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Why are thousands of people following me on Facebook and other social networks?


Why do you think 100,000 people follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok? I have 7 accounts in English and other languages. (Two of the accounts are or Alexmonaconet.)

Answer: Because I’m the MOST GENEROUS blogger ever. You see, I use generosity marketing. And if you use it, you will crush all your competitors.

Why are thousands of people following me on Facebook

“Alex, are you saying you’re being generous? Don’t make me laugh! Tell us why you think so!” one of you will think.

I will tell you in a moment.

I always give something to my followers. For example, I’ve given away a wonderful, research-based book called “How to Kill Your Inner Critic” This book has been downloaded more than 10,000 times.

And in this article, I will give the best advice to those who want to grow the biggest Facebook page for themselves, and gather thousands of fans! And other Facebook marketers would just show you the middle finger and then bill you. Why? Because they are scrooges + cowards. They are afraid of you as a future competitor, so even for 10,000 euros, they would hardly tell you the secrets of Facebook. And I am made of a different dough, so I GIVE ALL MY SECRETS WITHOUT THE WATERPROOF PACKAGING. And I don’t care if you become a competitor after discovering the fundamental truths; I said I’m the most generous of all! 

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you—the person stroking this text with his eyes.

Give people everything you know!

Think about your business, products, services, or activities. Know that you don’t need to go on TV to be loved (as a person, an entrepreneur, or…) and to be famous. You don’t need to have €10,000. All you have to do is roll up your sleeves and tell the world everything you know. Just like I do here and on Facebook. Because if you don’t do it, people still won’t know what you know. For example, someone needs information on how to care for their facial skin. Therefore, if you are a beauty expert, convey ALL your secrets to the readers.    

“But people will steal my ideas and methods,” a beautician will say. But how else can people understand that you are a super-specialist? M? Answer: How will they know that you are worth paying attention to if you only post ads on Facebook? Why should they refer to you as an expert if you aren’t educating them on Facebook and your website? Do you understand? That’s it. That’s why you can’t hide anything. Just tell your entire experience. Put your heart on the table. Because someone really needs your experience/knowledge.

But enough about skin matters. Because my readers are engaged in different fields. Some offer consultations; others want to sell products. You need to be visible online for your Facebook account to get attention. Tell us:

a) Where did you get the idea to do what you’re doing?
b) Describe how you discovered and corrected a flaw in your product or service. (People like adventures.)
c) How much do you enjoy and value your job? (If you don’t value it, others won’t either.)
d) How do you drink your coffee or tea in the morning? (Because not everyone doesn’t give a f*ck.)
e) How are you looking for new employees?
f) How to avoid scammers who sell similar products to yours.

I have listed only a few topics. You will find out more next time; after all, I’m extremely generous. And if you think I’m not like that, know that I am much more generous than computer repair companies. Why do I think so? Let me clarify things for you.

A story about hard disk drive failure

The hard drive on my computer once crashed. I lost important files. So I thought, “How to recover it?”

I opened a Google search and found several phony articles. One of them was on the “Creative IT” website. The first thing they offered me was to pay for their services. Believe me, not 10 or 20 euros! But I was fortunate. I found a link to FB in a Google search (even Google loves Facebook). I clicked. And my face broke into a smile. Guess what? A generous guy showed up. This person wrote an article on how to recover files for free! It offered to download the “Data Recovery Pro” app. The article was very honest/clear. Do you think I downloaded the app? No! Even though I could do everything myself (and even though I am an individualist), I called this person, and… he earned! In a word, he got me, although he wrote how to solve a question that was important to me!

This is how generosity marketing works—you say it all, but you get customers anyway. I know it sounds quite paradoxical, but in the world, everything always happens differently than you think. When you don’t need customers, they pop up, and when you need them, they evaporate like morning fog. Therefore, you should not be afraid to tell people how they can do everything independently without you.

How to use generosity marketing 

I know there will be contradictory ones. Among them would surely be “Creative IT,” which wrote a selfish article on how to supposedly recover the hard drive but didn’t explain anything decently and only offered to pay. “Creative IT” doesn’t care about people. “Creative IT” only cares about people’s pockets, so I will never buy computers there! But I will purchase services from a generous guy with only a business license and a Facebook account. That’s why a generous guy won the war with the great company “Creative IT.”

So if you are repairing computers, take my advice. Tell the world how to solve technical problems (for free), and you will build a huge audience of fans who will later buy your services. (In other words, you can create a specialized portal where people can find free information, and then you can sell advertisements on your portal. Your portal can give value or be entertaining. For example, if you want to be a famous artist, create a Facebook account (and maybe even a website) for your country’s or state’s artists, and their promoters will write to you. After receiving their letters, you will write back, “Okay, I can promote you, but you will promote me and my services!”)

“But why should I give solutions to people? I’m not stupid! They won’t buy my services!” will tell a businessman who doesn’t realize that people don’t like to do anything themselves. Even if you tell them how to build the fastest computer in the world, hardly anyone will!!!

And would you make a suit for yourself if you found information on how to do it on the internet? I doubt it…

In other words, telling everyone about YOUR BUSINESS SECRETS will TRIPLE your sales!

Because people are looking for a generous hero. When buyers make their choice, they don’t just pay attention to prices. They are looking into whether you are educating or just cooking/pumping money. 

If you are the #1 professional, you still won’t be recognized as a top expert because you are not engaging in education on your Facebook account. But if you start educating the public, you will climb the highest peak on Olympus. Because people respect those, who educate and not only perform technical work.

Do you understand?

“Alex, what are you talking about? I don’t know how to write, and you offer me to write books and articles?” someone will say. But, hey, people need technical information. It doesn’t have to be beautifully presented! The most important is the benefit!

And if you don’t want to write, at least sometimes share good articles translated from English (just don’t be afraid and always write where you got them from).

Or tell about the books you have read where people can find the best information.

Enough complaining! Don’t be a scrooge!

Oh yeah, you don’t have to write long articles and books. You can share photos with mini-captions, as I sometimes do. But there’s no Ferrari and success evidence in my photos. Because I’m not online to show off but to remind people of the importance of believing in myself and sharing my experiences with others.

My photo represents emotions. I share photos to promote positivity. And when people get positivity, they feel like they are getting a gift. And sometimes I put a video. Sometimes I write a long article. Sometimes I give away a free PDF. Sometimes I share advice from my mentor. I’m a mix, a cocktail of values. I’m a bazooka with which you will shoot all doubts to hell―just use me!

Most importantly, people feel that I’m creating to solve their problems. It’s my mission. And this article is written only because I want to solve your problems. I desire it with all my heart, SO YOU FEEL MY DRIVE! It is bursting through the monitor screen! And for you to get even more benefits, I encourage you to read this article again. It would be even better if you saved it, as such articles are rare. Oh yes, this article has tips that YOU WILL NOT FIND IN ANY MARKETERS BLOG. Because only a few people have a decent knowledge about generosity marketing except Gary Vaynerchuk and a few people I know. Gary Vaynerchuk knows this is the first and foremost rule of successful marketing, endorsed by the father of guerilla marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson. Or are you saying that it is not worth being a generous person? So be a scrooge! Hide your experience and knowledge! And then surely no one will see anything to respect you for! Your choice. And I will continue to tell! Everything, everything. And I’m already doing that in this article. And tomorrow there will be more, and the day after tomorrow. Because I can’t get enough of being a generous person!

Thank you!!!

P.S. Write in the comments: “I found some good tips, thanks,” or “I will use your advice Alex” or simply “thank you,” or “I don’t believe in generosity marketing, but I do believe in ____.” 

Your comments inspire and encourage even greater generosity. Finally, and most importantly, let people, after seeing your thanks, finally understand that they too should be generous on social networks (FB, Instagram, TikTok, and www)!

Let’s descuss!

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