT of stress. But that’s normal. When you achieve goals by operative methods, you start to look at work like a colonel who divides tasks differently than bumpkins. Oh yeah, when I’m at my highest gear, nothing can stop me. I don’t answer the phone because I’m busy with scheduled tasks. Oh yes, at work, I’m a super strategist, and I apply all the rules of conscious workaholism. But as soon as I close the office door, turn off the work mode, I calm down and start enjoying the little things again. I put big goals aside and focus on one goal: relax and enjoy!

cute cat photo

Oh yes, after switching gear again, I’m glad that I return to the way of thinking of a grateful person, where I’m happy with WHAT I HAVE. And I’m so grateful to the world that I’m alive, and I can breathe.

Oh yes, you have no idea how happy I am to learn how to switch modes and control mindset patterns and different philosophies, use them as needed, only at certain hours. This is related to a philosophy I have called Ordinism.

So what do you think about it?

I know, reader, you understand me. It’s just a shame that there aren’t many like you.

“And what to understand here, after all, you didn’t say ANYTHING NEW, Alex! After all, everyone knows that you need to separate work from rest,” 99% of readers will complain who, although they know all this, DON’T know how to get quality rest. I know what I’m saying. When I was in charge of a large team of employees, I kept suggesting that they take a break on the couch that stood in the middle of the office. But no one ever used it. Only I used it. Some workers went to smoke, while others never rested. Every time they stick to the chair for 8 hours. They only went to the toilet, although no one required them to work without rest. There are many reasons why people do not rest. Some believe that morning, day and night, you need to live in one mode, according to one philosophy. But working 8 hours a day without rest is extreme. When you’re young, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but in your 30s, you start to understand what I’m saying. And you, do you understand, reader?

Of course, you understand; you are not the majority!

You (the reader) and I are different. We mix work with pleasure EVERY DAY! Because we don’t live according to the standard rules that society has created! 

For this reason, we say to people who want to achieve something great, “You have to hustle at least a few hours every day and also take time to rest every day without alcohol, drugs.” Only such a LIFESTYLE can ENSURE SUCCESS IN BUSINESS. Don’t you believe it? Get in a fast car. For example, an F1 car and push the accelerator pedal to the bottom. You will soon feel the squealing of the tires!

Tires symbolize certain human processes, which also have the potential for squealing. 

But that doesn’t mean you never have to push to the bottom. I just want to say that sometimes you need to stop to change tires, rest, sleep and then hit the track again. Note, racers don’t drive cars 24/7; they rest every day.

So, my dear reader, I suggest you aim big. The bigger, the better! Aim for big goals every day for a few hours. If you strive for them, in the future, you will not regret that you wasted your life for nothing. And… And… don’t forget to rest DAILY! Enjoy maximalism and minimalism every day. Be an I don’t give a fuck kinda guy and a workaholic every day. Be everything like Alex Monaco! Be everything EVERY DAY!

Other problems relate to overreaching life goals and burnout

“Alex, you say that working 2-3 hours a day is enough. But how do you manage everything in such a short time? Is it possible to achieve big dreams while working just 3 hours a day?”

Let’s face it, it’s hard to achieve anything big by working only 3 hours a day, but you can work 5 hours a day. But why work 10 hours? By the way, if your goal is very big, you don’t have to achieve it in 1 year. If you decide to achieve a goal in 5 years, you can achieve the goal with only 2 hours a day. On the one hand, you won’t be in a hurry, but on the other hand, you will reach your goal strategically, spending two quality hours. 2 hours of good quality each day is better than 5 hours of poor quality. I believe what I say.

Plus, when it comes to achieving big goals, you must learn time management techniques. Tom Ferriss has written about this perfectly in his books. I’ve devoted an entire menu item to this problem here: time management.

“What if I’m already burnt out?”

Everyone burns out… Musicians, TV stars and businessmen burn out. Burnout is a serious matter, and if you have already overworked, you will have to contact specialists, professionals and an experienced psychologist. 

“Alex, I liked your article, how can I thank you?”

Write in the comments what you think. Or leave a comment, “Looking forward to more articles,” “Thank you for the article,” or “Thank you for free writing and sharing.”

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