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Why we are unhappy when we achieve our goals


What do you think this puppy wants?
Why we are unhappy
Why is this puppy so unhappy? And why are there so many people like him, even though they can be cute? Why are their eyebrows wrinkled? Why are people tense? 

I will answer this question! You will like it. This is the best article of the year, so you can’t miss it!

Let’s begin!

Why we are unhappy when we achieve our goals?

To people, it seems that when we achieve our goals, we feel that we will finally be able to breathe / relax / become happy. But the opposite happens. When we achieve a goal, we are unhappy for some reason, so all we want is to bang our heads against the wall or turn on the TV to escape from reality.

I’ll tell you why this is so. You see, there’s one truth which only wisdom people know. I will convey this truth in a quote, which will make it easier to remember the essence. Are you ready?

Achieving the intended goal is difficult, but it is even more difficult to keep the achieved goal in your hands.

For the sake of clarity, I propose transforming this idea, giving it a broader meaning:

It is unlikely that a cute bird will want to be in your hands for more than two weeks, especially if you hold on to it with all ten fingers.

So, what do you think?

But enough speaking in metaphors. Answer what’s more difficult: establishing a relationship or living in harmony with the second half into old age?

We all know the answer, right?

Because making a faithful friendship is more difficult than talking to a passerby + finding a new friend.

This problem affects absolutely all activities; activities performed by you or your friends.

Let’s start with the musicians and producers who will surely agree with my thoughts, saying, “Alex, you surprised me! For the first time in your life, you speak wisely because you are right after all! Because recording a song is easier than making it a hit.”

And what to say about money? Relating my thoughts to dollar$, we get the following sentence: “Winning a million is hard, but it’s even harder to make that million work for you and make your wealth grow, not diminish.

As you can see, this rule applies to everything that can be found in the world. No matter what goal you achieve, you will have to sweat / plowdon’t dare dream of resting! Therefore, when we start a business or find the other half, we find neither peace nor happiness. On the contrary, when we reach the goal, we act like puppies… Why am I talking about a puppy?

You’ll understand in a moment.

First, answer what you think a puppy might want.

Maybe a bone?

The problem is that after receiving the bone, the puppy does not have time to enjoy it because it focuses on defense.
why we are not happy
Hey reader, don’t even think about MY MY MY bone that I hid from you. I’m telling you that you won’t get my bone! NO WAY!!! ONLY WHEEEEEEN PIGS FLY!

Do you think people behave differently? Well, definitely not!

I remember the first time I earned a large sum of money. I was happy. (It was a solid payment on account for a large job.) But, suddenly, the joy faded out. I didn’t have a bodyguard nearby, so I asked myself, “where should I put the money so no one can steal it?”

I’m not alone. As a result, people who have earned something drown in thoughts of keeping the achieved goal, which guarantees a lot of nervousness, anxiety, and stress.

How to resolve this?

First of all, you should understand that achieving your goal does not guarantee happiness. It must be nailed to your head. This inscription must be tattooed into your subconscious three times!

“But I already know this,” you will say. However, the problem is not with knowledge but with the use of knowledge. Because knowledge is not enough. Let me show you an image where everything will be put in the right place.
we are unhappy infographick
As you can see, knowledge isn’t everything. The question of the matter is how you combine knowledge. Moreover, wisdom depends on the ability to see value structures in 3D! And if—

“Alex, are you saying there’s no need to pursue goals?” a reader will interrupt my thought. 

It’s not wrong to pursue goals; but, what’s important is what the goals change. In my opinion, goals should be achieved through experience and personality, improved mindset, and emotional management training. The main goal should be to change your attitude, to become a wise person whose mood does not depend on whether he will receive a lot of compliments, whether he has a good car, or is popular and has a successful career. This is my opinion. If you don’t like it, you can bite. Like a dog. You can bite my leg or my heart by leaving a bad comment? But what will you accomplish by leaving bad emotions? What’s the purpose of anger? You think I’ll be angry and sad if you call me a donkey? No, definitely not. Because it’s not what you call me, but what I believe. Therefore, I won’t change my mind. Let me repeat: the problem lies in desire to get a bone and keeping it in your paws as long as possible is that the more we protect the bone, the tenser we become.

This problem is very harmful to relationships. After all, when you are tense, your other half feels it. Accordingly, defensive functions are activated, and scenes of jealousy are created. As a result, the relationship hangs on one hair or breaks down irreversibly.

When you are tense, the emotions of an angry goblin can show up on your face, like a puppy who really knows how to be cute, but only when he forgets his bones and starts enjoying the simple moments.


Yes, I have used the word “bone” more than five times throughout this article. But let’s face it: that word befits the topic. You could make a song with the noun “bone”: “Bone… my bone, my boooones.” I would be happy if someone made a documentary with a title that would explain my theory—because it matters.

After all, it’s because of “bone”-like issues that many men have trouble sleeping. Lying in bed today, they will consider whether the stocks they purchased will pay off…

But what if the stocks pay off? Nothing. Because when we achieve the goal, we don’t make life easier—we make it harder. After all, if you’re making more money with securities, you will have to think about where to reinvest that money. Admittedly, earning money is not a bad thing, but on the other hand, billions of people pray daily to a wormy philosophy that is contrary to the universal / eternal laws of the universe. 

I’m sure there will be some who will contradict my thoughts, so one of the readers of this article will enthusiastically raise his hand to the sky and ask the question: “But what should I do if I want to be happy?”

You have already received the answer! I have presented it in this article at least twice! Let’s be attentive. Unfortunately, few know how to concentrate, as they are still looking for advice on how to achieve that dream bone… that they could protect in their safe… Ugh, people…


Let’s descuss!

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