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Which social network to choose? FB, Insta or TikTok?


There are two reasons why many people keep asking themselves, “Which social network is smarter to choose: TikTok, Instagram or Facebook?”

1. They want to save time. You see, people don’t want to spend time on social networks that “maybe” won’t bring any benefits.
2. They want faster success.

Once, I was wondering which social network to choose, too, and I made a choice!

Social network options

Oh yes, I chose all the social networks!

In life, I always choose everything. And you? Imagine your loved one asks—which movie would you like to watch, “Avatar 2” or “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” about Whitney Houston? Which movie would you choose?

“Avatar 2” or “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”

I would choose two. Because I’m not a slug.

Therefore, I have already seen these amazing movies. By the way, the Whitney Houston movie is better. But, anyway, both movies are worth paying attention to. And both need to be seen in the cinema. So don’t choose. If you love that person, don’t choose what to kiss—neck or nose, or lips—kiss everything! Similar thing with social networks. If you love the people to whom you sell products, then choose all free advertising channels! I will tell you why.

6 reasons why I use every social network possible

1. While you think about which network to choose, you are wasting time. Damn doubts!  

Humans are strange creatures. They think too much and do too little. On the other hand, it’s amazing. Because more than 95% of people are constantly thinking, I can outsmart them. That’s exactly what happens. While everyone is thinking, I’m uploading content on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. And you should do the same. Don’t be one of the 95% of people. While they’re thinking, create content. Think less and create more. Amen.

2. If I get deleted from Facebook (as it almost happened once), I will still be on Instagram or TikTok or…

Drill into your head the main rule: always beware of Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg’s minions can delete you, so the smartest thing to do is to post your content on different social networks. 

Because your account can get deleted on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. For example, once FB removed my account. Good thing I knew what to do. And you, do you know?

It’s essential to have a website. This is extremely important. Continuously advertise your website and collect email addresses from people who follow you on any social channel.

3. Social networks are free!

Did you know that you don’t have to pay any subscription fee to be on social networks! And you’re still wondering if it’s worth it… Eh

Previously, if you wanted to place a poster somewhere on THE WALL in the city center, you would have had to pay a significant amount of money. Now, when people spend more time online and on social media, you can appear on their WALLS for free. All you have to do is upload your content! And it would be best to post your content on as many different platforms and from different locations as possible. Plus, it’s important not only post “posters,” but also to use other advertising formats. And the best part is, all of this can be done FOR FREE!

Let’s go back to the year 2003, when I wasn’t using social networks. To promote my business, I had to buy advertising. So I would purchase Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Since the prices were huge, I decided to learn SEO. After I optimized my website well, I started getting orders from all over the world and Monaco. However, I wanted additional advertising channels but there were only a few of them. For example, there was YouTube. I used this channel. Some of my videos would get 50,000 views. For example, 13 years ago, I created guerrilla advertising for my company (later, I successfully sold it):

The old lady was played by an animator, and I created the script. And although we received many views, I am convinced that if I had posted such a video on TikTok, I would have received much more attention. Look at how much attention Vilius Jurgaitis receives on TikTok. A TikTok monster (in a good sense). But in my time, TikTok didn’t exist. I repeat, all this was before 13 years. Although Facebook was already there, I didn’t believe in it because I didn’t see the potential in it. And that was my mistake. But you have similar beliefs. Currently, you kind of know that you should pay more attention to social networks, but you are wondering if it’s really worth it. These thoughts are ruining your success. You don’t even realize how much you can do with social networks. For example, my book “Charged Thoughts” ad reached 500,000 viewers. I didn’t pay anything for it. I filmed the video myself and recorded the voice-over with a microphone that cost $15. Because the advantage of social networks is that you don’t need perfect cameras. This is your opportunity that you sent on five words, so you are harming yourself. Don’t harm your success, man. Don’t be the old version of me. Think globally. Like Alex Monaco.

4. I have created enough content that I am reposting it on other channels.

If you already have a Facebook or Instagram account and if you post content, why not post it everywhere else too?

It happens that a video that “didn’t shoot” on Facebook, shoots on TikTok and vice versa. This is what is happening in the world of social networks.

So, if you have a video, put it on Facebook Reels, Instagram Reels, TikTok, and Pinterest Reels!!! After all, you already have the content? Posting the same content on three channels would take only three minutes per day! You might say that people won’t like the same content on different channels? PFFFFT, THERE ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT PEOPLE on those channels. On the other hand, even if the people are the same, true fans won’t be mad if you post good content, because they are your fans!

If you have text information, share it on both Facebook and Instagram (you can post it on a white background as a photo). The point is to share your ideas on all channels. AND IF YOU DON’T DO THIS—YOU WILL LOSE THE GAME!

In the end, TikTok is full of motionless content. So upload photos instead of videos. You say, “Why?” Think less and do more! Talk less, do more! Dream less, do more!

“Bet, Alex, how do you manage to post content on all of your 10 accounts?” you will ask. I use It’s a website where you can schedule all of your posts months in advance. Even when I need to post something in 10 minutes, I still open Buffer. It’s way more convenient than using Instagram or Facebook. On Buffer, you can connect all of your social networks and manage them from one place. It’s simple and incredibly secure!

5. I care about other people. I take my work more seriously than others…

I care that my readers receive my advice. Due to this, I do everything in my power to get as many people to see my content as possible. And even if only two people read me on some social networks, I will still post content there. Two people are more than one. For example, I post content on Twitter, where I have only 12 followers. Here is my account:

So, as you’re thinking about whether it’s worth spending time on your social page that only has 30 followers, remember that I also don’t have many fans in some networks. Essentially, I am also a loser on so networks. Oh yes, I have problems just like you. But I don’t give up. Have you given up?


As I have enoooooooormous ambitions, all social networks combined help me reach more than 100,000 audience EVERY DAY.

I use Pinterest, as well as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. On TikTok, I have three accounts, one of which is American. On Instagram, I have more than four accounts (with a total of over 100,000 English-speaking followers) and I also have accounts on social networks that you may not have heard of.

In other words, when a Lithuanian blogger is thrilled about getting 100,000 views for their “successful” YouTube video, I get similar view counts organically, without even trying to create “viral” content.

Oh yes, more people read my content than fans gather in the “Zalgiris Arena” during a basketball match. And I’m not only talking about the Alex Monaco brand. I have many other projects that you will learn about if you read my books.

6. You don’t only need to maintain steam—you need to raise the new generation!

If you only manage one social channel, eventually your audience will age and your brand will be forgotten. To ensure a brighter future, you should share your creations/products and services with the younger generation! This is the only solution. That’s why you can find like Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, and other seniors on TikTok. Do you hear me? Even old guys are there!

“Alex, I understand that you suggest dedicating time to all social networks, but I don’t have that much time!” one reader will say. Do you think I have a lot of time?

Do you think I enjoy sitting at the computer and killing my eyes?

Damn it, I had a -6 due to the constant straining of my eyes!!!! Do you think I liked it??? And even though I had eye surgery, and even though I feel like my eyes are getting worse now, I’m still working! Because there is something more important than your time. Understand, thousands of people are looking for your art, your solutions, your thoughts AND YOU, BASTARD, DON’T LET THEM FIND YOU ON SOCIAL MEDIA!!!

I repeat, they are looking for you, and you…

“But, how do you know that I am needed by others?” you will ask.

“Because I myself thought that I wasn’t needed, but I was wrong,” Alex Monaco will say…

“Okay, I understand, man, but… Everyone is saying that Facebook is out of fashion and nobody uses it anymore, so why should I be on it?” another reader will ask. I have an answer!

Answer, if Facebook is losing influence, then why did my acquaintance, who has been claiming for five years that “Facebook is dead,” asked me to advertise his business on my Facebook page? Isn’t that too ironic?

He didn’t believe that Facebook was a good thing, so he didn’t spend time on growing his audience, but I wasn’t too puffed-up for it. The point is that people overthink things. But let’s not put all our eggs in one basket. Let’s be fair, after all, Facebook is getting old. That’s why many people are asking what will happen to Facebook after five years.

Let’s be realistic, Facebook will always remain. And I promise that in five years, I will still be on Facebook, even if all the social networks will surpass it. Understand, the more people will leave Facebook, the less competitors there will be. Less competitors is not a bad thing!

But I won’t just be on Facebook. I will be everywhere. And I’m already everywhere.

And I won’t only be there for myself.

I will be there for the people who are looking for answers. I was born to help them, so I must do everything I can to ensure THAT AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE HAVE ACCESS TO FREE ARTICLES LIKE THIS ONE. That is why this article will be made available in six languages on the website, where it will be read by people such as Poles, Arabs and …

Because I care not only about Americans. I care about the entire world. I do everything to make my life worth something. Not to get applause. Just, if there are possibilities, why should I only use one social network?


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