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Why do I have no motivation?


Despite that lack of motivation is a big problem, you can solve it. How? In this article, I will tell you the main secrets the society and Illuminati were hiding from you! (I’m joking about Illuminati. I believe if Illuminati exists, their hands are too short.) 

Why do I have no motivation?

Let’s begin!

No. 1 reason why you have no motivation to do anything

You lack motivation because you don’t know how motivation works. It’s the main reason. Period. Or maybe I’m wrong? Okay, imagine that your friends and teachers tell you secrets of motivation from an early age. 

In the first class, you learn how to reach dreams. Then, in the second one, you learn it again. And imagine that you get a diploma:

The master of Motivation diploma

I’m convinced if you had a black belt in motivation, you could break all the problems and obstacles, but unfortunately… 

But don’t be sad! Today you will receive all the information you didn’t receive in school and the internet.

7 most powerful ways to get motivation

Okay, dear reader, I will give you the best tools and techniques to start finding your motivation again. Of course, all tips may not be for you, but I’m sure that if you invest time in each tip, you will find the most powerful ones which work for you!

1. Watch inspiring videos that share positive, encouraging stories.

It always works. But don’t watch videos for whole days. Dedicate only 5 minutes. When I lack motivation, I watch a few Gary Vee videos, and in 3 minutes, I’m superman again.

2. Give yourself incentives or rewards for accomplishing tasks.

I love croissants and apple pies. Sometimes I tell myself, “When I accomplish work, I’ll go for the marzipan croissant.” 

3. Use proven motivational tools, such as the Grenade Method.

Anyone who knows me has heard about the Grenade Method I created. I designed it to get amazing results. Read about this method here “A ridiculously useful time management tool.”

4. Stand in the center of the room (office) and do nothing for exactly one minute.

It works… Just try it! Sometimes I don’t feel like working on a PC at all. And if I don’t do anything about it, I sit and stare at the monitor like a goat with glass eyes. In such a case, I turn on the music. But if it doesn’t help, I turn it off. Then I stand in the center of the room and look at one dot… Trust me, it sucks. Doing nothing is very boring. Sometimes I need to stand in the middle of the room for 15 seconds and immediately want to return to work. It’s such a little hack that works if you use it!

5. Organize your list of tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks.

This point doesn’t even need to be explained; you understand it yourself, only sometimes you forget to divide the work into smaller tasks 😉

6. Get outside for a walk to center your focus.

I walk every day. At least once a day. Others go out to smoke, and I go for a walk. As a rule, I work very well after a walk. This method of motivation is not very powerful, but it helps when you lose the will to work after a few hours of work.

7. Commit.

I’ve talked so much about it that I won’t repeat myself, but I’ll share the link: “How to change your life in 30 days.”

How to get motivated for a year or a lifetime?

When people talk about motivation, they usually talk about how to get motivated for today. But it’s not very important. The most important question is how to get motivation for a month, a year, or even a decade.

Getting motivated for a decade requires changing your mindset and habits.

Change your mindset and habits.

Imagine the mindset and habits of a motivated person. When you have habits, it’s much easier for you. Therefore, you should work on your personality.

Realize that you will behave as short-sighted if you focus on getting motivated only for today. So, I suggest looking at the problems globally. Oh yes, keep yourself motivated for the future!

Surround yourself with individuals in your life who are also focused on goals and share achievements and obstacles with you.

The more people around you strive for something, the more fuel you will have for motivation.

Spend at least 15 minutes a day learning self-motivation techniques.

Understand that the more you know how motivation works, the sooner you will start to control yourself in a better way.

Let’s descuss!

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