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5 reasons why is the world so F*CKED up (Updated 2023 october )


I warn you. My words may offend, so I suggest that the sensitive ones stay in their comfort zone, and to those who don’t want to think in a stereotypical way, I will say, “This article is the best thing that could have happened to you!”

Man with suit thinking ABOUT reasons why is the world so fucked up

And I will not encourage you to accept my philosophy or belief; on the contrary, I will liberate you from the standard mindset in which modern media brainwash you!

Do you want all of this? Now let’s start with the first reason, which spoils not only honey but also pepper with salt.

5 Reasons why the world is fucked up
why this world is fucked up

1. HUGE drug prices!

Once, businesspeople crossed the line and decided to make money by manufacturing drugs. Previously, those same businesspeople used to push cocaine. But now, there’s no need to do that because they can earn more from drugs.

two GUYS from movie war dogs. Escobar quote about coke and drugs

🕵 “Seriously, why push coke when drugs can make more money???”


(Escobar’s spirit still controls medical companies.)

Unfortunately, many will oppose me. Because a) they don’t have grandparents, b) they’ve never had serious health problems. But the truth is that drug prices are rising faster than gas prices. 

Because drugs are not made for the purpose of American citizens living longer, THY ARE CREATED TO ENRICH THE MANUFACTURERS.

Quote by Alex Monaco about drugs and manufacturers.

“Alex, you’re an idiot; the prices are so high because… well, because it takes a lot of work… We are POOR, WE HAVE NOTHING TO EAT!” a pharmaceutical magnate will complain. But I’m not alone… Inmaculada Hernandez (associate professor at Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at UC San Diego and senior study author) has shown that high drug prices are not associated with research and development costs.

And that’s not all. Research has shown that there is no correlation between therapeutic value and cost. It seems that pharmacists are working with the following type of men:

Gif about pharmacists and fucked up world

In other words, the medical industry has its hands in blood no less than arms dealers. It’s not my personal opinion, so get your sticky fingers off me, dear trolls.

While YouTubers create videos about how companies like Bet365 are behaving badly, businessmen from medical companies are killing the elderly… because people who are unable to pay for their medication end up in mortuaries.

I’m sure, I will receive a lot of criticism. Because it’s veeeery difficult to make medicines… Why do vitamins then cost even 7 Euros? What do you think is the cost of producing vitamins? Is it really worth paying 7 Euros for a package of vitamins? Do you know that not all parents can afford to buy vitamins for their children???

“Yes, yes, but drugs are expensive because plenty of money goes to advertising!” businessmen will complain. But doesn’t Coca-Cola spend money on advertising? If advertising were so expensive, the price of a Coca-Cola bottle would be like in Monaco: 6-8 Euros! Are you saying that advertising raises the price?

Or maybe drugs cost a lot because they need to be transported from far away? Well, yes, if they are transported from Medellin, where Escobar lived, then it all makes sense…

Eh… It’s said that some drugs require 25 years before they can be sold. From the latest vaccines, it can be understood that this is not necessary, but the cost of drugs is abnormal.

Both the Government and global organizations should be held responsible for this. The Government MUST cover all expenses for pensioners. Yes, I’m talking about all medical expenses! Because if we have to pay for medicine, then in what kind of country and world do we live in? 

“But, Alex, if businessmen didn’t want to make money, there wouldn’t be good drugs in pharmacies!” you will say. Then answer, why was penicillin created? Was the creation of penicillin truly motivated by money?

That’s why while trolls search for my flaws, medicine prices go up. And when these trolls grow old, they will also have to pay for the medicine. Then we will see how the bearded trolls sing. And finally, here are some numbers: 

a) When Turing Pharmaceuticals bought the rights to Daraprim, they raised the drug’s price from $13.50 per tablet to $750 per tablet. 

b) EpiPens (used to treat potentially fatal allergic reactions) rose from $265 for a two-pack to more than $600 in 3 years. Fucked businessmen. 

Are you still surprised by the jumps in prices?

This was one of the reasons why is the world so fucked up, let’s go to the second reason!

2. People believe that they will finally become happy once they achieve their goals.

I used to think that creating a business and finding a girlfriend would make me happy. Damn it, not even close. Even in 2014, when I worked with clients from the US and Monaco, I still felt miserable. I lacked not the goals that many people strive for but gratitude and compassion. I lacked knowledge of what true happiness is. I didn’t know how to experience happiness here and now. 

That’s not all. I didn’t know that happiness is for superficial people.

And I didn’t know that happiness can be the result of intelligent actions, not the main goal.

But I managed to find the answer.

Today, I strive for goals, not to become happy… I strive for goals because I am already happy. These are different things. When you strive for goals feeling fulfillment, then everything works out. But when you do everything just to experience happiness, then you act like a self-important person. Because if you do something just to experience pleasure, then you put pressure on yourself… Because you’re not doing it for pleasure but for the sake of pleasure. 

I know you understand me, but others don’t. They don’t know how to read between the lines. If you understand me, please write in the comments: “I agree, we should strive for goals not to become happy, but because we are already enjoying happiness.”   

“But, Alex, your articles are not comprehensive! Why did you not write more about it?” a reader will ask, unaware that this concept has already been described in my articles. I suggest reading more about it; on the website you will find a lot of content that you won’t find anywhere else! Plus, I write in 6 languages.

3. 13,000 nuclear bombs are not enough! (The Greta Thunberg phenomenon)

The USA, Russia and other countries have produced over 13,000 atomic bombs (source).

13,000 nuclear bombs

But that’s not enough for them. They produce more. And it seems that there’s nothing terrible here, but you don’t know how many mistakes the army makes.

Did you know that the Americans dropped bombs on America in 1961? This is not a fairy tale.

During the Goldsboro B-52 incident, the U.S. dropped two 3-megaton nuclear bombs on its state of North Carolina. Each had the power of 250 Hiroshimas. Declassified intel from 2013 showed that one of them nearly detonated upon impact. Thankfully, they weren’t properly armed, and they failed to ignite. What a questionable luck!

It would be nice if mistakes happened once every 50 years, but they happen all the time! Every decade! And the more rockets are made, the more mistakes happen! No need to even show the formulas here!

I quote: “In March, 2022, India accidentally fired a missile into Pakistan’s Mian Channu city. India blamed the accident on a technical malfunction from ‘routine maintenance.’”

Look, in 2022 they ACCIDENTALLY launched a rocket! Do you still trust fools who wear uniforms?

More about the errors read here.

Also, while we were talking, another curious thing happened! In 2023, on January 28, a group of morons lost a radioactive capsule! The capsule is believed to have fallen off the truck while transported to the warehouse! Its hard to believe all this absurdity, but its written about it here.

But the problem isn’t just with rockets. We are talking about pochuism that surrounds us at every step. And the bad thing is that it’s hard for us to change that because there are idiots who call it all conspiracies. But the article I just shared isn’t just about rockets. Global warming is mentioned there. But many cry, “There’s no global warming. It’s made up!!!”

Let it be made up, but that doesn’t mean you have to kill the planet! DO YOU HEAR ME OR NOT? WHETHER THERE’S WARMING OR NOT, IN ANY EVENT, WE MUST TAKE ACTION TO PREVENT IT!

And they seem to understand all this, but few cares, and the worst part is that those who don’t care trample those who do. I’m talking about the Greta Thunberg phenomenon. Few people realize that those who fight Greta Thunberg represent the side of the barricade on which the producers of nuclear weapons stand.

You have already noticed how many people hate Greta Thunberg. Among Greta’s haters, you can find the famous psychiatrist Jordan Peterson (who needs a psychiatrist himself). If Greta were his daughter, he would definitely support her, but she is not his daughter, so he criticizes her…

“But the planet isn’t polluted, everything is okay with the planet and Greta is trying for no reason!” Jordan Peterson will start crying. I have an answer for him, “Peterson, even if pollution is only 0.01%, that doesn’t give people the right to pollute it!”

It’s interesting that for the billionaires, it’s convenient that Greta is being criticized. It gives them the opportunity to continue earning by destroying the Earth. 

“Maybe Greta is a product of her mother’s influence! She is a victim! She is just doing what her mother tells her to do!” Putin will add. Putin has also stated, “Greta doesn’t understand complex global issues like these well enough. Furthermore, it’s always unfortunate when people use children and teenagers for their interests.”

And you, Putin, don’t you use children for your own benefit? You sent them to war!

And you, Jordan… You became popular by criticizing children and gathering a group of students who made you popular. You say you don’t use students? Hmm… it smells like double standards… 

Regarding Greta’s mother… Listening to Greta’s critics, it seems that other children don’t behave as their mothers want! It turns out that only Greta listens to her mommy… Oh, how bad it is to listen to your mother… It seems that mothers cannot set an example for their children! Some are upset that the father “used” Greta for his own benefit and took her out of school to take her to various events. Well, it seems that learning in school is more important than taking care of the planet! Great, those who hate education encourage children to learn in school!!!

That’s not all… Peterson is also concerned about Greta’s stress… It’s ironic how psychiatrist Jordan Peterson in one video, teaches that stress is necessary for a person to become stronger, but in another video, he cries that Greta is experiencing stress… Something doesn’t match… And yet, is stress necessary or not?

Plus, in another video, Peterson states, “To survive in today” society, you have to be a monster.” So, how about a monster, Jordan? So you’re saying you can be a monster, and Greta can’t? Okay, Mr Dictator!    

So, should Greta’s opponents be taken seriously? I doubt it… Remember what Jordan Peterson once tweeted: “Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.”

Dr Jordan B Peterson twitted his thoughts about tolerance fat woman

I wonder what Jordan Peterson will say about his wife when she gets older—“My wife is old and she is not beautiful.” I wonder what he will say if someone in the future writes: “Sorry Peterson, your wife is not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.

I used to respect Jordan, but after he started barking at women, at daughters and at people, I realized that he cares more about scandals than a clear mind.

I’m not alone in thinking that such people have lost their sanity.

Someone wrote a comment on @jordanbpeterson’s account: Bro, you have a body like Gumby, sit the fuck down.

This commentator has descended to the level of Jordan Peterson. In my opinion, there is no need to insult people based on their appearance. Unfortunately, Jordan doesn’t understand this… He doesn’t know how to put himself in a situation where those close to him would receive similar criticism that he uses against other people. And, unfortunately, many people don’t understand this, which is why the world is spinning downward. 

Because we don’t see other people as our friends… We treat people based on whether we know them or not. But this is hypocrisy!

If Jordan Peterson was my friend, I would still tell him what I think. 

I know that trolls will attack me, trying to prove that Greta is not perfect and that “plus size” models actually look terrible. They will argue that Greta Thunberg is not suitable for her role. Do you say that Greta is not suitable to represent values? And what should a person who is suitable for fighting for an eco-friendly world look like? Use “Midjourney.” Generate with AI, dear self-proclaimed gentlemen.  

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how old a person is or who is influencing them; the most important thing is that THERE IS MORE FREQUENT TALK ABOUT SAVING THE EARTH. And it’s better if there are more Gretas than naysayers.


4. People don’t know how to achieve their goals.

Modern society claims that the most important thing is to understand what you want. But what from that desire when you don’t know how to achieve that goal?

Punch my head, but I think the education system is broken. 

Not just broken, but killing potential.

Schools don’t teach how to achieve goals. 

But if you don’t know how to achieve a goal, how can you learn the lessons? How can you get a good grade in school if the teachers don’t teach you to set goals?

And everyone understands this, but there is no lesson that teaches you how to achieve goals… They don’t teach how the process of goal pursuit takes place… After all, they could explain about it at least in the 9th grade, right?

Unfortunately, (…). 

“But that doesn’t matter, it’s much more important to understand what you want,” a teacher will say… Once I wanted to find myself… And I did… I wanted to become the most successful performer. That was my dream. I played, created music at night, but I was unknown. And even though I was played on the radio and even though I was on TV, no one knew me. Because I DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO ACHIEVE MY DREAMS. So, what’s the point in knowing what you want if you don’t know how to achieve it? 

And later, I understood what I should strive for. I realized that I like to achieve goals. That is, I began to like not the goal itself but the processes by which I can achieve the goals. 

It’s much more important.

Now I’m not looking for my goals. And now I’m not afraid of losing my hobby because my hobby is already perfect. I don’t stress myself out when working on goals. I don’t stress at all. So I don’t have to feel sad about not reaching my goal. But I adore planning and executing my plans. Executing plans is my passion. And the faster I reach the goal, the more I admire myself. 

I know not everyone understood, but 5 percent of readers will shake my hand when they meet me live but for now, let me introduce you the reason why is the world so fucked up no. 5.

5. People pursue goals that have been imposed on them by an unhappy society.

“Yes yes, people are after the wrong things! But I have my goal, I play the violin,” John from Nashville will say, thinking that his goal is cool, which is an illusion. Oh yes, John, look in the mirror and answer, what do you want? How did you learn about your goals? You say you want to become a musician. Isn’t this goal imposed on you? Do you want to learn to play the violin, that piece of wood? I’M NOT SAYING VIOLINS SHOULD BE BURNED; I’M SIMPLY SAYING THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS THAN VIOLINS!!!

Or say you’re cool because you want to help out a few friends and your kids? Understand, helping your children and friends is the least you can do! I understand, it seems to you that this is enough, but the essence lies much deeper…

Oh yes, there are plenty of wise and meaningful goals; the only problem is that you don’t know about them yet…


“Okay, but why is there no information about this?” someone will ask.

Some would blame the Illuminati. But I don’t believe in conspiracies. I think humanity has not evolved yet. But you have me. With me, you will transcend time and discover goals that humanity will only begin to talk about after many years.

Oh yes, I know exactly what you should be aiming for. Do you want it? Then write in the comments: “I want a list of goals! Write about it in another article!”

Oh yes, I won’t tell you my goals if you don’t want to, so write if you want to know them! But know, the goals I will suggest will be so perfect that once you learn about them, you will never give them up. You will tell your children about them, and you will be grateful to me for the rest of your life!

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    Hi Alex,
    First of all Thank You and You’re Welcome for you’re article. I just finished reading your article on “5 Reasons why the World is so Fucked Up” and I have to say I was magnetized to keep reading more and more. I had to sign up to receive your news letter in my email box. Finally someone I can relate to ! I think you’re awesome and a straight shooter at that and you definitely get right to the point. Looking forward to reading more and I’m definitely book marking your website and will be on it like real soon ! Best Wishes & Happiness Man !

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