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Bad life rules that you should avoid: Losers rules


If you want less success and happiness, please follow the losers rules which you will find below! 

51 losers rules!  

1. Be afraid to make fun of yourself! If you make fun of yourself, your life will end! Your main goal in life is to look serious—that is the most important goal in your life! 

2. Speak more and do less!

3. Use the words “I told you so!!!” as often as possible. It gives maturity to your image!

4. Constantly criticize others as this will create the image of an intelligent genius!

5. Lie—lying is a springboard to success!

6. If others don’t believe in you, then don’t believe in yourself either! And if they believe in you and encourage you to pursue your goals, then you can trust yourself. But first, they have to respect you, and then things will go smoothly!!! 

7. Complain, complain, complain. Complaining people beautify the surroundings, and everyone loves them. Complaining is easier than hard work, so it pays to do it! Let Alex Monaco fool work, and you can dedicate this time to complaining!!!

8. Focus only on the outer beauty because everyone only loves magazine covers! Oh yes, if you were at least 5.5% more beautiful, they would love you more, no matter how gloomy your inner world is! 

9. Never laugh at yourself; it’s unhealthy! 

10. Never tell anyone about your business ideas—they’ll steal them!!! Don’t tell potential business partners or friends about them as it’s confidential! Let your idea come to the grave with you!! 

11. Always Always Always give up on the first time! Failed to invite the person you like to date for the first time—surrender! If you have not received a job in a company, never return to it because the places will never become vacant. If you have not found customers in your new business within a week—throw everything away because it proves that your business will always be unsuccessful. If you are a toddler learning to walk after trying and failing the first time, try not to try again because you will not learn to walk!!! 

12. Being with a friend of your heart, spend as much time as possible on your phone! The more time you spend on your digital box, the more serious you will look. Because if you don’t talk much on your phone, you seem lonely and have no friends… When guests come—also keep your head in your phone like some ostrich!

13. Revenge, revenge, revenge. The more you revenge, the better! Revenge pays off!

14. Watch as many TV series as possible! You will be able to talk about them with other lovers of entertainment series!

15. Believe in your doubts! Believe in doubts more than yourself because they have more experience than you! Since doubts graduated from MIT (University of Massachusetts), it’s definitely worth believing in all the stupidest doubts!!! The more doubts you have, the better life you receive—fact!!! 

16. Dreams need to be postponed until the following Monday or next year. 

17. Drink! The more you drink, the better! Always find a reason to celebrate, okay? Successful—drink, not successful—drink! Long live for a glass of beer! Pray to a glass—sparkles are strength! 

18. Inhale some powder! Let Alex Monaco get involved in nonsense like meditation, and don’t waste your time—inhale your white powder. Inhaling the powder is easier than sitting on the floor trying to relax without drugs + alcohol!

19. Don’t you dare admit your mistakes! By admitting at least one mistake, you won’t be as “cool” as yesterday… Make your favorite motto this one: “The most important thing in life is to be righteous!” 💩 

20. Never, never, never, listen to me, never apologize, even if you make a mistake! If you admit your mistake, you will prove that you are still alive, HUMAN BEING… It’s not allowed!!!

21. Take the role of a victim more often. It’s definitely worth it because that’s how you get the attention of others! 

22. Just wait for the weekends. Because only on weekends you can rest. And go out to nature only on Sundays … 

23. It’s enough to enjoy life in summer because the sun is shining, and in winter it’s better to mourn and blame the world for the change of seasons.

24. Don’t learn time management. Time is not an important thing; you will be able to buy it when you make millions. All billionaires are able to buy youth. Some rich people bought time machines and went back to the past to spend time with their mom and dad, grandma, grandpa for whom they didn’t have time before—yahoo!!!

25. Believe in angels because they can solve everything for you. Angels can talk to your ex to get her back. Angels can create a successful business, enterprise. So wait for them to come over and fix everything!!!

26. Always tell everyone how good and great you are. The more you praise yourself, the more they will believe. 

27. Follow the beliefs that a limited society has given you. 

28. Believe in ads. If you want to raise your wings, buy a Red Bull. Women are helped by a dress and make up, as well as high heels. High heels and dresses are needed in bed, no way without these items!!!

29. Don’t solve your problems; just get sad and ask yourself, “Why am I unhappy?” as often as possible. The more times you ask, the happier you will be… You just have to punish yourself and be sad. 

30. Always, always, always behave as your friends suggest; if they offer to smoke—smoke! Because listening to what they say is masculine. If something bad happens, you can blame them because they seduced you.

31. Always blame others for everything, but never blame yourself!

32. Justify yourself as often as possible. And be nervous. Health will thank you❗ 

33. Never go against the current, you may be misunderstood, so it’s worth keeping your head down to stay in a grey mass for longer. Very sad if you get separated from the grey mass, it will be very bad, you will have nowhere to draw inspiration...

34. Evil has to be answered with evil—boom with your foot! 

35. Don’t respect your parents, don’t thank them for giving birth to you and buying you food for over 15 years. After all, caring for a child in the first years is an easy job. Parents are stupid—they don’t understand anything. No matter that they have a home, you are more successful than they are, so you can teach them to live!!!

36. Don’t buy self-help books because the books don’t have hands and can’t get into your head to reprogram your mindset!  

37. Don’t invest time in romance as there is no guarantee that love will come back with over the full measure… 

38. Laugh at others as often as possible. Make fun of others publicly and, of course, online! The more you humiliate others, the more likes you will have! Oh yeah, a brilliant idea to surround yourself with fans who like how you are brilliantly demeaning others! The more people you humiliate, the more valuable your life will be! You will have something to tell your children!!! Uh!!!!!!!

39. Collect good quotes and good books, but never use the tips you read. 

40. Focus on saving, not increasing your income!!! It’s how all losers behave, so do the same!!! Better to spend your weekend on eBay searching for cheaper sunglasses than to work for a business to avoid saving in the future. 

41. Take everything personally because this world and Alex Monaco are against you. 

42. Listen as often as possible to a vinyl that is playing on repeat in your head, “You will not be successful!” 

43. Beware of everything—live a sterile life! Friends can deceive you! Relationships may fail! Don’t build businesses because it smells like bankruptcy! Oh yes, the most important thing is to live as safely as possible, live a life in which there is not a single mistake!  

44. Don’t even think about changing your life! God forbid, something will change—it will disorder the stabilized life! Do you know what happens when you move water that has been standing for 20 years?

45. Don’t show love to anyone until you receive it first…

46. Reach only for small emotions like happiness… Because other emotions (I’m talking about bliss, euphoria and ecstasy (accessible without intoxication)) should stay for other people!!! Let others get the most out of life! 

47. Keep good thoughts + good words to yourself because the mouth will get tired! Don’t compliment people because people puff up, and after receiving more confidence will leave you alone on ice!

48. Give up your friends who pull you down, but don’t give up those who pull you up! Let those who pull you up to be blessed, respect them! And don’t reach out to those who want your help—don’t act like those who pull you up!!! Oh yeah, being altruistic is stupid, but it’s okay when others are altruists. 

49. Wait for someone to create a workplace + opportunities for you. Don’t waste time creating jobs for yourself or others! Why think when others can do everything for you?

50. DREAM about dreams as often as possible, but DON’T do anything for them because there is such a law of attraction… If you dream about ten years, your dreams will grow legs and come to your home—just dream and use the fashionable and popular laws of the universe.

51. Believe in destiny!

Many people believe in destiny… They believe that fate decides everything for them… It’s so convenient to think because you can apologize to everyone by saying, “No matter what I do, I can’t do anything! It’s my destiny!” I know it’s convenient to blame fate, but I want to highlight one very important aspect! Remember: Even if fate gave you the richest parents, a lot of money, friends, you wouldn’t do anything good if you didn’t feel like doing good deeds!!! Let’s repeat this sentence ten times because it’s definitely worth it! Even if fate gave you the richest parents, a lottery ticket, you will not feel blissful and fulfilled if you don’t want to experience the highest emotions!!!

You might have a perfect destiny, but if you don’t feel like going above standard thinking, you won’t do anything good! It’s a fact, fact, fact! Oh yeah, oh yeah, you might have the perfect—wawawiwa Lamborghini, but so what from it for you if you haven’t taken the time to learn to feel good for no reason!??? We can list many aspects of life, and they will all depend on your outlook on life! 

Oh yeah, fate is powerless against will + willingness to become the lord of bliss (learn to feel pleasure without things, money and…)!

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