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Self-Help Book Publisher “Monabooks” Is Accepting Submissions

Publishing a self-help book is not so hard; harder to make sure your book becomes a bestseller. So make sure you work with a publisher who knows how to sell your book. We are the best in sales. And right now, we are accepting submissions.

Are you a self-help author?

If you are looking for a publishing company, you can contact our self-help book publishing house: Monabooks.  

We publish only self-help books. Although we are young, the main point is that we are THE BEST. There are more than 10 reasons why other authors choose us.

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How we help self-help authors

1. We can sign a contract with you to represent you and increase your sales. We work exclusively with self-development authors. We don’t allow other genres of books. We adore self-help biographies, self-development guides, and books that help you get to know yourself and others.

2. We know how to promote a book. Our publishing house employs marketers who care for your advertising and image.

3. We help you with market research and branding.

4. We don’t leave authors “on ice” as other self-help book publishers do. 99% of authors expect the author to promote the book himself, but we work differently. We help our authors set up their email lists and marketing campaigns.

5. We have our own advertising channels that work great. We have several self-help pages to promote your book. More than 100,000 people visit alone, which is already a tool to influence your sales.

6. We don’t only work in the US. We have serious partners in Australia, Europe, Poland and the Baltic states. In these countries, your books will reach at least 1000 sales in the first month.

7. We have investors on our team. This means that if the book is suitable for investors, they will support your ideas and your book. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

8. We provide the highest quality proofreading & editing.

9. We layout, design, print, distribute, and publish your book in paperback, eBook, or audio. 

10. We help you build your author website, and, of course, we know how Amazon works.

“Okay, I understand that you have advertising channels and you can publish a self-help book, but how do I show you what I wrote? Do you want to publish my book?” you ask.

We will gladly help you.

We are accepting submissions

You only need to do 2 steps.

1. First of all, go to Instagram HERE:

Write me a message (I check messages on Instagram daily), and I will send you my personal email address.

2. Write an email to the specified address, attaching 7 pages from your book as an attachment.

I guarantee confidentiality (two people will only review your text) and a quick response.

We inform authors about our decisions within a week. Other publishers may not even respond if you try to contact them. Because they truly don’t care about you. I myself have looked for a publisher before, and I know the problems you are facing, so I will give you what I didn’t receive when I was in your position.

Yes, if you send us at least 7 pages, it’s possible that we will become your angels.

Just imagine how great you would feel if hundreds of thousands of people read your books.


Don’t oversleep everything.

Take the opportunity!

Use the bridge to success.

We are a trampoline, which will work only if you try. And if you don’t try, then how will you know?

I repeat, our self-development publisher company “Monabooks” only publishes self-development books. This means that we will not tell you, “This year we are not planning to release any self-development books.” This means you have significantly more chances of getting a positive response from us than from other publishers.

Publishing a self-help book is not hard; harder is to climb to the bestseller list

Many authors have reached out to us. Therefore, we have a choice. We choose only those authors who are willing to give their all to their work. We want authors whose eyes spark with the fire and passion for self-development and culture. And if you have that passion, everything will be better than okay.

Our requirements

1. We are looking for authors who are willing to work at least 12/7 for the first few months. We’re serious, how about you? 

2. We are looking for authors who want to publish more than one or several self-development books. 

3. We are looking for authors who want to be known and who are fearless in talking about their mistakes. 

4. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what your gender or beliefs are; we’re looking for real people who have climbed out of the deepest hole possible. 

5. We receive a lot of inquiries from authors. But we are looking for passionate authors who want to earn money. We are not interested in authors who say, “It would be nice to have a book out there to show to children.” We want to work with people whose life mission is to make the world a better place. 

So are you going to publish with us your self-help books? If not, you can turn to other self-help publishers. I hope you find the best self-help publisher and you will succeed. If this happens, write to us. We are not scrooges, and we talk about self-help books on our website, which is visited by thousands. Here is our page where you can advertise your book:

More about our self-development publishing house

Who is Self-Help Book Publishing Company “Monabooks”

“Monabooks” is a group of experienced professionals who are based in the US and have worked in the publishing business for over 10 years. We worked mostly on self-help books. Working with other publishers, we saw the main problems, so we decided to create a new company focusing only on a self-help culture. We have enough acquaintances to give our authors great sales.

We have partners in Australia and the Baltic states, where the self-help industry is just taking the first steps. You have many possibilities there.