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Why do I not recommend creating your own AI clone?


These days, it’s trendy to talk about artificial intelligence and automation, but one thing worries me…

Imagine creating your own AI (artificial intelligence) clone. I’m talking about a digital version that you could place on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and your website.

Your clone:

  1. Looks like you
  2. Speaks with your voice
  3. Generates its own topics, texts, and articles
  4. Decides when to upload content and posts videos 
  5. Responds to comments on its own.

your own AI clone

Since the AI clone does everything for you 24/7, you no longer need to waste time!

While you sleep, it buzzes like a bee. Bzzzzzzzzz.

A marvel! Maaaagic!!!

Simply marvelous, unparalleled!

You’re enjoying millions of views EVEN without lifting a finger, just sipping piña coladas.

While you unwind in Bora Bora, your AI becomes the internet’s biggest sensation. Admit it, quite an accomplishment, isn’t it?

So, CNN invites you to a show.

You think, “Wait, are they inviting me or the AI??”

However, the AI CLONE isn’t a physical object, so you have to step onto the stage.

And there you are, on the stage.

The reporter opens his mouth…

You get a question, BUT you don’t know what to say… Your AI clone was trained to speak, not you.

By granting all powers to the clone, you ceased working on camera, resulting in a lack of experience. Heck, you didn’t even invest sufficient time to learn conversational skills. Your self-confidence is lacking, unlike your AI clone, as you’ve mostly hidden from the public eye.

Thus, it’s amusing when people online suggest you create an AI clone. They’re simply fools.

Understand me correctly; I have nothing against it if you want to create your AI version. It might even benefit me because the less you learn, record your voice, and film yourself, the harder it will be for you to compete with me.

But think carefully if it’s worth it…

Because in the future, everyone will want authenticity. In just 10 years, everyone will be trying to use clones, but you, be yourself. Be genuine.

Learn to speak in front of the camera because in the future, only those who can speak with their own mouths will succeed.

Learn to RESPOND to questions in real-time, as a living personality.

And if AI does everything for you, then in the future, you’ll regret not daring to speak in front of the camera and share your authenticity online. Because any coward can upload their clone, but only heroes can film themselves.

Understand me correctly—I’m not saying not to use GPT technologies. My team works with GPT and other tools, but visuals and sound must be REAL. Authenticity is the only tool to earn REAL money!

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